Invoking the Archangels Certification Course

February 18th - 20th 2022

Time: Friday 5-8pm PT, Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm PT

Location: ZOOM – From your own living room

Investment: $777 regular online course pricing
($222 non-refundable deposit and payments available)

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Invoking the Archangels Certification Course

by Sunny Dawn Johnston, is based on the best-selling book Invoking the Archangels, A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul; the Invoking the Archangels workbook; and teachings gleaned from 37+ years of study and experience. In this course you will learn and develop all aspects of becoming a reader, healer or teacher through experiential learning and exercises.

This course is good for beginners to advanced students. It is good for someone who is just interested in learning for their own knowledge, or someone who is already working in a conscious, spirit-based career. This class will give you the opportunity to learn discernment – something that is not easily taught. It will also fully qualify you as an Archangel Instructor, if you choose.

Who is this class for? You…

  • If you are interested in expanding your awareness of the Angels, Archangels and the Afterlife.
  • If you are guided to work with the Angels – but have not been sure in what form – and this class resonates with you.
  • If you are interested in becoming credentialed as an Invoking the Archangel Instructor to teach classes, speak at events and do readings.
  • If you are interested in growing your business and adding more tools to your toolbox.
  • If you are searching for something to put your energy into that just feels right… and this does.

Whether you plan to use your Archangel Instructor skills for yourself, your loved ones, or in your own private business, this class will support you in healing your life and the lives of others by manifesting amazing miracles all around you!

What will you experience in this 3-day course?

• Learn how to discern the difference between Angels, Archangels, Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.
• Develop a personal relationship with the Archangels.
• Learn to trust the guidance that you are receiving.
• Transform your life into a balance of both physical and spiritual.
• Realize who you truly are at your deepest level.
• Connect with the energy of Healing, Beauty, Protection, Love, Forgiveness, Communication, and Vision.
• Develop mediumship, protection, grounding, and centering skills.
• Develop your intuitive gifts.
• Learn how to discern the messages from Spirit for yourself and your clients.
• Learn how to do angel readings for yourself and your clients.
• Gain confidence in yourself as an intuitive, spiritual teacher and healer.
• Remove the blocks that hold you back from receiving clear guidance.
• Understand the messages the Angels are sharing with you.
• Expand your own healing.
• Learn tools to expand your own spiritual intuitive healing business.
• Learn how to receive abundance into your life!
• Practice, Practice, Practice!!

This course will focus on two main areas:

1st: Self-Healing with the Archangels This course will help you heal your heart and release the pain and fear that you have been holding onto; and has been holding you back from living a life of FREEDOM. As you walk through your pain you will begin to see and feel your connection to the Archangels so clearly … and you’ll be ready to truly step into your power and begin to own and trust your natural innate connection to the Archangels.

2nd: Teaching Self-Healing with the Archangels (teaching others the tools you have learned) Learn to teach people how to connect with the Archangels, heal their hearts and create a fabulous life through step-by-step training with Sunny. Sunny will guide you through this process to help others create a connection with the Archangels too.

During this workshop:

  • Attendees will be part of an Invoking the Archangels class, which will Introduce the 7 Archangels referenced in Sunny’s book
  • Class participants have an opportunity to ask questions directly to Sunny about teaching this Invoking the Archangels class
  • Class receives suggestions on 3 common formats for presenting Invoking the Archangels class material
  • Class participants each complete the 9-step worksheet referenced in Sunny’s book for their own healing challenges

Class includes discussion on Business aspects of offering an Invoking the Archangels class: Class descriptions – Business license/insurance – Website /affiliate account – Business cards – Supplies/ Products


  • Increased awareness of the Divine Angelic “synchronicities” occurring in your life and how to interpret them.
  • Improved presence of mind to ask for, and be open to, assistance and guidance in all forms, physical and non-physical.
  • A calm, peaceful centering that comes from knowing “I am not alone”.
  • A deepening awareness and passion to live life to the fullest.
  • Confidence in your connection to the Archangels and the Spirit World, as well as within yourself.
  • The ability to know the Archangels from an experiential perspective.
  • The opportunity to teach Invoking the Archangels classes with a complete  outline for you.

Invoking the Archangels Certification Requirements

In order to be certified by Sunny as an Archangel Instructor you will need to:

  • Attend the entire three-day course
  • Complete 5 angel readings
  • Teach one class after the course is complete and share reviews from students (to be completed within 6 months.)
  • Be consistent in your own personal Archangel connection
  • Complete at least 5 ITA worksheets yourself
  • Turn in at least 5 worksheets you helped other people with
  • Send in two testimonials from clients happy with their class or sessions with you

When these requirements are met, you will receive your certificate of completion and will also have the option to:

  • Be certified as an Invoking the Archangels Instructor by SDJ – With this you can teach classes based on Sunny’s books.
  • Be listed on Sunny’s website as a Certified Archangel Instructor.
  • Receive referrals requested by people asking for classes in their area.
  • Receive all Invoking the Archangels products at 30% off to use and sell in your classes and sessions.
  • Have an opportunity to be an affiliate of all Sunny Dawn Johnston Products.

Once Certified, in order to be listed on my website, you will be responsible for providing the following:

  • Name & Title
  • Business Name
  • A picture less than 1 megabyte in file size and 3 x 2 inch in dimension (business card size)
  • A 250-word description/mini-bio
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address

As with all of Sunny’s classes, this class schedule is a suggestion and is subject to change based on the energy of the students enrolled and, of course, Divine Guidance.

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