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Personal Group Mentoring Program

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Are you ready to get committed and consistent in your life? If so, I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask you.


Well then, I have an invitation for you. Mentoring groups can be life-changing.
Witnessing how powerful the mentoring groups have been for so many of my students has been inspiring and humbling. They truly make concrete changes in their lives, thereby affecting the lives of those around them as well. I have several different private mentoring programs going on right now, but they are all full … which is why I’ve decided to start a new 6-week group mentoring program. This group is VERY small to give you focused one-on-one attention. There are so many times that I wished I had had a mentor early in my career and life journey. I would have saved myself lots of time, energy and money. As a mentor, I can say that each and every mentoring group is different. Each group I have facilitated has had huge shifts, sometimes in personal awareness, sometimes in biz, oftentimes in relationships. Of course, they have experienced healing in so many areas, especially old belief systems and stories they have told themselves, which leads to major changes in their lives … for the positive. Not everyone in the group has had that, because of course, people have to do the work; but overall, they have made major changes in their Biz and personal lives. It is always so awesome to see. They are such great groups of people, ready to dig in, move forward and really look at their stuff.

It is also awesome that one of the things they gain is a community of like-minded and hearted people. I have a quote that I absolutely believe: Everything personal is business and everything business is personal. Each affects the other… Always and in all ways. So, when we get ourselves and our own personal lives in alignment, it is an investment in our businesses, relationships, health, wealth and more. If you have been looking for a mentoring group … here you go. Ask and it is given. In early January 2020, I’ll be starting a new 6-week personal group mentoring program. Many of my personal mentees have chosen to teach, grow, and expand – one day at a time. They are healing physical health issues that have plagued them for years, creating strong and meaningful relationships both with family and with friends, they are working in environments that are supportive and healthy, they are learning how to hold boundaries (and why they don’t), they are making more money and they all around feel happier and more in the JOY of life

What will you gain from these mentoring programs?

It is a true gift to me to witness people expand, grow, teach and heal. I absolutely LOVE supporting people in this way. It is such a blessing. So, if you are interested in joining my next personal group mentoring program, register below. My intention is to be of service in the best way I can, and I believe that my nearly 20 years of experience in creating a successful spiritual business and my 30+ years of creating a pretty darn healthy and successful life experience can really come in handy to help others walk the journey without as many bumps in the road as mine had.

If there was one thing I would have done differently, knowing what I know now, I would have worked with a mentor earlier in my life (personal) and career (business). It happened the way it was supposed to; but certainly, that could have saved me thousands of hours, dollars and heartache … That is why I choose to offer programs like this. It was the ONE BIG thing I really needed that could have catapulted my growth and healing much quicker and sooner. My intention is to offer that opportunity to you now.So, if you are ready to make a change in your life … even if you don’t know exactly what it is, register below and let’s get started. Remember, this will be a small group so we can really DIG IN.

For more information or if you have any questions, shoot me a quick email at

PS: Yes, I do individual mentoring as well, and I have 1 spot open. If that is something you are interested in, you can check out the 6-Month Mentoring Program here. This is for those that are VERY committed to the process and ready to LET go of the old story, both personally and professionally. It is a BIG investment in time, energy and money. I also have some shorter 3-6 month options that are geared more towards maintenance and accountability of personal and biz goals. If interested in that, shoot me an email and I can let you know what I have available or put you on my waiting list.

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Our success, echoed by our clients

Our clients share their experience!

If you are considering taking any of Sunny’s classes or having her as a mentor, be ready to move some energy, own your own stuff, work through some blocks, clear out old emotions and baggage. This is not a walk-in-the-park, and if you think you can waltz around your issues and emotions, it won’t happen ."
Georgia Nagel
“It is difficult to put into words what I have received from my personal mentor relationship with Sunny, but I will start with this: My level of trust in my own spiritual gifts has magnified at least a hundred times. I have worked with Sunny in various ways over the past twelve years or so and I ALWAYS receive SOOOOO MUCH.'
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