• How to stop procrastinating
  • How to get the things done
  • How to make choices to honor the promises that you are making to yourself.

We all have goals and we all have dreams. We all have things we want to get done. Even if they’re just little goals, like I want to get the kitchen cleaned up, or, I want to clean up my closet or I want to build a business, or I want to have the happiest relationship I can, or I want to, I want to raise my children to be just kind loving, being whatever our goals are. We all have them, right?

We all have goals, but a lot of times we sacrifice our goals for something else, something that is seemingly in the way or necessary to focus on right now.

And we do not honor the promises that we have made to ourselves. And so, I thought we would talk a little bit about how to get shit done.

That is what I called it, how to get shit done and how to do it in a place that honors you and the promises you are making to yourselves and can still support others. It just means that you do not sacrifice your dreams and your goals and your wants, for everybody else to be happy.

Here is the very first thing I have got to establish right now … is that it’s likely that you have a habit of breaking promises to yourself of breaking your promises.

It’s likely that you may have been taught, “you want to do this, but you need to do this first,” “take care of this before you take care of that.”

And so, I want to first, look at making promises to ourselves.

I know I started recognizing where my behavior was unhealthy. In my teens, I would make a promise to myself that I was going to get up early to do something. And then I wouldn’t get up. I would make a promise to myself that I, wasn’t going to, eat so much of whatever it was. And I wouldn’t do it. I made a promise that I was going to work out. Did not do it!!

So those promises, I started breaking many, many, many years ago.

Those promises became unimportant and it became easier and easier and easier to break them.

So, although I was, not putting myself first and not taking care of myself, it was a cycle that I just got used to.

And so when it came time to actually start following through … I said to myself I have got to start.

I have got to start following through with these promises that I am making for myself.

So, let us start there.

Do you recognize that you break promises to yourself?

What you are doing is you are sacrificing, your needs and your desires and your wants for whatever is seemingly more important.

A lot of us were taught that through our families or society but the reality of it is … is it is your responsibility to take that back.

If you have been doing that, it is your responsibility right now, cuz you are aware.

So, if you are aware right now, it is your responsibility to do something different, yours alone.

You cannot use other people as your excuse to not follow through and to not do what it is that you have promised yourself to do.

It matters that you keep the promises to yourself because when you do not keep your promises to yourself, it is easier and easier, to break them over and over and over again.

The way we start to keep promises to ourselves is to get into a routine.

You must get into a routine “consistently” every day.,

This might seem simple. It might feel like I’m simplifying things, but the reality of it just doing something like getting up when the alarm goes off and not just hitting snooze 12 times.

Sometimes you are not going to feel motivated.

There are mornings where I don’t feel motivated, but I have a mind and a spirit that says right in this moment, you might not feel like you want to do this, but you always feel better after you do so.

Love yourself enough to do it.

Love yourself enough. Keep the promise to yourself.

I want to talk about how I start my day, because I think that being consistent every single day is one thing that makes a difference.

It makes a difference on how to then get shit done.

One of the ways that I get shit done is I keep a notebook with everything … every to do personal or business, every note, every thought, every idea. 

I go through a notebook about every two months or so.

Ultimately the biggest thing that helps me is having a routine every single morning.

That starts me and sets me up for a successful day.

Every single morning, I

  1. I do a meditation. The meditation might take 10 minutes. It might take 25 minutes. It might be three minutes. It depends on a variety of different things, but I always, no matter what, meditate.
  2. I do is I call on Archangel, Michael. I ask Archangel Michael to come in and help me to maintain my energy. So I don’t absorb the energy of other people.
  3. I say either out loud or to myself until I feel it …I am open. I am open to receive.
  4. I ask spirit, how may I serve? Sometimes it shows up in ways that I never would have thought that it would show up. And other times it’s exactly the way that I would think. So how may I serve is just as an invitation that says, “allow me to be connected to the energy that is for the highest, greatest good of each and every person that I cross paths with.”
  5. When I get out of bed and my feet hit the ground, I just say, thank you. It is my gratitude. Thank you. Thank you for this. Thank you for this breath. Thank you for this ability to, live in the world in the way that I live in it.

So, I believe that when we set our day and we create our day, and our day does not create us… starts us off on the right foot of getting shit done.

So, we have options and choices to, to take the power in our lives and create what it is we want.

I created a PDF that has an outline for my morning routine, which is one of the things that really helps me, and I am hoping it helps you as well. Check it out and see what you can create for yourself.

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