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You see what you look for

I’m a true believer that you see what you believe. Not the other way around. I remember hearing that phrase so many times thought my life. I’ll believe it when I see it.
You’ll see it when you believe it. It is up to you.
There are so many things we can’t physically see, and I’m not just talking about spirits and angels… but it doesn’t make them any less real? You can’t see love, but it is real. You can’t see hate, yet it is real too. Yes you can see signs of it… But there is no physical form of it. And you can see signs of spirit and energy too.
Even more important I think is this question. What do you choose to see? We all live in the same world. In the big sense anyway. We can see anger, hate, pain, sorrow and lots and lots of violence. OR we can see joy, fun, peace, happiness and lots and lots of love.
Both exist. Both are available to focus on but which do you choose… And why?
At any given time, I believe I have a choice. How about you?
This doesn’t mean don’t feel your sadness or your anger or your pain. Quite the opposite. It means feel through it and see what you truly desire to see.
When i walk through my painful experiences, and yes I have them, I walk through them with a belief that there is value in it. That the universe is supporting me through the pain and that truly…
Things are happening FOR me…
Not TO me!!
I’m not saying it’s easy but I am saying that I personally have found it necessary and comforting to see the beauty, the joy, the peace and the love in the world, in spite of or maybe because of… The pain.
The contrast of life. It’s interesting for sure. I choose to walk through life believing that life is on my side, and I see signs of this truth everywhere. Here are a few that made my heart warm when I saw them. So what do you see???

Do you see the cloud, or the heart in the cloud?

Sept2015 003
Do you see asphalt.. or something else?

A tree stump.. or ??

A rock… Or??

This one isn’t mine, but I thought it was so cool. What do you see?

Clouds? Sky? Heart?

So, what do you see when you look at these pics? At life? We do get to choose.. isn’t that a great thing? Please share below – SDJ

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5 thoughts on “You see what you look for”

  1. For many years I found that when taking photos, I found “hearts” and began a collection of these photos, which were processed from film into pictures put into photo albums. Even when looking at small rocks on the ground, or shells in the sand, or in a tree, and many times, finding them in the clouds in the sky. The one cloud photo you posted sure looks like a feather to me. Feathers found are often a symbol that an angel is nearby, I believe. A family member even gave me a penny with a heart shape cut into it. When friends and family find anything heart-shaped in nature, they bring it to me for my home. When wanting peace, even saw a peace sign, like the ones from the seventies, in the cloud in the sky. We will see the world in a loving way when we love ourselves, and bring that love out to share. Thank you for sharing these photos, Sunny. It sure brought sunshine on a somewhat cloudy day.

  2. Each time if have suffered with a painful period of my life it strengthened be spiritually and emotionally. The old phrase no pain no gain. Always keep in mind nothing ever happens to us accidentally and God has a plan

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