Weekly Oracle Card Reading- January 7, 2024

This year I am offering a Weekly Oracle Card Reading every Sunday to reflect and focus on as you align your energy for a brand new week. The oracle card is from my Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card decks, which features Symbols, Animals, Numbers and Ascended Masters to support you in your week ahead.

There is a vast amount of life to discover beyond this 3D world. My vision is that this weekly oracle card reading will help you to discover, connect, and rise to meet the guidance and support that the higher dimensions are waiting to share with you. Oracle cards support your emotional, mental, and spiritual health by attuning you to a greater sense of inner knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. All you have to do is listen 🙂

Create Peace, Love & Light ~

PS: I’d love to hear how this card resonated with you this week … leave me a comment below and let me know 😉

Weekly Oracle Card Reading- January 7, 2024:

555 – Major Change, Possibilities, Fearlessness

555 is all about MAJOR CHANGE and action while being flexible, creative, and courageous. It shares that with kindness and mercy there are endless POSSIBILITIES to the changes that can happen. It calls for you to be adventurous and filled with curiosity and FEARLESSNESS while being who you are and nurturing your uniqueness. 

You are unstoppable! 555 reminds you that opportunities are everywhere, so choose those that most resonate with you and where you are today. You may find that you are feeling the need to be DO-ing more than BE-ing when you are in the energy of 555.

This Number’s message: “Going with the flow and letting go of the how is the message of 555. You are in a time of change, and whether the change is small or large, it will have an impact on your life. It is important for you to be reminded that the Universe is in perfect Divine Order and that you cannot and do not need to control it all. In fact, it’s the perfect time to Let Go!”

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Card Reading- January 7, 2024”

  1. 5’s have shown up for me in the past and yet, I have changed and manifested very little. I have not been able to get on stage and join the show unfolding as Shakespeare reminded us. Instead, I peak behind the curtain to get a sneak preview of my life’s possibilities as seen by wise and intuitive sages and time after time have felt that part cannot be for me. I’m just an extra walking by. As Barbra Streisand said in Funny Girl, “I’m a bagel on a plate of onion rolls.” Me, too. I am not sure how I fit in to all of this…but it certainly is a pretty place. Thank you, Sunny, I certainly do appreciate how hard you work to help all of us.

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