Private Exclusive Personal Retreats

1,2 3 OR 4 Day Personal (One-On-One) Private Retreat with Sunny.

Ongoing Dates as Available.

This high-demand retreat is for those who want private mentoring with Sunny. These transformational retreats have no prerequisite other than a deep desire to find and follow your own inner wisdom through Spirit’s guidance and direct experiences with Sunny. For more information, please contact Sunny at

What is a personal retreat?
Personal retreats are conducted for individuals or couples/friends and are based on personal wants/needs. Each and every personal retreat is created from the information you provide on the form below. Sunny will review this information then along with Spirit and her intuitive gifts, she will discern a direction for you.

What is the length of a personal retreat?
A personal retreat can last anywhere from 5 hours ( a mini retreat ) to 20+ hours. Each retreat participant is offered the opportunity to partake in other services such as reiki, massage, toe readings, numerology and astrology readings as well an opportunity to visit a sacred space in Sedona or our very own pyramid here in Arizona.

What are the costs involved?
The costs for a mini personal retreat are based on time spent together and optional services added on. If you are interested, please fill out the form and you will be added to the waiting list.

When can I schedule a personal retreat?
Personal retreats are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis according to Sunny’s and the clients schedule. We ask you to note in the form below what dates work best for you.

What do the costs include?
There are many packages available. It is best that you fill out the form below and let us know what you are looking for and then we can send you a more detailed cost breakdown.Please fill out the form below if you are interested in a one-on-one retreat!

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What Others Are Saying

Just want to thank you again for being a highlight in an incredible quest. I mostly remember purging, analyzing and then purging and analyzing some more. Being with another creative, kick ass, in charge woman to reflect the best of who I am and could be was wonderful for my identity and my spirit. I realize I have essentially been emotional orphaned over and over in life and the fact that I am so resilient, continues to delight me. I loved our time together. You really showed up for me. I loved your staff and I have a particular fondness for Amy.

I think I finally understand what it is exactly that you do. You bring so much compassion, so much self acceptance, so much kindness, that the world around you becomes disarmed. That the truth shines because there is no shame. I remember blabbing to you tangentially and then feeling self conscious. You told me that I simply had never been heard before and so I had a lot to say. That was so very accepting of you. Being around you, I feel more myself. I feel braver and more full. It is such a charming talent that you have to hold a space of love for others to heal and grow. It is so inspiring. ~ Nadia Fay

I just finished a 2-day personal retreat with Sunny Dawn Johnston a loving, amazing, and sacred experience to heal, let go of what did not serve me anymore and taking my power back to continue my life with confidence, self-acceptance, unconditional love for “me” and others. The best is the excitement I already feel for what is coming into my life, so I cannot sleep right now! A wonderful surprise is waiting to show up in front of me, thank you Sunny, love, love, love it!” ~Maria Alejandra Celis

I decided to pursue a one-on-one retreat with Sunny after about a year of learning/interest in the spiritual methods that Sunny teaches.  I felt compelled to schedule this retreat as it seemed like the right next step for me as I pursued my spiritual journey.  I’m a mom of two wonderful girls, have a wonderful and supportive husband and a successful career.  Like most, I am continually looking for “more” – I’m not my best in certain situations (i.e. under stress, which is frequent) and I wanted to ensure I have the right “tools” to live the very best life I can and in turn, be the best wife, mother, daughter and friend I can be.  I am fascinated by the ability to create my personal experience with my thoughts and have found success in this practice.  As I learned more and found that I enjoyed these teachings so much, I knew that working with Sunny would be the perfect way to “build my toolbox”.  I feel that Sunny has incredible messages to share and quite honestly, felt that this would be a type of intense therapy session that didn’t require years of knowing the therapist::-).

I was right.  My husband and I shared a three day journey with Sunny and what a wonderful experience it was.  I came with several questions, my husband came with a few.  He’s not as “sold” on this philosophy, but he was amazing to come along and share the journey with me.  We started the session out with some basics and found ourselves completely engulfed in conversation .  There were many “ah has”, “oh that makes a lot of sense”, “wow, I never thought about it that way” responses.  Sunny was patient with our many questions and gave us so much in return.  There wasn’t a question that she shied away from and she had so much to share with us.

Sunny hit the nail on the head when describing our personalities – she sensed so much about how our minds worked and what was holding each of us back and gave us suggestions for things we could do to live our best life.  She met each of us “where we are”.  She and I met individually and explored powerful healing methods of Radiant Heart and energy work, while with my husband she kept it right at the theoretical place that resonated with him.  In the more spiritual realm, Sunny has amazing connectivity – I find her gift absolutely fascinating and I was not disappointed as her responses were so accurate in this realm and beyond :-).

Sunny is an incredible human and spiritual being and I am so grateful that she shares so much of herself with others.  I truly believe she is making the world a better place.  It was a privilege to work with her and I feel so very blessed with what I am taking from our retreat.  To me, Sunny is a beacon and an amazing role model for those who want to live at a higher vibration using love as a guide without judgment.  She makes herself and her teachings so accessible – it is a testament to how important her work is to her.  I would HIGHLY recommend a personal retreat to anyone looking for the next level of guidance to live their very best life.  Thank you, Sunny! ~ Lisa

Spending time with Sunny in a one-on-one retreat is a life-changing experience that offers clarity and unconditional love…

The time I had with you changed my life. Anyone who may be on the fence……do it I am a very intuitive person but when I’m in my stuff I need a mentor, teacher, or guide to help me see beyond my own perspective. Sunny navigated into areas I didn’t even have awareness of and how they were affecting my everyday choices and relationships. One of the best investments I have made in myself. ~Melissa Corter

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