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The Love Never Ends…Messages From The Other Side


Over the last fifteen years, Sunny Dawn Johnston has performed hundreds of readings for clients where she’s communicated with spirits, guides, and their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. The constant theme she receives from all of these divine entities and loved ones is this: Love never ends; fear exists only in this world.

In her new book The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side, Sunny shares a selection of true and amazing stories from her experience as a psychic medium and intuitive. These encounters with the other side prove without a doubt that the universe is full of love. Shipping in October!

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A Séance With…Starring Sunny Dawn Johnston

Encore Presentation – THIS SATURDAY – Feb 28th – LMN Network
8pm & 12am Eastern | 7pm & 11pm Central
6pm & 10pm Mountain | 5pm & 9pm Pacific

We will be LIVE streaming from Sunny’s home from 5:30pm MST to 7:30pm MST where she will be sharing her experiences and answering questions as you watch the show.

Join us here about 5 minutes beforehand.

My name is Sunny Dawn Johnston. I am a Psychic Medium and I have a gift for connecting with souls on the other side. I have a message to share and that is you can find healing and closure with the death of a loved one. Join me as I help celebrities connect with their departed loved ones in search of answers. Will the celebrities find what they are looking for? Will closure be postponed by more questions from what is uncovered? Only a celebrity séance contains those answers.

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June 2nd – June 6th
Originally designed as a 9 month program now available as a 5 day Intensive. In response to the high demand, we are offering a second MBS class this year

Thursday, April 30 – Saturday, May 2, 2015
This program is only being offered to previous certificates of the Level 1 Mind Body Spirit Practitioner course.


This high-demand retreat is for those who want private mentoring with Sunny in her own healing center. These transformational retreats have no prerequisite other than a deep desire to find and follow your own inner wisdom through Spirit’s guidance and direct experiences with Sunny.

1, 2, or 3 Day Personal (One-On-One) Private VIRTUAL Retreat with Sunny Dawn Johnston

Virtual Retreats are via Skype or telephone and will be recorded

Dates based on availability

This high-demand retreat is for those who want private one-on-one mentoring with Sunny, virtually. Sunny helps people to help themselves in any area of life by asking the right questions, the hard questions and also tuning into what is not being said. She listens to the energy of the answer… not the words … to see if they are in alignment, or if they are just fooling YOU!


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NewrCoveLNEThe Love Never Ends – Messages From The Other Side
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ITA_sInvoking the Archangels – A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul
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What Others Are Saying About Sunny

  • Couldn’t get the show on line and I don’t have that channel so missed it. I did try though maybe next time. I did want you to know though that I am excited for you and your crew and hope the show makes it! I did view some of your “party” stuff though and good to see everyone looking so well. Mary

    Mary Zilli
  • I just wanted to say that I really had a great experience on the retreat. I was looking for healing and release and I definitely received a lot of both. I took home tools to work with to continue to grow. I was able to open up more than I ever have and was able to receive healing and support. Thanks Sunny, so much for the wonderful journey.

  • Forever grateful for I have met you…divine guidance.

    Clara G
  • Miracles are not only possible, they are necessary . . . And Sunny Dawn Johnston is a living testament to that reality.

    MICHAEL TAMURA, bestselling author of You Are the Answer
  • Kudos to you for dealing with a difficult client on-air. I didn’t care for the premise of the show, All your work has been about Connecting with your Angels instead of Seance. I thought it was gimmicky for show numbers and really takes away from your real work.
    I don’t think the show should have been about can you satisfy Lisa R, (there energy was weird) and felt like the producer or editor (team) was just churning out another one hour segment not caring if it takes off or not. I’m not sure the formula/premise (like Love (It or List It) wasn’t there to keep audience going back for more. Something on their end wasn’t right.
    I hope to see more. I can look to see about weekend numbers – sometimes our ratings at NBC KPNX show all the shows, not just news but will not tell you what Lifetimes hope were to carry the show and would only show this area, not national

    Gina Coy
  • I thank you for spending time with me earlier this week. You are an amazing person and I am very impressed by you. We have much in common. I learned a lot that day. I need to go over the recordings once or twice more, as I could not absorb everything you said. I will also work on the action items. Thank you!

  • The forgiveness exercise was truly intense and heart wrenching. As I began I thought there was much and many to forgive. But when I put into perspective what I owned and what they owned, most of the forgiveness needed was forgiving myself. With forgiving myself for the past and setting my intention to forever release, the fire finished it. I may now move forward with love, forgiveness and acceptance of myself. Much gratitude to the team and all my new friends, without them it would not have been possible.

  • Thank you for such an awesome opportunity! I have opened up to myself like I never imagined. My personal growth is phenomenal. The space, support and love provided at the retreat has truly touched my soul. The retreat provides a perfect mix of soul searching, fun, play, giving, receiving, teaching, learning, supporting and just plain hard work. Kris, your soothing music opened a place in my heart that opened me to Spirit. Deb, your healing hands were instrumental in helping me release my physical pain. Robin, your gentle yoga is so awakening and spiritual. Amy, your positive attitude and encouragement are inspirational. Sunny, thank you for bringing me back to me!

  • I want to take the time to let you know how much you mean to me Sunny. It is hard to put into words that would do my feelings justice. Just knowing you and listening to you talk at each Edge Life Expo (where I first met you!!) has changed me immensely. But also, all our phone calls have helped me to grow in my spirituality in ways I could have never imagined. You are the person who really opened my eyes about Angels. I had always known that they existed but never took the time to actually “feel” their presence and ask for their help and guidance. You also introduced me to the Archangels. I know that there are many, many people that you help each and every day….I just wanted to be one that actually took the time to thank you…just for being you!!

  • Thanks for talking to me yesterday. I feel so much better today and. I realize that I am powerful. I need to STOP being the victim and start being the survivor that I am. Thank you again Sunny. You truly are an amazing person.

  • My husband and I enjoyed your first show. It was well done and seemed “real”, not scripted, during the actual séance and in any dealings with the subjects. We will watch if you do more. I have read your book on Archangels and taken the online class on the same subject. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world.

    Virginia Campbell
  • I felt there was More To The Story, yet you were being protective of Lisa. Loved how you guided them back to a new spot.
    Your voice is so important in this process, as you draw people in to the show with your voice, Sunny. It is the calmness that you bring to the screen that reassures everyone that what is going on is a good thing, and would love everyone to know they can do
    a lot once they learn about intuition and trusting they are a special spark of Spirit. The more you are on, the more they will learn, and the better everyone will feel which makes the Merry Go Round world brighter with music and laughter. When is the next show? Same time, same day? Wrote the network and told them I want to see it again.

    Linda Nelson
  • For anyone interested in taking their life to the next level, a session with Sunny is a treat for the soul. A teacher, healer and gifted intuitive, Sunny helps you understand the spiritual principles at work in your life and how to begin creating the life you want. With her down-to-earth blend of compassion and wisdom, Sunny teaches us how to find and follow our own inner voice.

  • I loved the show!!! Lisa Rinna and her friends are so blessed to be able to participate in your first show! I’d love to be a celebrity guest, if I was a celebrity!!!

    You looked beautiful by the way!

    Karen Clover
  • So enjoying the Love Never Ends online course, and going to take the Angelic one as well. Thank you for coming into my life.. Divine timing for sure!

  • What a delight it was to be amongst so many wonderful souls the night you spoke at the Glendale Library Thinking I would be one of a few handful of believers, wishers, hopefuls, I was overjoyed and smiled and laughed with those around me. Thank you for setting up the time at the library. I came because of the newspaper article.

  • Absolutely love Sunny! She has a wonderful energy and very positive influence. Anyone seeking guidance should look her up…you will be happy you did!

    Irene S
  • Incredible-
    Time after time I gained insight on issues and how to work them out. But being able to trust was an eye opening unforgettable experience that still brings tears to my eyes. Tears of gratitude – Tears of acceptance. The release was powerful and I’ll never forget my support team. And if I ever go south I have this memory to bring me to my space. It made me realize we have support when we open up to receiving.
    What a truly incredible life-changing journey! Namaste`

  • Thank you so much for the life changing (Radiant Heart) Session and our chat. Today I feel self-assured, confident, and loved. Of course, I always walk away from your sessions feeling loved. Thank you for walking and being a guide on my journey in this life Sunny. You are very special to me and you have played a big role in my life.

  • Congratulations on an excellent show. My husband & I truly enjoyed the program. We loved the format of it being so real!!! You are providing a wonderful service by bringing spiritual awareness to the general public. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    Kathy Gallagher
  • You did a reading for me at the Edge Life Expo in Minnesota in 2004 and you mentioned my son would grow up to be very intuitive even more than me. He will be three next week and I just wanted to say everything you had said has been validated. My son often sees spirits and my Grandpa who died before he was born. I can feel these energies and he sees them. He also predicts things that almost always come true. He is amazing and so are you. Thank you very much.

  • I loved Sedona (and I even found the Stuppa). I loved every part of my trip! I told my husband it was the some of the best money and time I have ever spent. I said sitting with you one on one is like sitting next to a ball of love. You gave me some wonderful info about my brothers and sister; I feel that I was given the info to pass it on. Oh Sunny you are such a breath of fresh air and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to spend with you- I understand now why I want to teach- I want to teach myself and everyone else to let Spirit’s love shine through like you have learned to do. I have a pen from your store that sits on my desk…to remind me of our time together and that I am open to those teachings. Loved…Loved your staff!

  • I told Deb the last time i was in for a massage that you ladies are all so wonderful. I really mean that, I have come in for classes, massages, etc. and every time you, Robin, Deb, Kris, or Sunny have been like little angels. The energy you all emit is beyond words and is very comforting. It is my pleasure to be able to be a part of this wonderful sacred community that you have all provided for us. Thank you

    Melissa Corter
  • The forgiveness exercise was truly intense and heart wrenching. As I began I thought there was much and many to forgive. But when I put into perspective what I owned and what they owned, most of the forgiveness needed was forgiving myself. With forgiving myself for the past and setting my intention to forever release, the fire finished it. I may now move forward with love, forgiveness and acceptance of myself. Much gratitude to the Team and all my new friends.
    Without them it would not have been possible!

  • I watched the show this weekend and enjoyed it. Since I already know you and have seen Lisa Renna on TV and also DWTS. I also enjoy watching the Medium so your shows are somewhat similar and yet you each have your own unique way of contacting the spirit world. I will be interested to see if it continues after this pilot show. Since I receive your emails, hopefully I will be notified if you will have another Séance show with another celebrity. Otherwise I don’t always watch the LMN shows but would like to know if you will be on again.

    Wanda Eagleton

jvpSunny Dawn Johnston is a compassionate, caring light worker who opens up to the higher levels of Spirit.  She brings healing and insights to all she works with and illuminates their souls to the higher truths of their beings. ~ James Van Praagh – Spiritual Medium

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