Communicating with miscarried/stillborn/aborted babies

Babies CAN Communicate in Spirit

Many people believe that when they lose someone that is very young that they will have a hard time communicating with them. That couldn’t be, from my perspective, further from the truth.
There is no age, only vibration in the spirit world, therefore, spirits… of any physical age, can communicate with loved ones in the physical form just as easily as anyone else. It’s not about the words, it is about the vibration and the connection… that’s it!
Once you realize they have the ability to connect just as easily as any other soul.. you will begin to see the signs as well.
Why is that… you may ask?
Simple, because when you are open to the possibility, you are not resistant to it, therefore you an experience it.. not only more clearly, but more consistently too.
I have personal experience in this area, not only by communicating with clients babies that have transitioned, but having personally lost three little souls in three years.
I hope this video helps answer some of the questions you may have always had or still have today – Blessings SDJ♥
Hey my friend, hit the share button below if you liked this video. If you know people who have had a loss like this, feel free to share it with them as well. It is so healing when we know, they are with us… and they can connect with us:) I’d also love to hear your thoughts about this sometimes controversial topic. What do you think? Please share in the comments below – SDJ♥


26 thoughts on “Communicating with miscarried/stillborn/aborted babies”

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I am sorry to hear of your loss, Yes you could I would always say listen to your own intuition when you are asking for guidance from someone. If you would like to connect regarding sessions and classes you can email my assistant at and she would be happy to help you. Or visit my website at . Sending you lots of love and support my friend <3

  1. How would I know my aborted child is okay and happy in the spirit world? I believe in reincarnation and I hope thy my child went to a family where they have all that they want. I chose to abort my child as I feel in my current situation it would be a horrible decision to bring a life into the world where we would struggle and I wouldn’t be able to provide all that my child deserved. I think about it every day and just wanted some insight to know if I made the right decision.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      The aborted child is a soul just like yours and it has choices as well. The tow of you came together to learn and grow and heal. That soul is now a guide for you and wants you to live a full life, with their love and support surrounding you.. it just isn’t physical.. it is energetic:)

  2. This may sound incredibly stupid but I keep seeing a little girl who resembles me and her would be father (I had a miscarriage in 2014 at 12 weeks) do you think that the spirit aged as the years went along. She does try to talk to me but I get scared m

  3. Does soul of stillborn baby remain around mother? Would My baby girl’s soul want to connect with me? I miss her and feel like she didn’t want me hence left a day before coming into this world. Did i scare her? Or my thoughts made her feel unloved or unwelcome…lot of questions and no answers….how to find good ‘channelisers’ who connect wid spirits

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      No, she wouldn’t not “want” you. It is a much bigger perspective.. it is the souls, yours and hers, journey. So the two of you came to learn and grow form each other. Now, you have her support in the spirit world as a guide… Start asking her to show you signs that she is around you;)

  4. My ex made me have an abortion 8 years ago against my will. He threatened me into it and I still can’t forget how connected I felt with my little soul. I think of him all the time. I don’t know why I keep on saying him but it feels like him. His due date was supposed to be tomorrow 8/7 … How can I become more connected to him? I miss him every single day. I love him.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Your intuition knows oftentimes if it is a boy or girl.. He is with you sister… ask him to show you a sign that he is around:)

  5. My mom had a miscarriage and I was wondering if there is any way or even if you can get in contact with your miscarried sibling. I just want he or she to know that it is loved and we are all here for he or she. What should I do? I just want to get to know he or she

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Yes, you can connect with them.. they are part of the guidance system usually of the parents, but as a sibling, that energy is still there as well. 🙂

  6. In a previous comment you said the baby chooses to leave the body? Do you know common reasons on why? And is a miscarried baby always around? I have never had any signs of my baby before.

  7. I recently saw a sangoma who told me that the baby I arborted was angry with me because he feels unloved. That he is the reason I struggle in life. He is sitting on my finances. The sangoma then suggested that I do a ritual which will cost me 3000 to appease the infant spirit.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      please do not listen to that fear based suggestion. It is a scam my friend to play on the pain and receive money.

    2. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I’m sad to hear you heard something that hurts your heart. In my experience with the spirit world you are not being punished. If something does not feel right to you… disregard and move on to something that does feel loving and supportive! Thank you for sharing and we are sending you lots of love and support!!

  8. I had an abortion 3 months ago. My husband and i am not financially stable and have one year old baby girl. I was under pressure. I did not want to take the pill. I am depressed and feel i will never be ok. I get suicidal thoughts because i didn’t want to do it. Please help. That baby knows i didnt want to leave the second baby but had no support.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      My friend, it sounds as though it might be helpful to go to a supportive counselor that can help you walk through some of the emotions. In my experience, the aborted baby knows exactly what is in your heart and has no anger, judgement or pain with your choice. They actually come to help you grow and expand. I hope that helps.. If you feel low and suicidal, it really is important to get some one that can support you that you trust. All my love

  9. Hey Sunny,
    I recently went through a pregnancy termination at four weeks pregnant. I have had readings from Christine Nightingale and read many blogs regarding this experience and seemingly the aborted spirit will stay as long as there is a chance to return to the mother. My heart has been broken. My husband and I made a rash decision based upon earthly circumstances and I feel like my heart will never heal. Do you have any words of insight for me? Or what I should do? I have two kids already but can’t stop thinking about this one that never was.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      From my experience, this baby spirit will become a guide for you.. You are always connected energetically. Ask it to teach you what you need to learn about yourself sweetie. Likely forgiveness is a good start.

  10. In the event of a miscarriage or abortion or really any death is it the souls choice to leave and go back to spirit.or is abortion against there will?
    Thank you

  11. I enJOY having an ongoing relationship with my miscarried daughter-in-spirit, Margaret. I first got go know her through Spiritual Medium, Roy Waite. He is the one who told me she could hear and understand what I said, but I wanted to ‘hear’ her too! Roy said that if I wanted to learn to get answers I could get a deck of Angel cards (which were not anywhere near as available in 1996 as they are now!!!). I did, and learned to connect with my daughter through the cards, soon came to ‘hear’ her and get lots of heavenly hellos throughs signs (pennies tail side UP and seeing angels holding a star). Learning to communicate and recognize signs and messages from spirit has blessed my life and enhanced my daily JOY! And now reading Angel cards is my passion and purpose …

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