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Archangel Uriel

The wisdom of Archangel Uriel is what you will connect with as you develop this angelic connection. Uriel helps us to connect to that HIGHER wisdom, that we often know deep within, but don’t trust. Archangel Uriel will help you to be able to see the bigger picture, often bringing a sense of understanding to your heart and mind. Working with Uriel literally helped me through the suicide of a very close friend and allowed me to support those family members that were in need of healing.

Here’s more info on Archangel Uriel:

Pronounced YOO-ree-uhl, it means “God is Light” or “God’s Light.” Uriel is the Archangel that illuminates situations, gives prophetic information, and offers transmutation.

Helps with:  Insight, clarity, peace, vision, problem solving, writing, new ideas, study, tests, and students.

Color Vibration: Purple/Gold seen usually as Ruby Red

Gemstone:  Amber, Ruby

Invocation: I invoke the wise and peaceful energy of Archangel Uriel to completely surround my physical and energetic body. Please help soothe all conflict in my life and replace it with peace, clarity, and insight. I ask you to help me release any mental or emotional patterns that keep me stuck in my fears. I ask that you fill me with the knowingness of who I really am. Please help me to trust my experiences, so I may see the greater vision, understand the value of each and grow in a way that serves all. I am blessed to be on this journey of life, and I thank you Uriel for your continued guidance, wisdom and vision … and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Uriel’s energy of Wisdom, I imagine or visualize myself completely enveloped in the color red. I take a deep breath in and see, hear, feel, and know that Archangel Uriel is guiding me throughout my physical journey.

Personal Experience:  I was unfamiliar with Archangel Uriel’s energy, even though I had read about him as a teenager. I had not had my own experience with him in a way that I could consciously remember, but looking back, I know that many of my thoughts, ideas and inspirations were being guided by the wise energy of Archangel Uriel.

When you invoke Archangel Uriel’s energy or vibration, remember his energy helps transmute and change things to a higher form. An example of transmutation would be shifting a negative experience into a positive experience. You may have had a situation in your life that seemed very difficult and you were unsure of how it was going to turn out, but in the process, you learned about trust. So, this became a positive experience. Archangel Uriel will also help us transmute lower vibrational energies into higher, enlightened spiritual understanding, turn disappointments into victories and find blessings in adversity.

Archangel Uriel is often referred to as the angel of illumination. He helps us see the bigger picture and often guides us with prophetic information. Being able to see the bigger picture, while in the midst of a difficult situation, can help you make decisions that are for the highest good for all involved. This was the case for me when my sons’ paternal grandmother had a stroke.

The day started like many others, but several miraculous events occurred, and they all began with a phone call from my son Crew’s birth father, John. I hadn’t talked to him for a couple of years, so I was surprised when he called. He told me his mom had a stroke and they were going to take her off of life support.  She had very little brain stem activity, was in a coma and that the doctors thought she would transition immediately after disconnecting the life support. As I began feeding my youngest son his breakfast, my heart sank as I listened to him talk. Delores and I had definitely had our ups and downs. John and I lived in a shack, adjacent to her garage when I was pregnant with Crew, and there were many times that we irritated each other.

She always wanted what little money we had for electricity and the phone bill. I was so angry with her that at times I blamed her for her son’s incompetencies. But, after I moved away, Delores and I became quite close. We talked on the phone every couple of weeks, and I would share with her how Crew was doing. She loved Crew and me very much and we loved her too.

She was a different kind of lady. She spoke with a gruff tone, complained about everything, and smoked at least two packs of cigarettes a day. When I first met her, she was taken aback by me. She had a little bit of jealousy since I was dating her youngest child. Although he was 19, she wasn’t quite ready to let go of the attention he always had for his Mom. Years later we laughed about this, but in the beginning, they were obstacles.

Delores was a hard worker. She raised 6 kids on her own for most of their lives. She struggled financially and emotionally, but she was one strong woman. She had amazing inner strength. She loved her animals and her plants. I would always find her outside watering her plants. Her common saying was that they were bone dry … this still makes me smile … bone dry. I always felt she received the unconditional love she was always looking for from Mother Earth and her animals. I believe she knew that on some level as well.

She lived a difficult life. She channeled all of her hurts and pain into poetry; she was as gifted a poet as they come. She was strong and tough on the outside, but I remember seeing her in the wee dark hours of the morning drinking her coffee and smoking her cigarettes while writing. She would write poem after poem until it grew light outside. Often times the words spoke of sunrises and the beauty of Mother Earth. She expressed her own emotions and feelings through words and nature.

As the years went by Delores and I developed a stronger relationship. She talked to me about her life and her struggles to keep her kids fed. She had to be tough to live through 6 children and an alcoholic husband. He had left many years earlier, when her kids were still young, which left her with quite a bit of resentment. I remember her telling me the story of when he came home drunk one night and was angry about something. She took the 3 youngest kids and went into the desert and slept under the sagebrush hoping he wouldn’t find her. This was just one of many stories that left her and her 6 children haunted with pain. This pain was often expressed through addictions and many of her children would struggle with their own addiction issues.

I remember, shortly before Delores left this physical world, she shared with me intimate details about her life, her frustrations with herself as a mother, and with her children. She had wished she could have done some things differently. I tried to reassure her that we do the best we can with what we know and what we have to work with. She would usually just respond with a sigh. That was the Delores I knew and loved.

After John called, I was upset. My heart was broken. I wanted to be there to tell her goodbye, but there was no time. The doctors thought she would pass immediately after unplugging the machine. As I sat on the floor, crying, I felt a sense of sadness, yet hopefulness. I couldn’t explain it … I tried to finish feeding my youngest son, but I couldn’t focus. I put “Blue’s Clues” on the TV for him and went in my room to meditate and pray. As I sat in my chair I kept asking to know if Delores had passed. Because of our strong bond, I thought I would be able to feel her spirit leave this earthly plane. I really had no basis for that because I’d never been with anyone who passed, but that is how I felt.

An hour later, I still had not heard from John, so I tried to call him. I couldn’t reach anyone. At first, I was angry because I thought she had died and no one called me.  Then I was angry because I didn’t feel anything when she passed away. If the doctors said she would pass immediately, I must have not been tuned in if I couldn’t feel her leave.

In the midst of trying to sort this out, another sense came over me. Aha … I knew it … she was waiting for me! At first it didn’t make any sense. That thought went against everything the doctors and John told me, but I just kept hearing inside my head “she was waiting for me.”

I finally reached someone at one of her sons’ houses and asked if she had passed yet. He said no, she hadn’t. I was confused. Why was no one answering at the care center then? He told me that everyone had left. “What do you mean everyone left? Are you kidding me? She is still alive and there is no one there to be with her? Why?? Why is no one there with her?” I was in shock! The response shocked me even more. “She is already gone to us. It is just too hard to watch her go, so we came back to the house.” I was stunned, shocked, and angry … yet, not surprised. I knew that her children had a fear of death, and I knew it was their way of dealing with the situation … but, I was also devastated and upset that she was alone.

I hung up the phone and sat for a minute and got quiet. I knew I needed to do something, but I was not sure what to do. It was a 6-hour drive, and the doctors said that she could go any minute. I knew I’d never make it to California in time to be with her; so, I let the questions go, got out of my head and into my heart and I got very still and quiet.

It was then that Archangel Uriel first appeared to me, because the answer was so clear, “Yes, go Sunny, you will make it, she is waiting for you, you will make it.”

I questioned the guidance for a brief moment, as that is my nature, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t get in touch with my husband, and I knew time was running out. I called my mom and asked her to come and watch my children. My mom lived 2 hours away so it would take her that long to get to my house. I didn’t have that kind of time, so I went and asked my “new” neighbor if she would keep my 20-month-old child and pick up my other son from school. I asked her if she’d be willing to watch them until my mom got there or my husband got home from work. And then, I asked her if she’d tell my husband that I was on a plane to California, and I’d call him tonight to explain everything! I am sure she thought I was crazy. Now, this was a big step for me, because I had never left my children with anyone but family – so to ask a neighbor, actually a complete stranger, was quite unlike me. However, Spirit told me that it would be ok.

So, I changed my clothes and got on a plane to California. While in-flight, I sat next to a man who could tell I was distraught. I shared with him why I was going to California, and I think he asked me questions to keep me distracted from the worry that I might not make it in time. He was an angel in disguise. I landed and immediately went and rented a car. I still had a nearly 2-hour drive with no traffic. During the drive I kept praying that she would wait for me. My angels kept reminding me, over and over again, that spirit wouldn’t have had me go through all of this and not have her there waiting for me when I got there. I knew there was divine guidance directing my every move; however, every once in a while, my ego would step in for a little visit and I’d freak out. So, to calm myself, I turned on the radio and the song, “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan was playing. This made me cry. I felt like it was validation that she would wait for me. A few minutes later, I changed the channel, and the same song came on again. I was amazed. Ok, I thought. I get the message.

I knew Archangel Uriel was helping me see the bigger picture. He was guiding me to her, and I would be there in the right time. Throughout the 1 hour and 30-minute drive, I changed the radio channel 6 more times and heard that song on every channel. I was in awe of the power of the Universe as I realized that it was I who was in the arms of the angels, and they were guiding me to her.

Finally, I arrived. As I pulled in the parking lot, I took a deep breath, said a prayer to my guides and angels, and went in. I had never been around someone that was in a coma or about to die. I was worried that I might feel scared, but I wasn’t. I felt calmer than I thought I would. A sense of peace filled my body as I walked into the room and saw Delores lying in the bed. I was relieved to see her there, thankful that I had made it, and grateful that she was not going to die alone. The first thing I noticed was that she looked like she was sleeping. She didn’t seem to be in any pain. I walked right up to her bed and told her I was there to be with her while she made her transition. I thanked her for waiting for me as I sat on the bed on her left side and just stopped and looked at her. After a few minutes, I left the room as my heart was full of emotion. I questioned myself about being there. My mind told me that I didn’t know what to do in this situation and that it was going to be scary, but my heart told me to stay.

I called the house that her children were staying at to let them know that I was there. I said I had come to be with her while she passed. They told me I could come over to the house if I wanted to and get something to eat. I declined and told them I planned to stay until she passed away. I felt grief-stricken and outraged that not one of them was here with Delores. I went back into her room and sat with her. My mind wondered about the pain she might, be in knowing that none of her children were here.

Suddenly I felt the presence of someone behind me. I turned around and saw John standing in the hallway, crying. I got up and hugged him for at least 5 minutes. In that embrace, I felt all of the sadness, hurt, and frustration that he was going through.

We held each other in silence for a few moments. It was an interesting moment for me. The anger and frustration that I felt towards all of her family members dissolved and all I felt was compassion. I felt how difficult this was for him, and I felt the fear of death that had taken him over. We walked down the hallway for a bit and did not say a word. As we neared the exit door, I told him I would call when she had gone. We embraced one last time and he thanked me.

I went back in her room and spent the next 17 hours with her. The doctors said she would be gone in a matter of minutes, but she was still here. She waited for me. I felt honored and responsible. I felt so many emotions including absolute love.

I climbed in her hospital bed and laid down next to her. I put ChapStick on her dry lips. I talked with her, and actually felt her talking back to me. I hugged her and held her hand. I told her how much I loved her, how sorry I was that I had moved away and took her grandson Crew away from her. I shared with her how hard I had tried to be a good mom and how hard it had been to leave her son and make a better life. I shared everything and held nothing back. There were long periods of silence where I just listened to her breathe. The nurse said that her breathing would change, and it did … it would be heavy, and then light. She would rattle off and on and then it would be light again. I finally fell asleep beside her. It was such an incredibly peaceful time.

I woke up an hour later and a series of events started to happen that told me Delores was preparing to leave. The television came on and it startled me. I knew from all my metaphysical studies that when spirit people enter the room, electrical systems sometimes get whacky. I watched her breathing, but nothing happened. So, I turned the television off and about 10 minutes later it came back on again. I turned it back off. I began to talk to Delores and tell her that it was ok for her to go. She could leave anytime, and I was staying with her until she did. So, each time the television came on, I thought it was a sign that she was ready to pass. This continued four or five times and finally I called the nurse and asked if someone could come and check out the TV. Maybe it wasn’t spiritual electricity … maybe it was just simply malfunctioning. They sent in a repairman, and he checked everything out and said everything was fine. But to be sure it didn’t happen again he unplugged the power cable from the wall. He assured me that would take care of it. Well 20 minutes later, it happened again. I called the repairman back in again as we both watched in amazement as the television came on. How could it be? I decided this was a serious sign and the time that Delores would pass was getting closer. At the same time, I felt the energy in the room change. I thought that her Spirit family members were coming and gathering around her. I couldn’t see them, but I was getting chills and feeling the energy moving around me.

It was about 8am, and I got up and got ready quickly as I knew she was about to leave, and I didn’t want to miss anything. Delores’ breathing became slower and slower. The death rattle they had talked about had finally begun after seventeen hours. All of a sudden, I felt scared. I knew I needed to release the fear and trust my spirit, but I wasn’t sure how.  I felt out-of-control because I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen. I asked the nurse, and she said her heart would stop and there would be no more noise. I held her hand and waited. I asked the angels to surround us both. I asked for the strength to help me through this next step in our journey. I prayed for her freedom from her physical body that had served her so well. As I continued my prayers, I had my last conversation with Delores. I heard her voice very clearly say, “Sunny, put my eyebrows on. Don’t you let me leave here without my eyebrows on.”  I thought I was going crazy. I didn’t know how to put eyebrows on and in my mind, I said back to Delores, “I don’t even have an eyebrow pencil. I can’t do it.” She responded, “Yes, you can. Don’t let me leave without my eyebrows.” I giggled a bit. She was in the midst of her transition and was concerned about her brows.  I thought to myself, Spirit does have a sense of humor! As I stayed in this moment, her breathing got louder and slower. I asked the nurse to stay in there with me so nothing would happen. I sat back down next to her bed and held her hands in mine. I closed my eyes as I put my head down by her heart and a few moments later, I felt this powerful, enormous energy rush move through my arms at the same time I felt Delores release her physical body.  A white colored energy moved through my hands to the bottom of my feet, to the top of my head, and out my crown.

It is hard to describe this, but the energy felt like a wave moved through me. My entire body started shaking for several minutes and then as quick as it came, it was gone … and so was Delores. Her Spirit left as quickly as the energy came in through my hands and left through my crown. I couldn’t move. I was present to what just happened and was in awe. I knew at that moment that something incredible had happened to me that day, but I didn’t realize how life changing it would be.

The days following Delores’ death were transformational for me. I felt like I MUST get on my journey. That it was time. I felt like I was being guided from above as well as from within. I know that Archangel Uriel supported me through the entire 48 hours. I believe that Delores is one of my Spirit Guides and she has guided me, step-by-step, to the life that I now live. She “forced” me to face my fears, own my gifts and speak my truth, and I will be forever grateful to her for giving me such an incredible gift.

Value of the experience: There is a greater purpose in the midst of chaos, heartache, life changes, and even death. Seeing, feeling, and knowing the greater purpose brings a sense of peace as you walk through the journey of life. Illumination is yours, if you will release the fear.

Excerpt from Invoking the Archangels – a Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul  by Sunny Dawn Johnston

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3 thoughts on “Archangel Uriel”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Sunny, for sharing such a special part of your journey! You are always such a beautiful inspiration!

  2. Claudia Orr (Rev.)

    I was very moved by this story.
    I have printed it, and will read it as my sermon next Sunday.
    I am a minister in a small Spiritualist Church in Calgary Alberta.
    Thank you for this. I plan to use this as a sermon and I will credit you with the story.
    I am being very bold in assuming you are ok with me doing this.
    Perhaps I will wait for the second next service so you can ask me not to use
    if you object.

    Claudia Orr (Rev.)

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