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Self Love Affirmations

I am filled with light, love and peace I treat myself with kindness and respect I give myself permission to shine I honor the best …

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Body Image Affirmations

I release my body to accept healing and health. I am accepting health in my body. I am releasing my DNA to heal my body …

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Got Candida? Follow Sunny's Eating Plan!

Foods to support your Healthy menu plan Allowed Foods Vegetables: All vegetables except mushrooms . Potatoes (maybe 1x a week) Scrub all vegetables before use. …

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Feel Good Messages for You and Your Body!

Use these affirmations or modify them at your convenience to gain confidence about your own body: I love my body I take care of the …

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6 Steps to Manifest ANYTHING You Want

Choose one thing that you would like to manifest in your life It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing just something you want to …

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Afterlife Study Interview

What are your own spiritual gifts? I am a Psychic Medium. I am clairsentient, which means that I get the majority of my messages from …

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Archangel Gabriel Experience

August 25, 1997, is a date I will never forget. It was three weeks before my son was due, and that morning I had woken …

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Connecting with your Angels

At age thirteen, I had my first angelic experience; I saw my Guardian Angel. I was surprised when I awoke to a brilliant, glowing, angelic …

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Abundance Affirmations

Whatever I can conceive, I believe. If I see it in my mind, I am going to hold it in my hand. I open myself …

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