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I Am a Lighthouse

As we are less than a week away from celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the US …. I am reminded to find  the moments of appreciation all around us, big and little. Join me in reaching for the feeling of gratitude my friend. We can do this!

We’re shining our lights. We’re being lighthouses for the highest, greatest, good. That’s been my prayer the entire time we have walked this journey we are all in collectively. It is still my prayer today … nothing has changed: the highest, greatest, good for all.

Can we get there together? That is the goal. That’s what so many people want, regardless of where you stand in the midst of all the current changes. We don’t go back. We move forward … and you have to choose and decide where you’re going to put your attention and your energy.

And if you are truly going to be a peacemaker, if you are truly focused on peace in this world, then you have to have it inside of you.

You cannot have regret. You cannot have anger. You cannot have judgment. You cannot have condemnation. You cannot have ignorance towards others. You cannot have comparison.

That doesn’t live with peace.

So, let’s find peace … because peace is going to start within you … within your environment … within your household … within your relationships … and then ripple out.

It is not going to start out in the world and come forward and come within.

It starts within, and then it moves out.

Can you invite peace to move through you? Can you allow that energy of peace to move through you and to others? Can you take a moment to recognize the areas or the aspects that are within you that maybe are not peaceful?

If you see a comment on social media that irks you, you can send love and peace to that person instead of reacting with words and judgment and criticism.

Can you be a peaceful, present spirit in this human experience?

Can you do that? That’s what I’d like to invite you to do.

Allow yourself that energy of peace.

If you are a peaceful person, then you can be at peace no matter what.

If you are innately at peace, you are peaceful. You carry peace, regardless of what you’re looking at outside of you, because it is within you. Regardless of who you’re seeing, the words they’re saying, the actions they are taking … because it is within you.

And you know that that is your highest, greatest good.

I know many of you feel that things are out of control right now

So, the way that we can use our energy, my friend, is we can shine our lights and we can be that lighthouse for others that are in the dark, that are in the storm, that are afraid.

That is what a lighthouse does.

So, Lighthouses, I called on you before, and I’m calling on you now – ESPECIALLY NOW.

Who chooses to shine their light and be a Lighthouse?

Because a lighthouse does not judge. A lighthouse does not turn its light out for those that it disagrees with. A lighthouse does not condemn and does not say, “Oh, Nope, you are not good enough for my light.” A lighthouse simply shines the light and allows all who are looking for it – All who are looking for that light – to find their way. It shines the light for all to find their way. So, who is the lighthouse with me?

I am a Lighthouse.

Leave me a comment below on one way you have been shining your light this week.

Create Peace, Love and Light my friend!

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