In this course you will learn and develop all aspects of becoming a reader, healer or teacher through experiential exercises. This course is good for beginners to advanced students.


June 2nd – June 6th
Originally designed as a 9 month program now available as a 5 day Intensive. In response to the high demand, we are offering a second MBS class this year

Thursday, April 30 – Saturday, May 2, 2015
This program is only being offered to previous certificates of the Level 1 Mind Body Spirit Practitioner course.


This high-demand retreat is for those who want private mentoring with Sunny in her own healing center. These transformational retreats have no prerequisite other than a deep desire to find and follow your own inner wisdom through Spirit’s guidance and direct experiences with Sunny.

1, 2, or 3 Day Personal (One-On-One) Private VIRTUAL Retreat with Sunny Dawn Johnston

Virtual Retreats are via Skype or telephone and will be recorded

Dates based on availability

This high-demand retreat is for those who want private one-on-one mentoring with Sunny, virtually. Sunny helps people to help themselves in any area of life by asking the right questions, the hard questions and also tuning into what is not being said. She listens to the energy of the answer… not the words … to see if they are in alignment, or if they are just fooling YOU!


Continue your journey of Reiki and your connection with the Universal Life Force. You will continue your healing and learn the 4th healing symbol and its usage. This class will also include the teaching of the attunement process. The class is open to anyone who has completed a 2nd degree Reiki level. This class is the 3rd and final level before attaining the Reiki Master/Teacher Level.

Upon completion of your one on one work with me you will receive a Master/Teacher certification.



Angels, Afterlife & Attraction in Awesome Alaska!
More info coming soon!

******SUNNY’S BOOKS******

365angelbook365 Days of Angel Prayers
What if every day you could encounter the divine? What if you could regularly know the blessing of deep peace and abiding joy? What if you could talk to angels? Great news—you can! To order your autographed copy from Sunny, click here.

NewrCoveLNEThe Love Never Ends – Messages From The Other Side
Be the first to receive Sunny’s latest book, The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side. To order your autographed copy from Sunny, click here. Order Now at Amazon | Barnes & Noble

ITA_sInvoking the Archangels – A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul
To order your autographed copy from Sunny, click here. Order Now at Amazon | Barnes & Noble

NoMistkaesBookStack_sNo Mistakes! How You Can Change Adversity into AbundanceTo order your autographed copy from Sunny, click here.

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SDJWeddingGuide_s2The Wedding Officiant’s Manual: A Guide to Writing, Planning and Officiating Wedding Ceremonies.
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******ONLINE COURSES******

Connecting With The Archangels Online Course

This is an 8 week on-line course available from Sunny Dawn Johnston.

In this Online course, Sunny Dawn Johnston will show you how to call out to each individual Archangel, to know them by name, and to develop your own special relationship with each and every one of them. Your lessons will be available immediately after you enroll.

The Love Never Ends 13 Week Online Course

Have you ever wondered if someone’s trying to communicate with you on the other side? Are you looking for proof that there is life after death? Are you wanting to develop a more consistent relationship with the Afterlife? Or do you miss your relationship with a loved one who’s passed? Sign up Now!

  • So enjoying the Love Never Ends online course, and going to take the Angelic one as well. Thank you for coming into my life.. Divine timing for sure!

  • “Sunny Dawn Johnston and the Sunlight Alliance team have created such an incredible safe Haven of Love. The Mind Body & Spirit Certification program truly is customized to recognize all the individual souls gathered to learn how to become ambassadors of Love. To recognize, nurture and support all those individual souls who may cross our path. As the class unfolded, my belief, we all felt touched by the many different souls, within our group. Different, but, having 1 common theme: The deep desire to help others. Our stories may have had different circumstances; but, the common theme of wanting to help others. Help others in finding the Love, of Self. As some of us have done, and continue to do, through our painful lessons. Discovering the Love , through EVERYTHING!! My life will be forever changed, in a Loving way, because of the help from Sunny and the Sunlight team. Forever grateful.”

    Rich Juarez
  • “The Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner Certification Course – Level 1 is a beautifully woven journey back to your Self.  Through her authenticity and “back door” teaching style, Sunny holds the door open to this safe, sacred space.  You already know the way.  Sunny gently reminds you that you have always known the way and you walk forward with with Mighty Companions!”

    Susan Elaine Clark
  • “My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude. I spent 5 beautiful, life-changing days with members of my soul family. I am opening up in ways I never imagined. I’m excited to see what unfolds in my future while simply being. Thank you Sunny for showing me the tools I needed to see myself. Thank you for your encouragement and unconditional love. Thank you for being you!”

    Shelly LeVine Orr
  • “Wow!!! No words to explain. I am now a certified Mind-Body-Spirit practitioner. And can also perform weddings as a minister !!! Legally in Canada we would still need to work with a JP but I’m working on that too with the AB govt. I’ve had the most positive life changing intense beautiful training ever. I got just the right partners at just the right time. I was told I saved someone’s life. Someone’s LIFE!!! These amazing souls saw me for ME!!! Beautiful me. Not less than me. Not who some people think I should be. And my light is shining. I learned I am enough. I am worthy. And I’m carrying that forward. It’s a spiritual high that is Divinely inspired. I look forward to the future. I am open and ready to receive all my blessings. To my MBS sisters. And one brother. Thank you for allowing me to hold space with you. Thank you for your trust. And to Sunny Dawn Johnston Amy Melissa Richmond. Robin Harned. Kris Voelker and Deb McGowan thank you for always providing an environment to expand and grow that is safe and loving. And to Mr Brett Brett Johnston thank you for fetching us lunch. I love you all. xoxoxo”

    Giuliana Giuliano
  • “One of THE best courses I have taken ever- safe travels and a magical time for everyone- say hi to all my Tundra peeps!” – Jodie Harvala

    “One of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself! ENJOY! EVOLVE!” – Paula Hutt Morgan

    “That course changed my life! You’re not gonna regret it. Safe travels!” – Shanda Trofe

    “Ditto what Shanda just said! That’s where we met a few years ago! Advice: keep your heart and mind open, be willing to receive, and trust the process. You’ll make lifelong friends there!” – Connie Gorrell

    “I am very excited. I know it will be life changing. I’m ready!” – Shelly Levine Orr

    “I’m so excited for everyone! Sending lots of love!” – Dajon Ferrell

    “I’m so excited!!! Thanks dear Connie. I am open and ready!!! Can’t explain it!!! It’s time!” – Giuliana Giuliano

    “The very very best!!!!!” – Vicki Martinelli

    “Sending so much love to all of you- and look forward to hearing about it … big hugs to all of you and Sunny and her amazing team.” – Terri Cordes Gabriel

    “Awesome class… the best thing I ever did for myself!” – Peggie Cole

    “I agree with all of the above! This was an amazing 5 day, life changing experience! Sunny is so amazing, and you will form new friendships forever! So excited for you all!” – Brenda Teeter

    “So exciting! Holding love & light for all!” – Joan Petersen Wiebe

    “The world as you know it will be different, because you will see and feel everything differently. Trust the process, trust yourself and trust your new soul family. Love and light to all.” – Cynthia Stoneman

    Mind*Body*Spirit Certification Class Participants
  • “This year has been one of growth and accomplishment for me. There is one person who probably doesn’t know how impactful her personal mentoring group was to me so I wanted to take a moment and thank Sunny Dawn Johnston for creating a space where I felt safe and comfortable to do the work I needed to do to be where I am today.”

    Robin Carlton
  • My Dear Special Super Sneaky Santa’s,
    I have to tell you girls that we were so puzzled when we saw that big Christmas bag by our front door.  We were like “who left something at our door” because we weren’t expecting any Christmas gifts.  I actually thought someone left the bag at the wrong house.
    Heartfelt Thanks for all the Amazingly Fabulous Christmas presents!  I was so excited and I cried the whole time I opened all the boxes.  Thank you for making our Christmas extra SPECIAL!!!!!  We don’t buy Christmas gifts for each other since we have so many bills.  So this was the Best Christmas ever! :)
    With Lots of Love and Gratitude for the Sunlight Foundation and all you do!

    Sunlight Foundation Recipient
  • “So thankful to know you and for all of the things that you have shown me in 2014, starting with that very first Personal Mentor teleclass last February, which culminated into four more sessions by phone. In July, I set my many fears aside and attended your Healing Retreat in Minnesota/Fargo area. It helped me to heal many hurts and connect with a bigger soul family. Just the pure act of me booking a flight, getting to the airport, boarding that jet, to attend, was huge! Next thing I knew, I attended Connie’s Celebrating the Spirit of Women Conference in October, which fell on my first wedding anniversary since my divorce was finalized in July. I chose to spend that day empowering myself and celebrating rather than curling up in a corner! Now, I am registered and paid for to attend your MBS Certification Class next month! I have surprised myself with how open I became to attend these events after everything that happened in my life the past five or six years. I have truly Awakened! So thankful for you, for your team, for the love that you shine! Thank you for giving me the tools that I need to move forward in my life! I am looking forward to 2015!

  • “Sunny, 2014 brought me you! your mentoring, your retreats, your webcasts, your jewelry, your team, your angel lessons, your affirmations, … your journey, your teaching and mostly your love and guidance.. and there are no words to articulate my love for you. and my gratitude. through you I have met some of the most amazing members of my soul tribe and I have a safe place to be ME! Earth school is so hard but through finally cracking myself open and learning to love Me for me I know that I am on a road of discovery that excites me… and I know that I have discovered my soul’s purpose. Thank you doesn’t seem enough… but those are the words I want to say.. Thank you for everything!! You are one person that has changed my life!!!”

  • “I just received the Archangel bracelet I ordered and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. It’s so pretty I don’t want to give it up, it is a gift for someone. Thank you, I will be ordering again!”

    Linda Fisher
  • “Last night I gifted my copy of The Love Never Ends to a beautiful young woman named Paula, who’s identical twin sister Pamela, recently transitioned. I did not know these ladies personally- they were singers in a band that my friends and I have seen many times and really loved their music and performance. We had spoken before but only the usual ” we really love your band ” “where’s the next gig?” etc… Last night they had a memorial celebration of Pam’s life at a venue that the band often played at. I felt guided to bring Sunny’s book to Paula, along with a beautiful bracelet that I made. When I gave her the book she began to cry saying “thank you so much-I have been looking for something like this to help me” she was so grateful and I knew that I needed to give her this book. Thank you Sunny for bringing comfort and peace to those who have lost their loved ones”

    Terri Cordes Gabriel
  • “It has taken me a while to figure out how to write about my experience during the MBS course. I have learned so much about myself in a matter of 5 days – sometimes it is overwhelming. I have been wanting to take this course for many years, the time was never right… obviously this time it was. The lessons I learned about how I approach life have been invaluable, I have visited the “former” version of myself on many occasions… I have done A LOT of work on ME since 2008 when my “world” (or at least what I thought was my world) came crashing down around me. I spent my adolescent and teen years keeping people at a distance. I was called “cold” “bitchy” “snotty” “high and mighty”… you name it, I was called it. In my 20’s I finally started letting people “in” only to be let down…

    In 2008 I found myself in a hospital room with my (then) husband and father of my 8 month old son, after he told me that he wanted to “kill himself”… the Dr. came in and asked him if he “had a plan” (as to how he would end his life). In my head I thought “no, of course not, this is a FEELING not a reality”… his answer sent shock waves though me. Not only did he HAVE a plan, he was *thoughtful* enough to think of leaving a note on our door so I wouldn’t find him dead. My walls shot up and became so high I thought they would never be broken down.

    Fast forward to 2010 when I was fortunate enough to go to Sedona with Sunny and her team for a Healing Retreat… and that is when things started shifting. Over the next few years I made my yearly appointments for reading with Sunny, I listened and did the work she suggested. My life changed immensely. So, when I came to this class I thought that I was good… yep, I still have so much to learn. I am thankful that I have come out of my shell, that I am no longer afraid of what people may think of my gifts and talents… I took SO MUCH away from not only the lessons taught during this class, but from ALL the people. The paper clip exercise was LIFE CHANGING for me. I am a teacher by nature, but I know that I am here for bigger things. I LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE. I believe that I have finally found my calling in becoming JUST ME. I know that I will be of service in many ways to many people… I have already experienced many times when I am just in the right place at the right time to help someone though something. I am encouraged by the angels and how they have become part of my everyday thought process. I am beyond blessed to be able to raise my children understanding and knowing that there is SO MUCH more to life than what meets the eye.

    My time in the MBS class was PERFECT in every way. The people, the timing, the lessons… I cannot recommend it enough for those that know they are meant for something bigger… those that know they have a gift that could help others. It is time for PEACE… LOVE… & LIGHT. I am blessed to be part of the movement! So thank you to everyone that has guided me and holds space on this amazing journey.”

    Kendra Day
  • “True leaders don’t create followers.
    They make more leaders!
    Thank you for being an amazing leader!! mentor!
    Teacher and cheerleader !!
    You have thousands of students and yet you always find time, Sunny Dawn Johnston,
    For each of us!”

    Giuliana Guiliano
  • “I have never had a one-on-one retreat with Sunny Dawn Johnston, but was blessed to spend a group retreat with her in Sedona that literally changed my life in many positive ways. Whoop, whoop!!! I am now loving who I am and all the beauty I possess inside. Enjoy every moment! Blessings to you!”

    Brenda Teeter
  • “I am so grateful to have the opportunity to earn my Reiki III Certification today with Sunny Dawn Johnston. I will be practicing more and learning the attunement process so I can be a Reiki Master and teach Reiki to others. I love my classes with Sunny and appreciate the opportunity to grow and expand personally, professionally, and spiritually. I always leave feeling energetically and creatively inspired. Experiencing that sacred space opens my heart wide open, allowing all of the beauty and blessings of this life to flow freely.”

    Skye Allman
  • “I attended the Lakeside Retreat in Minnesota last Summer, and Sunny helped me heal so many things. She is well worth the fees, cost of an airline ticket, whatever is involved to be coached by her. She propelled me further in five days at the Retreat, than my therapist did in five years!”

    Dawn Malwin
  • I thank you for spending time with me earlier this week. You are an amazing person and I am very impressed by you. We have much in common. I learned a lot that day. I need to go over the recordings once or twice more, as I could not absorb everything you said. I will also work on the action items. Thank you!

  • I am still getting accustomed to life with my new awareness. Things are better at home. I can’t even express in words how different I am now. I am thankful every day that our paths crossed. I can’t ever thank you enough for being who you are and for sharing yourself in the way you do. You saved my life!

  • When I think back to our retreat, I get an image of us looking at different tools – and at first they are all foreign to me. You share each one with me; and as you do, its form changes and I recognize it. As the recognition grows, the tools glow and its light becomes a part of you and me, forming a knowing and a connection. It’s a wonderful image with a joyful feeling!

  • “Just wanted to thank you guys for allowing this opportunity. And for involving the audience. Love it…. Oh by the way please tell Kris I love her music and have her “Love Is” CD.
    Thank you…Thank you….”

  • “Thank you Robin.  I have to say that from the emails I’ve received, and from reading posts on both Sunny’s Facebook page and the Afterlife Facebook page, and from listening to some of Sunny’s videos, I can clearly see that “team Sunlight Alliance” is a close-knit group, and that you gals love your job and have fun doing it.
    Also you gals are so courteous to your followers. It sure shows. For that I’m grateful.”

    Rita Bradford
  • I am SO thankful for the beauty of this bracelet.
    It is very special to me, as a friend just passed away and I keep on getting signs from the orange colour. She was an earth angel and with this colour I feel just…good… It is a beautiful reminder that Jophiel is behind the orange/yellow gold colour… I am so thankful for this bracelet, that is so well made.

  • Sunny and Sunlight impact my life daily… as I do practice what I learn from each of you. I take baby steps; there’s no denying that I don’t jump all in with stuff. I’m a put-your-toes-in-first kind of person. But my baby steps, I’m finding out, are in the right direction. I had many of my experiences confirmed by things Sunny shared in the Teleclass. As of late, I’ve been mindful of ‘dialing in’ to energies. When my thoughts turn to people and matters that are distressing… I pause… and think to myself… Do not dial in to that! Dial into someone, something, that brings you joy. . . Something to look forward to… Good things to do… Ways to take care of myself… And think, don’t just think about it, schedule it! I operate best on a schedule. When money is tight, it holds me back… from stuff I know is the best thing to do for myself. I’m trying to be creative in all those areas.

    Thank you again for the very special work that you do. You are all Angels and a Godsend! Sunny is the best teacher I’ve ever had! … and I’ve had a lot of them… She is a real inspiration.

    God bless each of you with every good thing!

  • After years of focusing on my vibration… after 2 sessions with you… I GET IT. I can tell you are speaking from spirit. Leif – my husband – was thrilled that I was looking at a seminar with you and know something will work out.

    Kristen Marchus

jvpSunny Dawn Johnston is a compassionate, caring light worker who opens up to the higher levels of Spirit.  She brings healing and insights to all she works with and illuminates their souls to the higher truths of their beings. ~ James Van Praagh – Spiritual Medium

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