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Your Body Is a Freaking Miracle: Loving How It Works (Instead of JUST How It Looks)

Your Body Is a Freaking Miracle: Loving How It Works (Instead of JUST How It Looks)
You might’ve heard it said that your body is the most amazing thing you will ever own. Your body is a miracle, a wonderland, a brilliant machine. I’m sure you’ve heard all the catchphrases.
But let me ask you this: do you believe it? Have you ever taken to heart all of the ways that your body shows up for you without your having to lift a finger?
Think of all the things that your body can do. Your heart keeps beating right on cue. Your lungs keep breathing without needing reminders. Your cells keep regenerating themselves without your help. This means that you have an entirely new set of taste buds every ten days, new fingernails every 6-10 months, new bones every ten years, and even a new heart every 20 years.
It’s performing incredible feats of endurance and protection at every moment of every day. And it never takes a single moment off … that in itself is nothing short of astounding.
But so frequently, all we focus on is that our body is beginning to creak. It’s getting fat. It’s not fast enough, strong enough, or pretty enough to make us happy. We focus on scars and call them ugly. We see a number on the scale, and if we don’t like it, we blame our bodies.
Hardly seems fair, does it?
Whether you appreciate it or not, your body is taking care of you. It’s keeping everything going so that your Spirit can experience this life in the physical world. Too bad that more often than not, we choose to focus on whether or not we look hot in a bikini instead of acknowledging that our heart is still beating vigorously.
The bottom line is that we focus a lot more on the physicality of our bodies rather than the functionality of our bodies.
Think about it. Every time you complain about not being a perfect size whatever, you negate the miracles that your body performs in every single moment. You bring the energy of criticism and guilt into your body, closing the door behind it, and trap it inside.
Eventually, it manifests in your body as pain, illness, or chronic disease.
What if you decided to stop telling the story of disease, fatness, or ugliness? What if you stopped dwelling on the things that don’t look the way that you want them to, and started celebrating the things that function like clockwork?
Think of it this way: if your thoughts dictate how your body creates itself, how amazing would it be to build it with ideas of love, appreciation, and support? How would that change your physical experience, and what wonders would that work for your Mind, Body, and Spirit connection?
What if you could continue to rebuild your body based on this new blueprint? If your cells can physically create a new heart every 20 years, how much more amazing would that heart be if was built with the energy of gratitude?
My personal experience with changing focus has been a long road. Most of my life I was one big walking mass of body issues. It didn’t look the way I thought it should. My body was not showing up the way I wanted it to, and I was not feeling remotely grateful for anything it was doing.
Eventually, though, I started paying attention to the nudges I was getting from my Spirit. It was trying to tell me that I had the story a little bit backward.
I was obsessing about how my body looked. But what would happen if I took even a few minutes to appreciate how well my body worked?
I figured I might as well give it a try. Seriously, nothing else I was doing was working, so why not?
I appreciated my brain because I could think and remember. I thanked my eyes for allowing me to take in all the beauty in the world. I thanked my heart for continuing to beat and my lungs for bringing me all the oxygen I needed.
Then something interesting happened. The more grateful I was that my body functioned properly, the less I worried about how my belly, my chest, or my thighs looked.
Now, I’m not saying that I magically transformed my attitude in one fell swoop. But over time and with consistent practice, my thoughts changed. My feelings changed. And I started to see my body for the miracle that it was.
Your body is an absolute phenomenon. It keeps on keeping on whether it has your support or not. Just imagine what it could do for you if you decided to be on its side ALL the time! Imagine how it could support you if you nourished it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every single day.
You’d be more than a miracle – you’d be a miracle on high-vibe steroids.
How do you start appreciating how well your body works for you? Just get started. Take a look at the body part that you like the least right now. Whether it’s something that gives you a gut-punch to look at or something that just makes you say, “Yeah, that could use some work.”
Look at it. Be honest with yourself about how you feel about it (without any judgment for how you feel), and then ask yourself how that same body part serves you. (Because I can guarantee that it does something for you!)
One step at a time, one body part at a time. Give your body credit for what it does for you every day without fail. The more you look at what is working, the more you will see.
What would happen if you could love and appreciate your body EVERY day? What if you could drop the guilt, shame, and criticism and recognize your body as the MIRACLE that it is? Give yourself that gift this New Year. Revive your body and change your life!
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