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Let’s Turn the Tables on Me

You know me … I always love to talk to people and learn interesting things about them. So, I thought it would be fun in this blog post to turn the tables and share some things about me that you just might not know about me. Here ya go:

Many people say my name fits me perfectly.

Strangers will stop to tell me how bright and “sunny” I am. It always makes them smile even bigger when I tell them my name. However,  I haven’t always been as optimistic and positive as I am now. I actually was a pretty pessimistic, low-vibe teenager & young adult. I had to really work on my negative mindset and lack-based mentality… and all that it was attracting to me. It was excruciating at times to show up differently, but it paid off. Now, the opposite is true. It is so painful in those moments when negativity and fear creep in… and I care too much about how I feel now to let them stay, let alone take over. I have learned to pivot quite quickly!

I love being a billboard of Love & Light.

I have 5 tattoos, all symbolizing Love and connection to Spirit. I was waiting for my husband to catch up with me, but he’s too far behind (with three), so I’m planning my sixth. It will be coming soon!

I LOVE to learn.

Any extra time that I have you’ll find my head buried in a book, listening to a podcast, reading an article, or watching a documentary. I’ve loved to read all of my life. When I was young and all the kids were out playing, you could find me hiding out somewhere reading. I would even read the dictionary or an encyclopedia – for fun – from time to time. As an adult, I took about a 10-year hiatus from reading while raising my kids and growing my biz. One day I realized how much I missed learning and picked my books back up.

I have discovered over the past 10 years that I can be pretty athletic.

Although I was a tomboy as a  young child, outside of playing baseball for a couple of years, I have never been athletic. No dance classes, group sports, cheerleading, skiing, water sports, or track for this kid.  None of that. I was always more comfortable using my brain than my body. Now, I jump at any chance to go hiking, walking, work out, paddleboard, surf ski, weightlifting, or swimming. I love moving my body. So much so that I am 49 days away from completing a full year promise to myself to move my body EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30 minutes a day… no matter what. #moveyourbody30

And finally…

In 2012, I was invited by one of the executive producers to be one of the stars on Survivor.

I agreed at first, and then my spirit got my attention. Being a vegetarian, not willing to eat critters, I literally might not survive. I changed my mind, spoke my truth, and cancelled the agreement. Sometimes I still wonder what that would have been like. I know for sure my life would have changed drastically, and I love my life the way it is. Ahh- Choices … and it’s ok to choose again … even if it disappoints others !!!!

I am such an open book to those I meet and teach… that it took me some time to come up with these tidbits… so I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!!!

I’d love for you to share in the comments below if you have a fun story to share that not a lot of people may know about you! We are ONE- let’s share the connections!!

Let's connect through words!

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Turn the Tables on Me”

  1. I love that you shared a bit about yourself. This bit about me just shows the universe often doesn’t provide what you are looking for on a linear path.
    After High School, I joined the Air Force to be a photographer and travel the world. They made me a cook, and stationed me 50 miles from home.
    After leaving the Air Force I began a 18 year career in the restaurant business. During my stint in the food business, I ran International Operations for a restaurant chain. I left a lucrative career so my wife Robin could manage Gregg Braden’s workshops. I thought I was going to be the stay at home dad for awhile while Robin traveled. I took over for Robin after a few years, and traveled the world doing photography for Gregg Braden on some of his international tours to Egypt, Peru, and later Israel.
    You put what you want out into the field and it will come to you, but maybe not in the way you planned.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      You got it my friend!! Get in a feeling place of what you want to create and allow the Universe to support you! Thank you for sharing and keep on dreaming!

  2. Wow ! How exciting that would have been being on Survivor, but I definitely can see the vegetarian thing bing an issue. You are amazing and love everything about you. I’m so glad you came into my life Sunny! Love you. ❤️

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