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Is it time to meditate?

I LOVE Meditation, but it wasn’t always that way. I hated it at first. It seemed hard. It was frustrating. Basically, I just didn’t get the point. Mainly because everyone told me a different way to do it… and I couldn’t figure out what the right way was. Once I discovered… there is no “right way”, that all I needed to do was be in the moment and be present… I LOVED meditation. Once I was given the permission to just be present, it became a powerful connection for me.
I learned for myself, that meditation really is just about acknowledging that I am Spirit in body. When I take the time to acknowledge that each day, to connect, plug in, open up to the energy, the guidance… I feel the presence of Source within me and my angels and guides around me. For me, it is just an acknowledgement of who I truly am. I am not my head and this physical body, I am spirit in this physical body.
What is Meditation?
Meditation is a technique that is often used to receive guidance, focus energy and gain clarity. There are various forms of meditation and each person connects with meditation in a different way. There is no RIGHT way. Some focus on the breath, others an affirmation, others a vision, all to attain stillness. For when we are still, we are present, and when we are present the purpose of the moment, day or our life can be revealed.
So, are you ready to try it out? Here are some simple steps to start the process if you don’t already have a particular practice. It’s simple and easy. No pressure.
Let’s Begin:

  • Create a space where you will not be interrupted for at least a half hour. No cell phone or computer. Nothing to distract you from the stillness. Make sure this is a safe and comfortable environment for you. You may want to have some sacred objects beside you, such as crystals, deities, incense, or a lit candle. It is your space so create it to fit your energy and personality. I would suggest having a journal and a pen beside you for notes afterwards. A computer is fine, but have it off during the meditation
  • Sit in a comfortable position. There are many suggested ways to sit. Many of them are also uncomfortable. Sit in whatever way is comfortable for you. On the floor or on a chair, even laying down is fine.
  • If you feel so guided, take a moment to ask the God of your understanding, your angels, spirit guides or any other spiritual deities for assistance in connecting to the Divine, Source, Spirit. If this is new to you, you can ask Archangel Michael, who helps with Life Purpose and/or Archangel Uriel who helps with seeing the greater vision, for support and guidance.
  • Clear your mind. Release the tension from your body. Relax them both by focusing on your breath. Take a nice deep breath in, hold for 7 seconds, and out for 7 seconds. Let your breath become your focus.
  • Now just observe. Be a witness to your thoughts and feelings. Allow them to just drift in, and out, like clouds. With the thoughts coming in, you are now aware of what is always already there hidden by the thousands of other thoughts and feelings that you are feeling on a daily basis. The more aware you are, the quieter your mind becomes so that you can really be in touch with the quiet purpose within. So as you breathe in and out just let the everyday thoughts drift away, allowing yourself to go deeper within, reaching that stillness where spirit speaks to you, and reveals any guidance necessary.
  • When you feel complete, recharged, disconnected, take a few deep breaths, return back to your space and open your eyes.
  • Now take a moment and write down anything that stays with you, anything you feel deep within, this is the guidance of your spirit. You can do this every day, keeping notes on what the messages are as you continue the meditation.

Please remember, with meditation, the more you do it the deeper you will go and the easier it will get. Practice, practice, practice and as that stillness comes to you and through you, with commitment and consistency, you will feel a greater connection with Spirit and the guidance within.
I’d love to hear your personal meditation practice, if you have one. Please share with us all in the comments below 🙂
Enjoy the meditation journey – SDJ

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2 thoughts on “Is it time to meditate?”

  1. Thank you, Sunny, for a reminder of how meditation is unique to each individual. If never exposed to the stillness of going within, it may be difficult at first. Having a special place, surrounding yourself with that which makes you feel relaxed is a good thing.
    Meditation is a quiet way to tune out distractions and tune in to true spirit.
    S = sit, P = present moment, I = I am, R = real, I = internal, T = tuned inward to discover my true purpose.
    Some of my best meditations have been in nature, surrounded by trees and green grass listening to birds. Sitting quietly by a lake or river or ocean or even by a mountain have been inspirational spots for meditation. It can be anywhere you want it to be. A chance to be able to release that which is no longer needed, and to allow spirit to send that which will help each moment bring me peace and contentment and other wonderful messages.
    As a child I did not realize that what I was doing would later be identified to me as meditation. I would sit with my back up against a tree in a park, and close my eyes, go within, and just relax, and listen to the birds chirping. It was a pleasant experience, and then I would write in my tiny diary with a heart shaped lock on it. Anne Frank had a big impact on me when I watched that movie about her life. She would spend quiet moments looking out that broken window in the attic where she and her family were hiding. She endured a great deal of hardships by meditating there. Had to be quiet so not to be found. She used that quiet time for her benefit which benefited others there, too.

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