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What can YOU do?

In these challenging, expanding, painful and hopeful times, what can YOU do?

If you are feeling the fear, the sadness, the pain, not knowing what to do, how to show up, what to say or not say … I hear you.

When I went within and asked Spirit to guide me … when I asked Love what it would say, this is what I received.  This is my message to me … and I thought it might be of service to you too.

Ask yourself this question:  “What Would LOVE Say/Do?”

  1. Be the Change you wish to see – no excuses. Embody it! Whatever that change is, be it.
  2. Look within your own thoughts, mind, and heart. Observe your judgments, fears, and anger. Dig into why and where they came from and do what YOU need to do to release and heal them. Get educated, own your errors, step up and help.
  3. Create Connection, Unity and Oneness. Separation and division are the absence of connection. We as Human Beings are all connected. We are one and we need to stand together and BE ONE! What hurts another, hurts the whole.
  4. Focus on the actions as despicable, unacceptable, and deplorable; not the person. We each must consider our own past behaviors and know that they don’t define who we are today. This is the same for everyone else. Give some grace and know that we, as a human race, can do better.
  5. Speak up, use your voice to express, and share your thoughts and feelings. Your voice is important and needs to be heard. Amplify the voices of those you align with and support their message as well. Don’t SPEAK for others, speak for yourself.
  6. Spread LOVE, light, kindness, peace, respect, honor, prayers, and healing. Don’t perpetuate the hate, lies, and violence.
  7. Listen without defending; Just Listen. People need to be heard. Let those around you talk, and take it in. Everyone deserves to be heard. That is where the greatest change happens, when people are finally heard.
  8. Be a safe place. Don’t accuse people of being ________ … or doing ________ … or not being ________ … or not doing ________. You don’t know everyone’s experiences. You don’t know their thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, or beliefs. Don’t assume that you know, based on anything. Period. Stop the finger pointing and the judging. Allow!
  9. Get involved. Don’t stand on the sidelines and hope things change. Take Inspired Action. Show your support in ways that align with you. Vote. Change the policies. Donate.
  10. Start the dialog. Have the hard conversations. Begin to change the narrative. We are who we have been waiting for. Don’t wait for your leaders to do something; It is up to you – me – us!

We are ONE, the human race. You yourself can make a difference. One person’s actions matter. One person can make a difference … look at George Floyd.

I Love You. We are in this together.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Download my What Would Love Do? PDF along with the MP3 file of the song in this video.

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