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Harness Your Spiritual Gifts and Unleash Your Personal Power in Life and Business

I was so pleased to recently be featured on the iSoulify podcast, Strong Women, Strong Stories.

iSoulify was founded in 2018 by friends Dena Betti and Colleen Gianatiempo. Dena and Colleen first met through volunteer work at their daughter’s elementary school in Martinez, California and have come together through iSoulify to deepen their connection and impact on those seeking to connect with their soul and embark on a wonderful world of creation.

As part of their project, 365 Days of Inspiration, I joined Dena and Colleen to discuss “Harness Your Spiritual Gifts and Unleash Your Personal Power in Life and Business

We had a great conversation talking about all kinds of topics … the most important of which is, I think: Everybody Has a Message.  We all have a story and a life.  Your story can help others … you just have to have the awareness.

Intuition … it is a feeling within.  It is there.  You are enough right there.  You have what you need inside.  It is being highlighted and amplified for you.

Listen to yourself.  We struggle with not being able to figure it out … but there is nowhere to go outside to look for your guidance or worth. YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Presence is necessary and so impactful.  That is the secret sauce!

What are the steps in the secret sauce?

First, staying connected to spirit.  Don’t let the ego drive.

Second, be present.  You can hear your spirit and that is where you are aligned.  Forget the past and future.  Stay present.

Third, it helps to be someone who has a desire to be the change you wish to see in the world … focus on what you want to do, what is working … not what is going wrong.

I’d love for you to tune in and hear our whole conversation below:

And leave me a note in the comments below on the inspiration you feel from within that can unleash your personal power in life or business!

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