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Feeling Heartbroken or Disappointed?

Hello My Friend …

A lot has happened this week here in the United States and I want to do my best to help support you in the place that you are in … knowing that everyone is in a different place … that everyone feels a little bit differently because of a different perspective, different experiences, a different frame of reference … and that’s how it’s meant to be.

Let’s talk today about the pain, the sadness, the fear, the anger, the overwhelm, the frustration, the nervousness so many people are feeling and being activated by what they’re witnessing.

You may be one of those people that are feeling disappointed in the human race … or disappointed in who we are, disappointed in the way that people are showing up, or feel heartbroken or have a heavy heart.  I want to take a moment first off to tell you that whatever it is you’re feeling … wherever the things that you are witnessing and experiencing are taking you … you have a right to those feelings.

They’re not right or wrong, or good or bad. You have a right to feel how you feel. In feeling the way you feel, you can often determine, recognize, and discern that some of the things that you’re feeling don’t feel good.

And when we sit in that place of anger or frustration or hurt, or judgment of others – no matter what it is – that it doesn’t feel good to you.

And the reason that it doesn’t feel good to you is because in sitting in that place, you are not sitting in your light. And if you are not sitting in your light, then you are separate from who you are. You are separate from the essence of where you come from.

And the pain that we feel, the disappointment that we feel, the heartbreak that we feel, the heaviness that we feel is our separation from who we really are.

You’ve got to feel what you feel. You can’t NOT feel it … but you also don’t have to stay there.

Those of us that are witnessing what’s happening and we’re feeling the sadness and the heaviness … it’s creating an awareness for you … and then you can choose to shift it, so that you can transmute the energy and shine more light upon that.

But we have to be conscious in order to do it. We have to be responsive instead of reactive. And that isn’t easy to do, not when we are continuing to get activated by things that are so difficult on our planet right now.

During these times, it’s a hard stretch – but can you then imagine how separate and how disconnected and how afraid the people that are actually taking these actions are? It isn’t okay and it’s never okay, and we can all stand in our power to say that violence is not healthy – period. Period. In any form. But when we use the term healthy, that means that the person that is taking the action is not well.

And if we really focus on wellness, then we know that when somebody is not well, what they need more of is love, is light, is compassion, is kindness.

I am not saying that in a blink that you’re going to get there …

What I am saying is feel your feelings, speak your truth, honor where you are … AND recognize that your pain in witnessing the way other people are showing up is activating something inside of you.

We are the many. We must focus on the many. We must focus on the light. We must focus on the ability that we have to transmute and transcend and help others find that as well.

So, we absolutely have to feel our feelings. We have to acknowledge them. We have to feel them.

Write them, yell them, move through them in ways that are healthy … so that we can be at a higher frequency to maintain the energy, to shine the light for those that are in such pain that they would take action like that, that are in such fear, that are in such anger and hatred and rage.

The universe is forcing us to see that darkness … not so that we can add to it, but so that we can shift it … so that we can change it … so that we can shine a light on it … so that we know that it’s there.

So that we can do something different about it.

And most importantly – and I know that it’s hard to do this my friend – Is there a way for you to find inside of you, the energy to be able to send light to those that are not well … to those that do not know the tools that maybe you do… or that ignore them, deny them, disconnect from them?

Fear can be a very ugly, it can be expressed in very ugly ways … and I believe that is what we’re seeing. I know that when I have been in fear, I have been in probably the ugliest places I’ve ever been and experienced the expression of that.

So, we can stand in the power of truth and know that this is not okay. It is not acceptable. And violence is never an answer … that does not come from love.

And we can also stand in a place of feeling our feelings.

And we can also stand in a place of sending Light, and we can also focus on the wellness and the healing and the love that is needed.

You don’t just have to choose this OR that. We can be sad, and we can be disappointed, AND you can choose to shine your light and redirect your energy so that you add to the possibilities … so you add to the healing … so you add to the transmutation. Because the shadow is ugly. The fear is ugly. And it is affecting people that are witnessing the fear. And then that fear is rippling into them. And then they are becoming heavy too.

What we need to do now is focus on wellness in our world, focus on health in our world.

And how do we do that? We start with us. We start with me. I start with me. You start with you.

And the ripple effect of that starts to shift. So I focus on my own fear or my own anger or my own pain or my own sadness. And I recognize the triggers that it brings in me, so I don’t just project it as something that is outside of me. And with that, we begin to make the shift that is necessary to raise the frequency, to live in a world where peace and kindness and compassion and understanding, and support and recognition and natural consequences happen.

So, my friend, I’ve told you many, many times: I’m a Lighthouse. I choose to be a Lighthouse.

I encourage you to not give the power of your heart to those things brought up from the shadow.

Give the power of your heart to Light, give the power of your heart to Love. Give the power of your heart to wellness, to health, to healing. Please do not give your power of your heart to pain and fear and hatred and rage and inequality and racism and all of the things that the ugly shadow represents right now.

Compassion is what we seek … love is what we fill up with … peace is what we focus on … presence is what we tune into.

We cannot change the people outside of us, but we can change ourselves. It is the only place that we truly have power. We have the right to express. We have the right to feel. We have the right to speak up. We have the right to vote. We have the right to change laws. We have the right to do many, many, many things; but we cannot, will not, and never will have the right to change someone else. It is an absolute fact.

And therefore, where we put our attention is on the collective.

And how we change what we see in the world is by changing what we have control over, which is us.

And each and every one of you has the ability to stand in your power, to feel your feelings, to be honest with yourself about what’s being bumped up against within you, to redirect your energy and to use your power in a way that brings more Light and Love to this world – not less. That brings more compassion and more peace and more understanding.

We will never understand why some people do what they do. And instead of spending your time and energy trying to figure that out, it might be more valuable to you to spend your time and energy investing in you, and then in the energy of Light and Love.

These are times that are calling us into presence and into connection and into meditation and into love in greater levels than we’ve ever been aware of – consciously aware of.

Right now, friends, what we need is compassion and love and peace. Because the way I look at it is people that are creating so much of the pain and rage and anger, there’s so much attention shined on them that then millions and millions more get activated by it … And then darkness spreads.

So, if you know how to find that light inside of you and shine it …

You are needed. Now.

The attention that we give to the darkness makes the darkness grow.

And what we need is Light.

What we need is Love.

My friends, more darkness is creating more darkness.

I’m not saying to ignore it and deny it and pretend it doesn’t exist. I am not saying that at all. But what I am saying is feel it, and then move it … because you have a choice.

Don’t stay stuck in the pain and the sadness and the anger because that expands the dark … that expands the heaviness … that expands the density, the fear … and we cannot afford more of that.

So …

I am a lighthouse … and I am here to offer compassion and kindness and love and support to all – and some of those “all” could be people that think in direct opposition of me … and yet I would still hold out my hand, and I would still be there, and I would still empower them to connect with their truth … and I would honor their truth, whether I agree or not.

Violence never heals the circumstance or situation. It just begets more violence, as does hate, as does anger, as does fear.

So, my friends, feel your feelings and then focus on what you choose to expand.

And if you’re with me, I wish for you to share this common phrase that I say all the time: “I am a Lighthouse.”

I hope you will join me in being a Lighthouse, in the way that aligns with your heart and your spirit and your mind and your body.

I am a Lighthouse. Who’s with me?

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