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Feeling LONELY and feeling ALONE

Feeling LONELY and feeling ALONE.

Any of you felt either of those?

The conversation that I wanted to have today is around the difference between being alone and being lonely.

Being alone means that you are solitary. You are by yourself. You are isolated, you are in a solitary space. There are no people around you.

Being lonely is a feeling of sadness or abandonment or disconnectedness.

Sometimes people use a word that does not really fit what they are trying to describe.

Alone is being by yourself.

Lonely is a feeling that you have.

You can be lonely and be at a big party. You can feel lonely when you are with somebody that you love. My point is that loneliness is the feeling and being alone is the physical-ness of being solitary.

However, you are never actually alone.

We all have angels and we all have guides that are always with us. So, we are never actually alone.

So, if you are struggling with loneliness, that is something that is a feeling versus when you are feeling alone.

And I just want to make sure you understand that distinction.

You’re never actually alone because you always have angels and guides with you – but you may not remember to invite them in, to ask for their support, to allow them to be with you, to experience their presence, to know that they are there.

Technically, even when we are feeling alone, being by ourselves, we still have the love and support of our angels, our guides, and our loved ones in spirit.

And oftentimes if you are struggling with feeling lonely, please know that there is always this energy of unconditional love, this energy of support, these beings that are here specifically for you. Just know that even if you are physically alone, you still have support around you.

Now here is a question for you.

Do you ask for support? Do you invite the support in, do you call on your angels and your guides and your loved ones?

Do you say, “Hey guys, I need some extra help and support. Come and be with me and allow me to experience you in a way that I know what that is?”

Do you do that?

Do you put yourself in circumstances and situations physically, as well as spiritually, where you allow other people to be there for you, such as in my ELEV8 community?

Do you involve yourself in a community that can be there for you? Do you ask for the help and the support you need on a day-to-day basis?

If you do not, that might be part of the reason why you feel the way you feel at times.

Can you create a practice that is consistent?

CONSISTENT is my keyword. I am always using it. If you are in my ELEV8 Your Life community, you know I use that word all the time.

Can you consistently invite your angels into your life? And if you can do that, are you doing it?

And if you haven’t been doing it, COULD you?

When you invite your angels, guides, and your loved ones in, it becomes a little more work. Why? Because guess what? They are going to call you on your stuff. They want you to know and see and feel the value of who you are. And if you are having a pity party, if you’re in victim mode, if you’re not trusting the process, if you are staying in a place of pain, if you are sabotaging yourself, they’re going to remind you.

And the way that they would remind you is to shine a light. It’s just to shine light.

They just shine a light on what you already see.

Ask them to be with you each day. It could be a formal prayer. “I invoke the angels to surround me and guide me. I invoke my spirit guides.” It can be, “Hey guys. I would really like you to be with me and support me and help me be in alignment every day, for my highest, greatest good.”

How many of you feel like you have been doing everything alone or had to do everything by yourself?

“I’m the only one I can really count on.”
“If I don’t do it, nobody will.”
“It’s all about me.”
“I have to take care of myself because nobody else will.”
“I have to be the one that does it all.”
“I’m the one that is responsible for doing everything.”
“I can’t depend on anybody else.”

Any of this sound familiar?

When you were born, somebody took care of you. They might not have done the best job that you wished they would have. They might not have been there in the ways that you liked, but somebody took care of you. Somebody fed you and somebody watered you and somebody changed you and somebody exercised you and somebody did whatever they needed to do to get you to where you are right now.

You did not do that alone.

And what I want to suggest is that you have had people help you all along the way.

You might not have asked for it and you might not have liked it … but even if we just think about some of the basic activities of life – even if we just think about my cup of tea right here, passion fruit, by the way – there were people that had to grow the tea. Then they had to package it. Then they had to put it onto a truck that somebody else drove. And then the driver had to drive it to a place that somebody would sell it. And then they had to create a place to sell it. Somebody had to stock it onto the shelves. And then they had to have somebody sell it and actually get the money for it before it even gets into my hands. So … I made this tea in my house by myself … but I did not make this tea by myself.

You follow me?

We are dependent on each other. We are not doing things alone. And oftentimes we use that as our calling card. I will take care of myself. I don’t need anybody.

And when anybody comes around, I’ll push them away.

Or you act like the martyr, or you say “No, I do not need any help. No, no, no.”


So now you are going to do it to keep everybody away and stay safe. You are going to protect yourself with your wall of armor and keep everybody out.

And you are going to just take care of yourself, because you are so tired of people not showing up for you … so tired of not having the support that you want.

Why are you not willing to recognize that you need support?

We are not meant to do it alone. We’re meant to connect. We’re meant to be here to support each other: Energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially – on all different levels.

Do not get too caught up in the fact that you are so independent that you do not need anybody or anything. Cause it’s not true. So instead, what if you started to look at how you can work to allow people, spirits, energies into your life … and how you can allow yourself to be loved unconditionally?

What if when people ask, “Hey, what can I do to help you?” You give an answer instead of just saying, I’m fine. No, thanks.

What if you called on your angels? And you said, “Hey, please give me some guidance and direction.” And you open yourself up to receive it.

You must learn how to receive love. You must learn how to receive energy. You must learn how to receive help, how to receive support, and not push it away.

So, what I want you to think about is how is it that I might be keeping myself feeling lonely or experiencing aloneness? And is there a way that I could shift that? Is there a way that I could change that?

And I am going to suggest that one of the ways you could change that is by calling in your angels and your spirit guides and your loved ones in spirit. And then be open to receive the guidance, and the support that they are offering you.

Now here is the tricky part …

First, you asked for the support and the guidance and the direction from your angels and your spirit guides.

And now, what if those human beings that said, “Hey, what can I do for you? Can I grab this for you? I’m going out. Do you need this?” … What if your angels sent them to you?

What if the very question that you have been asking of the non-physical, they are sending you in the physical form of that human that just showed up and that you just said “No, thank you” to.

Is it possible that the very thing that you are asking for and that you want is the very thing that you often push away and deny?

So just think about that.

My friends, it is time to be open, ask for help, know that you are not alone.

You are not alone. None of us are alone.

And if you feel alone, reach out to me because I am here. I have been here every day. I’m always here. I’m here to serve you. I’m here to support you. That is my purpose right now. So, if you feel alone, reach out. I’ve created several free resources to help support myself and my community  during these times. If you have not experienced them yet, please explore my Off the Cuff podcasts to help lend you support when you need it. Join my SDJ Facebook community as well to maintain that connection that is so important now as well.

And please leave me note in the comments below about what you can and will do to shift up that feeling of loneliness when you could use some support.

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