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Your Best Friend

Today I thought we would talk about how to listen to your body and how to pay attention to what your body is saying. Or maybe the other side of that is … how to know that your body is saying something because you are not paying attention.

Have you had experiences where you know your body is trying to get a point across … and maybe you’re not listening very well, or maybe it just keeps getting just a little bit worse and a little bit worse and a little bit worse?

30 years ago, I read a book that kind of turned my mind around on the separateness between our bodies and our spirits. It was called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  She talked about how all these different physical manifestations meant something on an emotional level … and that you could discover what the emotional level was … and if you worked through those things, then the physical manifestations would be released out of the body.

And I thought, my goodness, that sounds like a lot of responsibility! You mean physical illness is not just random (that was the belief system I had).

For example, if you got Parkinson’s disease, you just happened to be the 75th person in line that just randomly got Parkinson’s disease. Or if you developed chronic asthma it was just bad luck!

And when Louise Hay came along and sold millions and millions and millions of copies of her book, it started to change the conversation about how our body is so interrelated with our spirit, mind, and emotions.

Are you someone who recognizes that the physical manifestations in the body come from some form of emotional challenge, unresolved emotions, or emotional trauma?

We live in a Universe that is attractive, and that attracts energy. And the Universe creates based on that energy. And when we have trauma or we push down emotions consistently, then that must go somewhere.

What happens is they often live in the container – the container being our bodies.

Our bodies are constantly talking to us, but we often ignore them. I have ignored my own body as well. But after I read that book, I realized that I was responsible for the state of my body.

The great thing about responsibility is, if there was energy or emotion that created and manifested the illness, then there would be energy to heal it as well.

Yay. Big news, right?

It does not “just happen.” I am not just the “random 94th person”. There IS something that I can do.

And it does not mean I have to do all of it myself, figure it all out, understand it all and heal everything that’s ever happened to me. Oftentimes, we can be hard on ourselves. It can be really tempting to figure out what we’re doing wrong.

What we want to do is start to look at how we can do something that is more loving and kinder and gentle.

There are times where we will need support from the outside world. There are times when we might need medication. There are times when we might need emergency care. 

That is the whole lesson: to be able to ask for the help and to receive the support.

When you actually allow yourself to receive that support – unconditionally, without judging yourself and criticizing yourself and feeling like you have done something wrong – then the healing occurs simply because you got what you were needing to learn … which was allowance, letting yourself receive, opening yourself up to ask for – and allow – that help.

Here is the thing: If you have a body, then you have things to learn.

You have emotions that you deal with, or do not, every day of your life.

Some of those emotions might not get resolved in the way that is for your highest good.

And so, when you are thinking about this and looking at “what is my body telling me”, I think it’s really important to not get so pissed off with yourself. If something is rising to the surface, it is because it’s time to take the next step.

Our body is a gift to us because it is letting us know what is there and how we can move it.

And then when we act – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We can release it. So instead of being down on yourself for having the manifestation, it’s a really great idea to be grateful that that manifestation is coming up.

So, what I want you to think about is: YOUR BODY IS YOUR GREATEST TEACHER.

It is your very bestest, bestest, bestest friend. It is the honest friend that will tell you the truth. It gives you insight, guidance, and direction. So … be kind and loving, to your Best Friend.

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