Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

I always end every team meeting with this question: Why do you do the work you do?
My line of work is so extraordinarily special. Those of us that are counselors, teachers, guides, coaches, healers, etc … the list goes on and on. We “get” the opportunity to make an impact, support real change in someone’s life. Do you agree?
What greater gift is there than that?
Sometimes, some days, some moments, we get bogged down … overwhelmed, even disconnected by the to do’s and forget this important question. Why?
Why do we do the work we do?
My answers change day-by-day, but it always has something to do with the gift I received from the client. Not the gift I gave, but the one I received … You see, I am blessed ten-fold, more like 100-fold by their love, their growth, their excitement about life again, their hope, their dreams, their passions, their joy … their discovery of what was already within them just waiting to be witnessed … which is always a beautiful daily reminder to me as well.
I am so blessed, in so many ways … to do this work …
So, why do you do the work you do?

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