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The Body

Today, Spirit guided me to talk about the body. The body. I know, you all have one, right? You all have a body, so that’s a good sign. And what I want to talk about is, what story you’re attached to. Do you have a story that you tell about your body?

It could be anything. Back in the day, my story was I’m overweight. I’m never going to be thin. I always am sick. Nobody’s ever gonna love me in this body. I used to talk how big my legs were or how much of a struggle it was to lose weight or just in general, just how fat I was.

So my story was that I couldn’t lose weight. My story was that I wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t strong. I wasn’t attractive. That was my story.

Now, your story could be, I always get sick. Your story could be, I struggle with disease. Your story could be my body never does what I want it to do. It’s not strong enough. I’m too fat, too skinny, too tall, too small, too whatever it is.

So, what is your body story? The story that you tell yourself, the story that holds you back from living the way you want to live. And do you believe that you are ready to change the story? Do you believe that you are ready to begin a new story?

I want you to first become aware of what your story is … because we all have a story. And oftentimes what we do is we reinforce the story over and over and over again. And do you catch yourself and then have the awareness of, “Gosh, I shouldn’t say that. Ooh, that doesn’t feel good.”

It never feels good when you talk about yourself. It never does and it never will because it’s out-of-alignment with the truth of who you are.

So, what’s the story. Is it time to change it? And are you able to catch yourself when you’re telling the story?

You’ve got to be able to catch it … so this is step number one: Recognizing what your story is.

When we have a story about our body: It always get sick … It’s not very strong … It’s not attractive … It’s not good enough. That’s what the body hears – and the body continues to reinforce what it hears. The body does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined – what is actually the case vs. what you believe is the case. The body cannot tell the difference. Therefore, you have to be mindful, extremely mindful, of what you share, the beliefs, the thoughts, the feelings you have – in order to have the body support that message.

First and foremost: your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. You get to choose. Nobody chooses them for you. You get to choose them – over and over and over again. You choose them. Nobody else does, right?

Your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. You choose – even though might feel like other people are doing it, it’s your choice as to where you put your attention … on what you think, what you feel. This is in your power.

Now what you decide to think and feel is reflected in your body. Your body is this beautiful system that keeps us aware. It keeps us present to the best of its ability. It keeps us in alignment. It keeps us being truthful. And when things don’t feel good in the body, it’s because something is not good outside of the body – more so in your mind, not necessarily outside of your body – there’s something not good going on that’s affecting the body. Most of the time, that is your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. And so the body has this little alarm system. It’s the indicators that let us know that something’s out-of-alignment.

Our body is just letting us know when something is out-of-alignment with our highest and greatest good in mind. Have you all had your body tell you that it is out-of-alignment? And what was the sign for you?

What was the sign that your body has told you over your lifetime? What is it telling you right now?

Is there something going on inside of your body that’s letting you know, “Hey, something’s out-of-alignment.” That’s all it is. Remember, it’s not shame. It’s not judgment. It’s not criticism. It’s not, you’re bad. You’re wrong. It’s just saying your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions are out-of-alignment AND that you could flip that energy and do something different.

Oftentimes what happens is my body keeps saying, Hey, pay attention. It’s just subtle, right? So first off it usually starts subtle. Just a little something comes up. And then if we pay attention, usually that heals, it goes away.

If we push it away, like “I don’t have time for you. I can’t do this right now.” Then what happens is it usually gets a little bit louder, a little bit bigger. And then if we push it away again, then it gets bigger and it gets bigger and it gets bigger.

If we listen, then it heals, it transmutes, it shifts. But the body is simply just saying, Hey, I got something to share with you. Will you please listen?

So, the way that we can start to change that is we can ask the body, “Okay, what is it that I need to hear? What is it that I need to know? What is it that I could do differently? What is it that I could do to support you?”

And I am really strongly encouraging you, any of you that are having some body issues –  this is what I’ve done for myself, and I do every time. I ask “What’s happening within my body and what does my body need from me?

When you’re ready to tell a new body story, then you’ve got to give up the old story. You can’t keep talking about the old story. Can I keep talking about the weight or about that particular illness or about the way it’s manifesting? No. You’ve got to choose to put your attention in a new direction.

So, acknowledge what your old body story was. I like people to write it out and burn it. So we move the energy. We actually take the physical stuff that’s happening within us and we write it on paper and then we move it out. So, it moves from this physical body to the physical paper and then burn it so we can transmute it.

And then what I like to do is after you burn that paper, then I’d like you to get a new piece of paper and you can write out what your new body story is going to be. So maybe your new body story is I am healthy and strong and fit. Maybe your new body story is I am the perfect size for my soul’s journey. Maybe your new body story is I have the energy to complete all the tasks I want to do in my life. Maybe your new body story is I love and accept my body exactly the way that it is and ask it to help me to expand into my love and appreciation for it. Maybe your new body story is, I am a healthy and I choose healthy habits and eat healthy.

You’ve got to start getting into some kind of new experience, a new story about yourself because your body is listening. If you continue to tell the same story, your body will respond the same way. It’s just as simple as that. It’s how it works.

I have watched miracle after miracle after miracle happen in my own life, in my own body, and with people around me … and it’s never, ever different than that. Sometimes it is the medical community that can help them … sometimes it’s a spiritual community … sometimes it’s mental … sometimes it’s emotional. But it’s when we only pay attention to only one area of those 4, that is the issue. You’ve got all these other legs on your table and your table is still going to tip if you just work on the physical and you just go to the doctor. That’s not going to solve it either. You got to look at all aspects of it.

So, what can you change your body story to? What is the new story that you want to be heard, that you want to experience, that you want to embrace, that you want to surround yourself in? What is the new body story? Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions have more power than anything else, but they do need to be in harmony with the physical, the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

So, sometimes it’s literally making a choice to commit to yourself that you’re going to do something different. When you make a commitment to your health, whether it’s moving your body, whether it’s eating more nutritiously, whether it’s drinking more water … lot of times, you just making that shift – and your body knows, and it says, “Oh, thank you.” Then it doesn’t have to keep turning on the alarm system that says, “Hey, something’s out-of-alignment.” Because you showed up, because you listened to your body, because you’re listening to that guidance.

And if we get more information, we make other decisions. We change our mind. We shift our emotions. We move through the feelings. Then that can make us shift the energy to create something new.

So today I want you to pay attention to what is that thing that’s out-of-alignment. Tell a new story, flip the script. That’s what I like to do. I’m big on flipping the script. That’s an old story. I don’t wanna tell that story anymore.

So what story are you going to create?

Love yourself, regardless of what it is showing up in your body. Remember your body’s just saying, “Hey, this is out-of-alignment a little bit.”

So, release the ownership of a diagnosis and take your power back and recognize: Hey, it’s just an indicator. Something’s out-of-alignment.

I would love to hear your takeaways as they relate to your body experiences. What is your takeaway, your aha, or your insight? Are you going to tell a new story? What are you going to write in this new story?

I’d love for you to write both your old story and burn that, and then bring in a new story.

Please leave me a comment below and let’s hear what that represents for you!

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