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Sunny Dawn Johnston believes in YOU and your desire to expand, heal, learn and grow.

Just as we know that the Law of Attraction says ask and you shall receive, so is it the case with SDJ Scholarship Program . If you love yourself enough to ask for help, Sunny will help you by offering you a percentage off of your class, simply because you ask…and it will be given. She only requires that you ask only for what you absolutely need, as there are many in need and she would like to help as many as possible. It isn’t always possible to give you the full amount of the request, but your request will be accepted, simply because you asked.

Sunny created the scholarship program as a way of giving back. Many years ago, Sunny was the one in need, not having enough money to take care of her and her son’s basic needs, and she was blessed to receive help. As an intentional effort to give back, Scholarship recipients have received well over $100,000 in assistance. There are hundreds of people that have then expanded, grown and given back when they could as well, whether through money, time or energy. It is a beautiful gift to give and receive.

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  • There are several scholarships available. Each is a percentage off the original cost of the class, workshop or service. Please specify the scholarship that you are applying for:
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