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Weekly Oracle Card Reading – March 17, 2024

I am offering a Weekly Oracle Card Reading every week to reflect and focus on as you align your energy for a brand new week. The oracle card is from my Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card decks, which features Symbols, Animals, Numbers and Ascended Masters to support you in your week ahead.

There is a vast amount of life to discover beyond this 3D world. My vision is that this weekly oracle card reading will help you to discover, connect, and rise to meet the guidance and support that the higher dimensions are waiting to share with you. Oracle cards support your emotional, mental, and spiritual health by attuning you to a greater sense of inner knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. All you have to do is listen.

Create Peace, Love & Light ~

PS: I’d love to hear how this card resonated with you this week … leave me a comment below and let me know.

Weekly Oracle Card Reading – March 17, 2024

Koi – Perseverance, Adaptability, Good Fortune

The KOI signifies the taming of your own power so that you can better focus on goals that are worthwhile. With PERSEVERANCE, you can control your personal strength and harness it for the greater good. Koi represents the need for calm and peace to navigate the rough seas of life, knowing that focusing on emotions in emotional situations will do more harm than good. It also encourages you to be on the path of healing and ADAPTABILITY, allowing your rebirth to unfold so you feel lighter and clearer. Koi is a sign of inspiration and GOOD FORTUNE. Breathe it in and allow it into your world.

This Animal’s message: “It is time to go with the flow. Holding onto control will only keep you stuck in the story you already know. It is time to trust in your ability to stay the course AND allow yourself to be guided by Spirit. This is when you will see your luck manifest.”

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