Do You Know Your Purpose?

My question to you today is: Do you know your purpose? What is your purpose?

If you do know it, what is your purpose? And if you don’t know it, then what do you think purpose really is?

If you were going to say “I’m living my purpose” or “I know what my purpose is” … What is that? What does it mean to you? The reason I’m asking that question is I get a lot of people asking that question. Years ago, I wrote a book called Living Your Purpose, and I find that a lot of people really struggle with discovering, understanding, knowing, feeling into, what their purpose is.

I think that a lot of times people associate purpose with an end result, a destination, a place that you arrive to. For example, “I am a teacher”, so now I know my purpose or “I’m a mother”, so now I know my purpose. I would hear this kind of thing over and over and over again. My purpose is to be an attorney. My purpose is to be a mom. My purpose is to be loved.

I want to give a different way of seeing what I believe is purpose, because so many of us get hung up on what we think purpose looks like … and we miss out on really staying present in the moment.

So, for example, when I was younger, I would associate purpose with whatever it was that I thought I needed to do or be. So, I needed to be a mom, or be a teacher, be a healer, be a therapist, or be a counselor. And then what I started to realize is that purpose isn’t about somewhere that I’m going. It’s not about something that’s coming down the road.

Purpose is right here, right now. Purpose is this present moment. Purpose is the experience that is happening now – in this now moment … and a lot of times we get so stuck on purpose that we believe that it’s something that we at some point arrive at … that we finally get to that place of purpose. Sometimes that’s because you got the certificate, or you finally graduated, or you finally became whatever it is.

Then I realized Spirit gave me some really good examples of this. I realized that I’m always serving my purpose because my purpose is ever changing. It’s ever expanding. It is always growing and ever evolving. It’s not just one place that I am going to end up … it’s in this moment … this moment is purpose. And my next moment is purpose. And my next moment is purpose.

I learned three truths that I want to share with you. The first one is, that as far as purpose goes, my purpose is always being served. As I’m in present moment, I’m experiencing life – whether I’m even conscious of it or not. I’m serving purpose by being in the presence of my life. I’m stepping into that. So, I’m on purpose and my purpose is served simply because I am here. The second one is I have purpose. I have purpose. We all are a Spirit in a physical body. And simply by being here, we are on purpose. We are here on purpose, being purposeful in our lives. And number three is: I can do, or I can be, whatever it is I want. And in doing and being whatever it is I want … that will serve purpose.

So, when I was figuring out what my purpose was – because I thought it was something out there – I was trying to figure out, what does purpose look like? And purpose to me looks like being present – literally just being present – because purpose isn’t defined by what people think or what people even want. Purpose is defined by each person – it’s within each person.

And what guides that purpose is the soul. And because we are all Spirit and a body, we are all being guided in different forms in different ways. A lot of times our understanding of what feels purposeful or what might seem purposeful and what is actually happening on purpose can be two different things –because I think purpose looks different at any given moment. So, for example, there were many, many times in my life where if you had said to me, “well, this is part of your purpose”, I would have thought you were crazy. I would have said, Nope, this can’t be part of my purpose. Some of those things might be like when I was a pregnant teenage mom. I didn’t plan to be pregnant. That wasn’t my goal. And here I was going to have a baby and I didn’t know how I was going to do that.

And some people might’ve said, “Hey, this is part of your purpose.” I never would have agreed. I would have said, this is so not a part of my purpose. I really screwed up. This is in direct conflict with my purpose. Like, I wouldn’t have felt like this was part of my purpose because I was struggling so much. Because I was sick and I was unhealthy and I was on bed rest and I was going to be a mom. And all of those things never would say to me that’s part of my purpose. And then years later, when I’m now a single mom living on welfare and food stamps and barely surviving and being able to feed my son and do the things I needed to do to take care of him … and if somebody had said, well, this is part of your purpose – I’d be like, this can’t be part of my purpose. This is screwed up. I should have done this better or different or something. It wouldn’t have felt like it was purpose even years later after I met my husband and got married and we were trying to have a child intentionally – and then I kept having a miscarriage after miscarriage, after miscarriage. I lost three babies in three years. And somebody could have said to me, “well, this is part of your purpose.” And I would’ve said, no, this can’t be part of my purpose. This is so painful. There’s no value in this. This wouldn’t be purposeful.

And so, all of those things, and so many more while I was in it, did not feel purposeful … because they were difficult … because they were painful … because I was struggling. However, with a little distance, with a little separation – being able to look back and see all those experiences – I could now say that every single one of them was a huge part of my purpose. Because in all of those experiences, what it helped me to do was it helped me to be a much better teacher, guide, spiritual counselor, psychic medium, energy healer – because I can relate to so many people’s life experiences. If you’ve had anything to do with pregnancy, pregnancy loss, pregnancy challenge, all of that … I’ve experienced that. If you had anything to do with addiction, although I didn’t personally have an addiction, I was surrounded by addiction … so, yep, I got that. I can help with that. If it had anything to do with not having enough money and struggling to feel worthy and valuable of receiving money or support or help -yes, I learned that. Every single one of those experiences was purposeful. Every one of them was purposeful – but in the moment, it was challenging. It was difficult. It was hard. And I didn’t feel that it was on purpose or that it was being purposeful. I actually felt more like a victim. I felt more like I was struggling. I even felt like I was being condemned or had really bad luck or things like that.

And since then, what I have found is that so often the greatest challenges in our life are the ones that carry the greatest purpose. So, although a lot of people like to look at it and say, in order to live your purpose you’ve got to do this to serve your purpose … what Spirit has said to me over and over and over again is, you’re serving your purpose every day … and you don’t get out of this life without serving your purpose.

You don’t get out of this life without serving your purpose.

So, think about a challenge that you’ve had in your life … and maybe now that you’ve got some distance, can you see how it was purposeful? How it brought value to your life? How it helped you to learn or expand or grow or connect or serve others? Can you see that once you get a little bit of distance from the experience … can you see that, okay, this experience – as difficult as it was – has brought great value. I learned this and I gained this and this and this. I have this awareness. I have this expansion. I had this healing … whatever it was.

So then, wouldn’t it also be true in this moment? If you are having a challenge in this moment and you are feeling like, “oh my God, this is so hard. I’m never going to make it through this. There’s no purpose in this. Why is this happening?” Sometimes we get into the victim mode and all those kinds of things. Wouldn’t it be true that in this moment, if you’re having a challenge, wouldn’t it be true that that experience that you’re having right now is also serving a purpose? Wouldn’t that be true?

So, if we think about the challenges that we’ve had in the last 2 years due to COVID, let’s say … and so many people struggled in so many ways – losses, death, challenges, financial situations, all kinds of challenge. But when we get a little bit of distance, sometimes we can see the blessing, the gift. And so often when it’s purposeful, unfortunately we don’t see it until it’s over.

But what if we started to look with different eyes and we started to search for purpose through the eyes of love. What if we started to see in the moment … and I put my love glasses on and I say, “okay, so if love were looking at this experience, what value could this be offering me?” What purpose could this situation hold? What opportunity could I gain from this? How could this situation or circumstance expand me, allow me to grow, help me to have greater love for myself or for others?

If I look at it from a little bit different perspective, then we could, instead of having to wait until we get way far down the road, we could in the moment … be in the experience of appreciation … of gratitude … of even understanding – or maybe even if you don’t understand the whole picture – of understanding that yes, there’s pain. Yes, there’s challenge. Yes, there’s conflict. And there’s also love. There’s also value. There’s also purpose in this experience.

Because what we oftentimes tend to do is we tend to be this or that. It’s either purposeful or it’s not. What if it’s both?

What if there’s pain and there’s purpose? What if there’s joy and there’s challenge? What if there’s excitement and there’s fear?

What if we’re having both of those experiences at once?

So today, what I wanted to bring to you is just a reminder: You get to choose the glasses that you look through.

And purpose is not a place you’re going. It’s not somewhere you’re going to reach when you get that degree … when you make that money …when you meet that person. That is not where purpose lives.

Purpose is in the present moment. Purpose is in this now –  present moment. So, before you head out for the rest of your day, what I’d love for you to do is share in the comments below: In your present moment, maybe there’s some challenges … maybe there’s some opportunities for growth or expansion. What is something that, you know, in your life right now is happening … That is on purpose. That is purposeful. What is that one thing right now that you know of – and sometimes you’ve got to put your hand on your heart to connect with that energy – What is the thing right now in your life that, you know, even if it’s painful, even if it’s challenging … that there is purpose for me.

I choose to look for that when I’m in the most pain. That’s when I search the deepest for the purpose and the value … because if I can see that, I cannot get stuck in it. I cannot get stuck in the story. I can be open to the possibility. And I believe that helps raise the vibration, the frequency … so that I can learn what I need to learn to move forward in the way that I need to move forward.

Lots and lots of times, it’s that challenge that brings the greatest gifts and turns us onto our purpose. All the challenges that I had in my experiences in my life – every one of them –  have been a blessing for me, because it’s helped me to be able to relate to others in a way that I understand … I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve felt it. I’ve done it. And I can open myself up to sharing from a vulnerable state – of what I’ve experienced – so that it can help somebody else.

So, I hope that brings you some value and gives you just a little reminder that whatever it is that’s going on right now in your life … the challenging times and the blessings too … know that this will bring value and purpose to your life. And if you are going through something that you’re really struggling with, that is really hard right now … Can you put your hand on your heart and say “I trust the process of the Universe”… And if you can believe that now, I think it raises the frequency to help you to connect with the solution much quicker.

I am sending so much love to all of you that may be in a challenging situation right now. Trust in the process. Look for the purpose, in THIS moment. And leave me a comment below if this resonates with you.

Much Love & Light,


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