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4 Steps to Connect with Your Angels, Guardian Angels and/or Spirit Guides

This week I would like to talk about the four-step process to learn to connect with your angels, guardian angels, or your archangels.

I wrote a book a few years back called Invoking the Archangels – A Nine-step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul and wrote about how you can connect with the archangels specifically; but you can also use this 4-step process to connect with your angels, guardian angels, and/or your spirit guides.

The reason that I think this process is important to know is because oftentimes we tend to want to have things happen like yesterday: “Show me a sign right now or please come to me and help me with this situation today!!”

Can you relate to that?

We expect that when we say “do it at this time” … that they’re going to follow and do it at this time; whereas, they have a bigger perspective … and their perspective is not restricted to a timeline like ours.

It is not their job to show up in the time that we think they need to.
It is their job to show up when it is in alignment for our highest, greatest good.

The angels are here to nurture you, to guide you, to support you and to protect you. And not just you, but all of humanity. Each of us gets a guardian angel when we come into this physical planet and the guardian angel stays with us our entire life and then leaves with us at the end.
We also get a spirit guide that comes in, stays with us, and then leaves with us.

So, we get a guardian angel and a spirit guide.

Then we have angels and archangels that come to us for different reasons at different times for different purposes.

85% of religions believe in angels in some form. Most people have some sort of a connection with them, whether they have seen them, heard them, felt them, know their presence, or they just truly believe they are there.

However, we have this law … it is called free will, and the angels cannot come into our life and just go, “Oh my God, you’re screwing up your life. We’re going to come in and save you from it.”

They cannot do that because we have soul agreements. We’re here for a purpose and there are a lot of things that we go through and challenges that we go through that actually give us the character and the growth and expansion and the soul perspective that we need.

So, angels cannot just come in when it starts getting hard and say, okay, let me just rescue you from that.

That is not how it works.

But what they can do is they can help direct us.

They can give us guidance.

They can help bring us comfort and connection and remind us of the value of who we are and where we are going and remind us of some of the tools that we could be using.

But what is important to remember is this law of free will. We have got to be willing to ask and invite them in. So, how do you invite them in? That is where the 4-step process comes in.


Step number one is you must Ask.

Begin by asking for assistance for the angels to help in any area of your life. You must first ask for their assistance. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. A simple intention works just as well as a verbal expression or a telepathic conversation.
Simply saying, “angels, please help me”. That’s enough. Asking in a way that feels appropriate to you will ensure that your angels will answer your call and stand by your side. The important step is to recognize that you need support, guidance, direction, encouragement, help of some sort … and be willing to ask for it.

Step two, Allow.

Allowing is as easy as getting out of your own way. When you release the need to control situations, people, and emotions … and just allow the flow and the laws of the universe to work on your behalf. Then you open up room for all the good that can come into your life. Allowing frees up your energy to do the things that make you happy and to receive the abundance that is innately yours. Your angels always see your life from the perspective of allowing. They support that vision for you and within you until you are able to feel it for yourself. The sooner that you learn to let go of resistance and to start affirming what you desire, the sooner you will come into alignment with what you’re asking for. The asking and allowing need to be in alignment.

So, once your asking and your allowing are in alignment with one another, then you are on your way to the next step. Okay, so first step, Ask … second step, Allow, right?

Step number three is to Believe.

Trust that the angels will guide you in the perfect divine time. Trust can be one of the most difficult attitudes to adopt, especially when you do not have any evidence that you will receive your desire. Trusting typically requires you to be vulnerable with others.

When I started working with the angelic realm, I made a conscious choice to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. And that choice proved to be instrumental in my working relationship with the archangels. So, it is your choice to trust that you are being guided in the perfect divine time. If you are feeling a desire from your heart, trust that the angels will guide you in the perfect way for your highest and greatest good … for your highest and greatest good.

So, asking, allowing, and believing. We must believe first my friends.

Step number four, Receive.

Listen to your intuitive guidance and give thanks. You’ve asked, you’ve allowed, and you believed … the last step is now to receive.

Your archangels and your guides will send you many messages. It is said that we get a thousand messages a day from the spirit world. They will send you many messages. It could be a song on the radio. It could be a flicker of light. It could be a sign on a bus. It could be letters on a license plate. It could be numbers on your phone that you catch out of the corner of your eye. Messages come in many ways and many forms. And what I am asking you to do is you have got to be willing to be open to receiving them in ways that may be new or different for you.

Now, here is the thing that happens when people get into the receiving mode: they have expectations of what that is going to look like. We have got to be willing to be open to receive and just keep our hands open. I am open to receive all that is good.

Our angels are always wanting us to expand our abilities intuitively, because they are always helping to train us into connecting to who we truly are.
Do not give up five minutes before the miracle, my friends. Stay open to receive all that is yours.

So: Ask, Allow, Believe, Receive … and see what happens for you!

I’d love for you to share in the comments below about any of the experiences that you have had in bringing in this guidance and direction from you angels!

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