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Who or what is your button pusher??

I can’t count how many times a client has sat across from me during a session and said something to the effect of “I’ve already worked through this issue. I went to years of counseling for this. Why does it keep coming up? I thought it was healed.” My response is always the same… it just means that there is more to heal. It does not negate the work you have done, it simply means there is more to do:)
The truth of the matter is that if it’s still coming up, there’s still work to be done. There’s something there. You can’t push a button if there isn’t a button to push. If something is triggering you and affecting you emotionally there’s something to move, something to transmute.
Look Within…. and ask yourself, what within me is being activated? Then listen to the guidance within you, or seek out some support if you don’t feel clear, so that you can move the energy that is creating the conflict. it can be that simple. Maybe journal for a bit on why it pisses you off or hurts you. In doing that you may have the awareness of where it is coming form and sometimes, that is all you need.  A little light to shine on the dark areas. Other times, you do need more help. A book, a session with someone that can support you or a class to help you learn how to move that old energy. If you listen, your intuition will guide you to the next best step for YOU.
What is extremely important is not to get down on yourself. Don’t go to that place… the one I have seen a lot of my clients go to, where you negate all of the work you HAVE done. Just remember, it is a work in progress. Just like peeling the onion… we do it layer by layer by layer right?
So, the question is, Who or What pushes your buttons? Those people, those situations are your greatest teachers.. if you are willing to learn.  ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston
PS: I’d love to hear your thoughts on button pushers. Who are yours? What does it reveal to you…  about you? Please share your comments below:)

4 thoughts on “Who or what is your button pusher??”

  1. Marie-Paule Shiver

    Woa… the 44 days of the detox program are over already. Please Sunny, accept a sincere Thanks for such a wonderful job done for us, your best wishes on Valentine's day come back to you multiplied ! Love and Blessings to you dear Sunny !

  2. I love this one, that was me "why does it keep coming up" many of times. Happy to say I have such awareness around this now, I ask myself a lot of questions before reacting. I actually love trying to find "the gift" in it all. ❤️

  3. The message I receive when feeling my buttons pushed is to practice patience, compassion, and love. Rather than allowing frustration or becoming upset, I hear an inner voice saying to me, just be patient for a moment, this is the lesson we are trying to get through to you. I stay quiet, listen, and breathe deeply in through my nose, and then allow my breath to go completely out through my mouth to release whatever energy has been triggered by the Button being pushed. It has truly helped me, and then all is well again. Thank you for this daily Detox message, Sunny, as explains why it could be repetitive, and that if we can just realize we truly are a work in progress, and that we are still in this hard school here on Earth, we can search within and realize the value of the lesson.

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