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ITAInvoking the Archangels – A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul
In Sunny’s first book, she shares her personal experiences and life story to help you open up and connect with the Archangels. No one is truly alone. Every person can, at any moment, call upon not only one guardian angel, but also seven specific Archangels who bring blessings and protection to those who know how to ask. Sunny  introduces readers to these Archangels and presents a nine-step process to healing on every level, from physical ailments to relationships, addiction and even financial struggles. To order your autographed copy from Sunny, click here. 

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The Love Never Ends – Messages From The Other Side

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Be the first to receive Sunny’s latest book. In her new book The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side, Sunny shares a selection of true and amazing stories from her experience as a psychic medium and intuitive. These encounters with the other side prove without a doubt that the universe is full of love. To order your autographed copy from Sunny, click here. 

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  • Sunny Dawn Johnston's compassionate heart and gifted way of teaching infects the reader with a sense of awe and privilege as we recognize her experience as our own, leading us to our loved ones and our true essence.  Sunny's earnest spirit injects us with the joy of knowing we are never alone.
    Peggy Rometo, Intuitive Healer, Psychic-Medium Author of, The Little Book of Big Promises
  • Sunny has written a book that fully explains death and the work of a psychic medium more than any book I have read.  She comes from a place of knowing, first-hand experience to paint a full and beautiful picture of this process.
    Madisyn Taylor, DailyOM
  • A voice of compassion gives us the strength to let go of our fear, and the voice of love gives us the inspiration to live and heal. Sunny Dawn Johnston's voice is the expression of both compassion and love, which you will experience throughout the pages of her book, The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side, as she guides us through the path of healing and understanding so that our heart can blossom with love again.
    don Miguel Ruiz Jr, The Five Levels of Attachment
  • Those unfamiliar with death and the dying process will find Johnston’s approach fresh and new.  She takes the reader by the hand and explains, through her own experiences and stories of her clients, that the afterlife really does exist and our soul continues to be connected to those we love. This book is a soothing balm for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
    Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret
  • If you’ve always known that there’s more to the death experience than the “experts” have led us to believe, this is the beautiful book you’ve been waiting for! From engineers to homemakers, from politicians to healers, The Love Never Ends opens the door to redefining your deepest beliefs of love and death, and sheds new light on what each day of our lives can mean. I love this book!
    Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of The Turning Point, The Divine Matrix and The God Code
  • In the book, The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side, Sunny really explains life, death and the afterlife.  An important book with valuable knowledge for those who are trying to understand their gift and for others who just want to know if their loved ones are still around them.  Sunny is a vibrant, beautiful and caring soul. A great teacher to many!
    Lisa Williams – Psychic Medium, bestselling Author of Survival of the Soul

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SDJ-1_s-555x693A Note from Sunny about the TV Show A Séance With…

Hi Friends..

I have finally received the news that everyone has been waiting for…. Myself included… and it is good news!!!! Maybe not in the way you might be looking at it, but to me, it is good news… for many reasons. So, First of all, thank you again soooooo much for your loving support, encouraging comments, and genuine interest in my recent television show, A Séance With….Read more

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jvpSunny Dawn Johnston is a compassionate, caring light worker who opens up to the higher levels of Spirit.  She brings healing and insights to all she works with and illuminates their souls to the higher truths of their beings. ~ James Van Praagh – Spiritual Medium

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