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Hey Everybody! Just sending you a shout-out to come and JOIN ME … to laugh & love … release and replenish … grow & glow!

It's Sunny Dawn Johnston reaching out to YOU from the beautiful springtime here in Arizona. My favorite weekend to spend with YOU is coming up in less than a month! A 4-day weekend in SEDONA to spend with a collection of women (and a few brave men) who are ready to leave behind their everyday people, places and things so they can give all their time, attention and love… to themselves.  Many people consider this being selfish. The truth of it is… it is self-care. If you don’t take care of you, who will?

This weekend is all about nurturing your spirit through self-awareness, presence, purpose, creativity, play, and self-love. It is the time to truly tap into your heart and deepen your connection to spirit and your commitment to yourself.

Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself? Are you ready to come and play and grow? I'd love to spend this fabulous weekend with you!

Each year for the past 10 years I have done this retreat with a group of men and women in the same beautiful place, the Briar Patch Inn, alongside the Oak Creek in Sedona. Those called together in any particular year were the perfect match of divine timing and courageous willingness to listen to their spirit.  Each and every year brings so many profound aha's, and creates such deep connection with all whom attend, that my team and I can hardly wait for the following April to do it all again!

I created this retreat experience to be one of both intensity and play, of relief and profound insight … because I believe in the middle of our busy and stress filled lives, we have to make space to let that still, small voice of our heart wisdom within us to be honored and heard. We need to be given the space to turn off the outside, so we can hear our own heart's guidance - to remind us who we truly are, and to remind us that play and inspiration, understanding and awareness, are just as necessary as “getting things done”.

This is your time to:
Be reminded of who you are & what you love
Be reminded of how to receive as easily as you have learned how to give (and give, and give!)
Be reminded of how to raise your vibration to make joy a part of your day-to-day life
Be reminded of your playful spirit and freedom for that inner child
Be reminded to be your own best friend
Be reminded to listen to your heart and soul, and then promise to stay true to yourself

Imagine a weekend in the magical, mystical Red Rocks of Sedona and the power of setting an intention there to re-discover YOU, and what your heart and soul truly desire. You will come back more yourself… more committed to expressing the gifts that are uniquely yours ... and more able to experience the fulfillment that comes with knowing you are walking your path as your Spirit intended for yourself! 

All the details for these Fabulous Four Days are here on the Sedona Retreat page!

Register today… and if you have questions contact Amy at amy@sunnydawnjohnston.com our retreat coordinator. She'd love to help you out in any way you need!

The healing all starts Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, April 16-19.  I hope we get to learn, laugh and love together in Sedona!

On this MP3 album download, Sunny offers affirmations from various authors to help move you thru the grief stage and provide a different perspective on loss
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