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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is known as the angel of communication. In working with Archangel Gabriel, I was able to learn how important it was to be open to communication, in all forms, on all levels. The way your angels communicate with us is through intuition, and whether you are aware you are intuitive or not, you are… everyone is! What most people don’t know about Gabriel, is that he helps with conception and pregnancy as well. My connection to Gabriel, literally saved my baby’s life.

Here’s more info on Archangel Gabriel:

Pronounced GAY-bree-uhl, it means “God is my strength.” Gabriel is the Archangel of communication and is known as the Messenger Angel.

Helps with:  Communication in any area, TV and radio work, adoption, child conception and fertility, journalism, and writing.

Color Vibration: White

Gemstone: Moonstone, clear quartz

Invocation:  I now invoke the mighty and powerful Archangel Gabriel and his energy of communication and strength. Please bring me insight and awareness so that I may always speak my truth. Remove all doubts and fears, and allow me to express myself in a loving way through mind, body and Spirit. Please help me to share my words in a way that is gentle, kind, and loving. Please help me to communicate from my heart. Thank you and so it is.”

As I invoke Archangel Gabriel’s energy, I visualize the white light of Gabriel coming down from the heavens and entering my body through my head. As I sit in this energy, I feel clarity about communication in my throat area, and I say thank you, out loud, to allow that clear communication to move completely through me.

Personal Experience:  About 25 years ago, I learned about Archangel Gabriel, the angel of
communication and the one to call on for support and guidance when you
need to communicate clearly. He is also the angel of conception,
fertility, and adoption.

Archangel Gabriel’s energy was most prevalent in my life when I was struggling to have my second child. It is the energy of Archangel Gabriel that I believe supported my dream to be a mother again, after suffering three miscarriages.

In the fall of 1993, I discovered I was pregnant a month before my fiancé, Brett, and I were getting married. I was surprised to say the least. We wanted to have another child, but hadn’t planned on one quite so soon. My immediate emotion was fear. I was afraid of losing my life during childbirth like I almost did with my first son Crew.  I immediately went to the doctor, and he administered all kinds of medical tests. At eight weeks pregnant, my body was already starting to show signs of toxemia which would likely turn into pre-eclampsia, and I was advised to have a medical termination. Even though I wanted another child, my fiancé and I weren’t willing to risk losing my life, so two weeks before my wedding, they performed a medical termination and I lost my baby.

Eighteen months later, after much thought and contemplation about the risks, we tried to have another baby. We were immediately successful and this time I decided to see a new, high-risk doctor. I was monitored very closely, and my body seemed to be responding well at 6 and 8 weeks. I was excited. I could finally start buying baby clothes and I was enjoying every moment of it. At 12 weeks, we got to listen to the heartbeat. It sounded strong and healthy. I was relieved and happy to be past the scary part. However, my doctor was cautious and had me come in every two weeks for a follow up. At 14 weeks, I felt as though something was off. I couldn’t explain it, but something wasn’t right. So, I asked the doctor to do an ultrasound. At that time, they did not typically do an ultrasound that early but given my history, my doctor agreed. I immediately went in for the ultrasound. Ultrasounds were not new to me, as I had had over 20 of them with my first son, so I was devastated to see that there was no heartbeat. Somewhere between 12 weeks and 14 weeks, my child died. Why me? Why now? What did I do to deserve this?

My doctor advised me that I would miscarry naturally within a week or so. I was having so many emotions around that thought. How do I just wait for my dead baby to come out? I couldn’t do it. I called the doctor a couple days later and we agreed to do a D&C (dilation and curettage), to remove the baby. So, at 15 weeks, I went in for surgery. During the procedure there were some problems and I had uncontrollable bleeding. Over the next 3 months, they had to do five more D&Cs just to get it the bleeding to permanently stop. It was hell. I was mad at the world, God, the Universe … you name it. When I didn’t want a baby at age 18, I easily got pregnant and birthed my first son Crew. Now I was in a loving, healthy relationship with my husband, yet I just suffered my second loss. WHY?

The doctor suggested fertility testing to see if there was a problem with my husband or me. We gave blood, had more tests done and did a sperm count and everything looked just fine. It must be me. I knew it had to be me. I was devastated. This was my punishment for not being the mom that I “should” have been to my son Crew. I was at a loss on how to cope with my feelings; so instead, I went back on birth control pills and threw myself into everyday life. My focus became being the best housekeeper, wife, and mother I could. I tried to convince myself that having one son would make me happy, but those words never felt right. I knew somewhere deep in my soul that there was one more baby I was meant to have, I just didn’t believe it would happen.  I would pray that the pain and sadness would go away, but I never thought to ask Gabriel to help me. I never even asked Raphael to help heal the emotions and physical issues that were causing me to struggle with maintaining a pregnancy. I think I wanted it soooooo bad that I forgot to use my tools and once again, the issue of deservability reared its ugly head. I realized that I didn’t feel like I deserved the help.

So, I disregarded my soul yearning and focused on taking care of my son Crew and my husband Brett. My son was a challenge, so it was a BIG job. I did this for another year and a half and one day I just simply changed my mind. I decided to try to get pregnant one more time and went off birth control. It worked! Within the first month I was pregnant. Again, I was nervous throughout the pregnancy. I was so afraid I would lose another baby. I had already lost two. Was I strong enough to make it through another loss? I called my doctor if I felt even a little bit “off”. She was very supportive and seemed to understand my fears. I went in for an office visit every two weeks and each time she assured me the heartbeat was strong. This one looked like a keeper. I wanted to believe her, but again, my intuition told me differently. At 12 weeks I felt cramping while walking Crew to school. When I got home, I noticed I was bleeding. I panicked and called the doctor. She told me to lie down and relax and that it was probably just a little spotting.  However, that feeling, that knowing, moved through me as I lay on the couch, telling the doctor that I was going to lose this one too. I went into the office that afternoon and she confirmed what I already knew. My baby had died, I was miscarrying again.

This time, I had a different reaction. I was still sad, but I knew this baby was not meant to be with me. Something shifted within me. I realized, for the first time that I didn’t feel like I deserved to have another baby.  This was an “AHA!” moment for me. I had been in so much fear throughout all of the pregnancies, no wonder I couldn’t carry the babies to term. This pregnancy and the brief time that this baby was with me was a gift. I was reminded to see myself as a full-term pregnant woman. Although I was sad at the loss of another child, for the first time, I felt very clear on the subject of babies. I knew that if I was going to have one, then I needed to change my thoughts and my emotions. I needed to let go of the fear that was ruling my every thought. I needed to release the self-judgment and the criticism, and I needed to love myself in the same way a mother who was bringing a new baby into this world would.

I asked for help. I asked the angels to surround me, guide me and support me. I asked them to help me to heal, to love myself again, and to help me bring back the love that I knew was within me but had not been honoring. I didn’t specifically ask Gabriel for his help at this time, but I did ask the angels to help release any patterns that were holding me back from experiencing the joy of motherhood, on all levels, and having a healthy pregnancy.

Two months later I was pregnant again. I knew this one was going to stick. I just KNEW it.

I was ready! I released, asked for help, and had my angels, guides and spiritual team supporting me. I knew “we” were going to be ok. Eight weeks into the pregnancy, I started bleeding. I was hysterical. How could I have been wrong again? I started second guessing my intuition. But, as I drove to the doctor’s office, a gentle voice from within reminded me to be calm, that it was ok, we were going to be ok. Once I arrived at the office, I requested that the doctor see if there was a heartbeat. She assured me it was strong. I felt a little relief. We agreed to try a few new therapies and make some dietary changes. I began a new type of progesterone therapy and she told me to begin eating meat, which was very difficult for me as I had been a vegetarian for over 6 years. She felt that I needed the additional protein and iron found in red meats. She also suggested I go on bed rest for a few weeks. She then sent me home to relax and visualize my healthy baby! I complied with all of the suggestions, and after that initial scare, I sailed through the rest of my pregnancy. It was a beautiful, amazing, wonderful experience … I was so excited! I had a healthy pregnancy and gained 50 pounds by my 8th month, which was a great sign. I was feeling amazing and was looking forward to a traditional natural birth. We had a birth plan in place, had taken all of the classes, and were ready to create a different birth experience than I had with my first son. This time, I would be the creator of my experience.

All during this time, I continued to connect and communicate with my angels and guides daily. By specifically asking for help with my pregnancy, I believe that Archangel Gabriel became my guardian.  The next experience is evidence of that!

August 25, 1997 is a date I will never forget. It was three weeks before my son was due and that morning, I woke up with an absolute knowing that something was wrong. Looking back, I believe that Archangel Gabriel was communicating with me through my thoughts. I called the doctor in a panic and tried to convince her that I knew something was wrong. I begged her to let me come in and see her. She said she just saw me last week and that everything was fine. She also told me that she was getting ready to leave on her honeymoon for two weeks. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I insisted that something was wrong, and I had that same feeling that I had with all the other lost pregnancies. I told her that I wanted to schedule a C-section before she went out of town. This took her by surprise as I had been very insistent on having a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). She told me it was too early to do that, and I needed to wait at least one week. She would contact me when she got back from her honeymoon, and we would go from there. As I hung up the phone, I was shaking. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I lay on the couch and cried and cried. About a ½ hour later, the phone rang, and it was the doctor. She said “Sunny, there is something about your mother’s intuition that I have to believe, so I will do the C-section on the 27th or 28th, which day do you want?” I was so happy, and a sense of peace fell over me. I sat for a moment and asked spirit which day was best. The 27th would be the perfect day to give birth to my son, as that day is Mother Teresa’s birthday.

On August 27, 1997, my second son, Arizona Blue Johnston was born by cesarean section at 1:47pm. The cord was wrapped around his neck twice, and he was completely blue and lifeless. The nurses and doctors rushed to get oxygen flowing into his body and within 2 minutes, bit-by-bit his tiny little blue body started turning pink. His color changed, from the top of his head, to the bottom of his feet. It was as if Spirit was blowing life into him, and it was amazing to watch. It was a miracle! He was alive!

He was alive and breathing because Archangel Gabriel communicated clearly to me, and I listened. I will forever be grateful to the amazing energy of this Archangel and the power all the angels have to help us see and hear clearly.

Value of the experience: When you ask for help, remember to listen, in all ways. Listen to the subtle messages as well as the strong messages. When listened to and acted upon, these messages can literally save a life!

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