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Heal Your Body. Transform Your Mind. Trust Your Spirit

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Has Your Life

been touched by disease, divorce or death?

Are you feeling discouraged, defeated, and lacking joy in anything you do? Are you wanting change, growth, or a new direction?

Then I invite you to join me… on a transformational journey.

I do ONE THING, and I do it well.

I empower people … to release weight (physical and emotional), make choices, look for value in this world, connect with angels and loved ones in Spirit, feel purposeful, seek joy and transmute their mind, body and spirit regardless of where they are in their life journey. And I want to help YOU.

My work and this website are committed to sharing my values, tools and resources that will help you transform your life and create a lifestyle that fills you up, instead of drags you down. 

So let’s start here:

Understanding how you receive your messages

The Clairs

I invite you to begin with a foundational piece of my work… and that is understanding your intuition and how your intuition shows up in your life.

There are senses that are beyond the normal five physical senses… they are non-physical, or psychic.

Download my workshop and you will learn how to discern the differences between the five “Clairs.” Learn how to discover which quality is strongest for you.

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My life experiences guided me to focus my work on:


I believe we are spiritual beings living in a physical body having a physical experience.


I had my first angelic experience when I was 13 years old. Since that time…they have been instrumental in my life.


Death is not the end…it is the beginning.

Experience My Work


january 2020

23jan6:30 pm8:30 pmSold Out!Group Spiritual Counseling - Online6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Event Type:Online Classes

february 2020

12feb7:00 pm9:00 pmSpirit Talk – In Person7:00 pm - 9:00 pm The Pyramid, 5751 W PoinsettiaEvent Type:In Person Classes

and Travel with Me

I'D LOVE TO Expand our Horizons Together

Jamaican Cruise

April 18 – April 25, 2020

Write in Paradise Retreat

May 15, 2020 – May 17, 2020

The Afterlife. The Process. The Healing

May 29th – May 31st, 2020

Angels and the Afterlife 3-Day Workshop

June 5th – June 7th, 2020

Women’s Grief Retreat

June 9th – June 13th, 2020

​​Ancient Cities of Peru

​June 29 – July 10, 2020

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Sunny Dawn Johnston Intuition & Lifestyle Expert Business Psychic

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I created ELEV8 because I never had a community and I wanted one.

Membership Community Highlights

1. Live Access to Sunny
Live members-only sessions with me that include my master class, check-ins and weekly interactions.

2. Open-hearted Community Support
A safe place where members can share their highs-and-lows, goods-and-bads, vulnerabilities, victories and journey with us.

3. Built-in Accountability to be the Best YOU!
We cheerlead each other, motivate each other, learn together, and grow together.

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