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Cancun Reminded Me to Focus

Happy Fall!

It’s really hard for me to believe that it is already fall, how about you? It’s been a really busy lead up to this new season. To be honest, September has had some really high highs and some lows as well.

Starting with the lows – I had several friends, family and clients that had serious life-altering experiences.

Death, disease, accidents, and hospitalizations were a daily phone call the first 10 days of September. Staying present and grounded so that I could hold space and be a lighthouse was pretty challenging at times. Having so many people close to me struggle so seriously with so many things wasn’t easy, but I had to choose where to focus my energy and how I could be of the greatest service. It certainly wasn’t letting myself get stuck in the challenge… but instead, use all the tools I have to stay present in the moment and SHINE THE LIGHT!

I’m certain you’ve felt that way over the past few weeks and months as well. It isn’t easy to stay present, but it is necessary.

For me, it became extremely necessary to be in present moment and focus on how I could serve when I was getting ready to head to Cancun. My brother, who was to go with me on the trip, was in the hospital with E.coli and salmonella poisoning and was extremely sick.

My assistant and team member Robin was having pain in her body and the test results were unclear (and this girl has a high pain tolerance). My travel guru Jerry had two family members that were having some health challenges. A sweet woman that was traveling to Cancun with us tested positive for Covid the day before she left (later turned out to be a false positive).

All of this was just a couple of days before I was to lead a group of 44 to Cancun for a fun-in-the-sun healing trip and Land Cruise.

Each one of them had to make the choice to honor their bodies, or that of their loved ones in Jerry’s case … and in doing so, make the difficult decision to not go to Cancun… decisions which I supported 100%.

As you probably already know, I am always encouraging people to listen to their own guidance, body, and intuition to make the decisions that are best for them… ALWAYS!

I knew they would be with us in spirit! I also realized that now it was not 44 but 39 beautiful souls that I needed to show up for in an even greater way.

My physical support would be less, but the energetic and spiritual support I knew would sustain me.

My heart was sad that they weren’t able to attend… AND I was excited to be able to connect and support the beautiful souls that were coming. You can experience both sadness and excitement – which I certainly did.

So, to prepare and move the energy… I chose to feel the sadness, acknowledge the loss, have some tears… and then redirect my focus to what I could do and did have choice over. YOU can choose how to FOCUS your energy… even in hard, sad, or disappointing moments.

Because that is what they are: Moments. It is us that makes them minutes or hours or days or weeks or lifetimes. WE choose where to put our attention, our focus. Yes, we choose!

So, I redirected my focus. I got excited about the opportunity that was ahead of me. I mean really, I was going to Cancun with many amazing souls! That’s not terrible in any way. I got focused on how it would serve me and others. I had the opportunity to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for several years, especially since Covid.

I had the chance to meet new souls that I only knew through social media, and even newer souls that I didn’t know at all.

I got to TEACH and SHARE and LAUGH and LOVE… all of my favorite things.

I got to ask for extra help and receive it (Thank you Kris, Deb, Brandi, Jodie, and Karina).

I got to stay open to the possibilities of what could be, not what wasn’t. Everything above is an opportunity for expansion. They are not things I HAVE to do from a place of resentment or disappointment or even victimhood. They are things I am blessed to GET to do. I GET to do this for a LIVING! I am very BLESSED. I bet you are pretty blessed too when you see it through those eyes.

I can’t wait for our next opportunity to travel together again,
my Mystery Trip in March is almost sold out already!

Yes, it is expansion; and yes, it was not as planned; and yes, it was different. AND it was perfect! I mean look at this picture above. It was a fabulous, heart-opening, healing journey for us all… and I believe for those that couldn’t come. It was a healing journey for them to choose their health… even if it felt forced by the Universe. Sometimes the Universe knows what we need before we do.

So, all in all, we all win. I am also happy to report that my brother is healing and at about 95% he says. Robin has received information and is no longer in the physical pain she was in. Jerry’s family members are stable at this time, and our sweet soul sister that wasn’t able to attend did not have Covid, just a faulty test. So, all truly is well.

After Cancun, I was home for 36 hours and then headed north to Utah, to await the arrival of my grandson… which we are still awaiting 🙂 If you’d like to hold the vision with us of a happy and healthy delivery, we would love and appreciate it! He should be earthside anytime now.

The weather here in Utah has been beautiful and the leaves are just beginning to change colors. Autumn is always a reminder to me to see the beauty and the gifts in loss and transition and change. The leaves dying bring incredible beauty to the landscape, which creates space for winter … and then spring … when new leaves can grow. The cycle of life right??

All of this brings me back to HAPPY FALL, Friend! When I think of fall, I also think of Holidays. They are right around the corner… I love the Holiday season and getting together with friends and family and sharing special times, creating special memories, and I do love to find special gifts. It’s just a special time of year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on presence and any and all of the above. If you are guided to share, leave me a comment below and let me know what you are doing to stay present in your life ; )

LOVE & LIGHT – SDJ (Soon to be Grandma x 3)

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