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Numerology & Astrology Reports

Sunny is feeling the energy and offering Numerology and Astrology reports. You can purchase these online and get your reports back within 48 hours. Astrology Report: Color Natal Chart and Full 25-30 Page Detailed. Deepen your self-awareness and introspection with your own personalized Natal Report  Numerology Personality Profile: This Personality Report reveals your Personality number. Your Personality is like a narrow entrance hall to the great room that is your true nature.

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Today, I was guided to pick an Angel Card for you, for me, for us all. Archangel Gabriel!!! Woohoo:) Archangel Gabriel Pronounced GAY-bree-uhl, it means “God...

Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:) Pick a card between 1 - 4 and comment below with which card number you pick....

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking a break from working on a new project when I decided to scroll through Facebook. So much has been...

I am grateful for Awareness today. Without awareness, I cannot experience to my full potential... this amazing life... and this life is worth living...

Today, I was guided to pick a card for you out of my Archangel Oracle Deck. I hope that it brings you some guidance,...
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How Sunny Can Support You

Private Exclusive Personal Retreats
Personal retreats are conducted for individuals or couples/friends and are based on personal wants/needs. Each and every personal retreat is created from the information you provide on the form below. Sunny will review this information then along with Spirit and her intuitive gifts, she will discern a direction for you.

Private Exclusive Personal VIRTUAL Retreats
This high-demand retreat is for those who want private one-on-one mentoring with Sunny, virtually. Sunny helps people to help themselves in any area of life by asking the right questions, the hard questions and also tuning into what is not being said.

An intuitive reading facilitates communication with your Angels, Guides and Teachers. Their messages are always loving and positive, offering you guidance, inspiration, comfort, and hope.  A reading gives you guidance, comfort and support and is always of love! It is a great way to get validation on feelings, intuitions and emotions that are going on in your present day human experience.

Webcasts & Archived Classes
You simply pay via PayPal for whatever video you would like to view and you have 3 days to watch it. Videos can be accessed via PC, MAC, iPhone, i Pad and android devices.

Online Courses
You simply pay via PayPal for whatever course you would like to complete and you will have access to the content for up to 1 (one) year.

teezWhen you wear Conscious Teez by SDJ from any of my collections you are intending to spread the message of Love and Light to all you cross paths with. You are setting a clear intention that you choose to walk this world present, aware and connected to all of life by sharing messages of love, hope and peace. By wearing these Conscious Teez you are making a statement: “I recognize my power in this world.

oilsSunny Dawn Essentials was created out of a desire to offer pure high quality, pure therapeutic essential oils to my customers at reasonable prices.  We are dedicated to improving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of our customers. As 20 year consumers of essential oils, we knew what we wanted, and couldn’t find it. So, we set out to make our own. Our signature oil, IaMPOWER is the foundation of Sunny Dawn Essentials.

jewelryThis jewelry carries a high vibration of love, light inspiration from the Angelic Realm. It is sacred, therefore we suggest you take gentle care of this special jewelry. SDJewelry is made with natural stones and will always have a Swarovski crystal as part of the design. All jewelry is delicate, but Swarovski is especially delicate. As a result, special care is required.