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Who is your button pusher??

I can’t count how many times a client has sat across from me during a session and said something to the effect of “I’ve already done this. I went to years of counseling for this. I thought it was healed.” My response is always the same… it just means that there is more to do. It does not negate the work you have done, it simply means there is more to do:)
The truth of the matter is that if it’s still coming up, there’s still work to be done. There’s something there. You can’t push a button if there isn’t a button to push. If something is triggering you and effecting you emotionally there’s something to move, something to transmute.
Look Within…. and ask yourself, what in me is being activated? Then do the work!!
What work do you need to do? What buttons are being pushed for you?

3 thoughts on “Who is your button pusher??”

  1. I have had a recent great awareness occur, thanks to Sunny and others that I have been reading.It’s all about feeling validated. whether it comes from helping others or complaining to others, its about others making you feel worthy, that you and your opinion and feelings are validated by others. Once you realize that you are valid because of your higher power (who I do call God) than you can let go of having others validate you. Sure, there are still moments, we still live in this human shell, but it has finally given me a great sense of acceptance. I am valid and I am worthy, whether you need my help or not, whether you agree with my feelings or opinion or not. I am still worthy b/c God has made me so. Thank you Sunny for all you have done for me and others through your endless giving and inspiration. I love your spirit and passion. – Elaine

  2. those same buttons still do get pushed.. ive gotten better.. but it still pops up… and its only me that can change it.. but don’t know why its been since as long as I remember.. I always feel I have to do everything for everyone.. and I do.. and then when they don’t need me I get hurt.. but its because I have come almost codendent on them helping them.. and I give all my heart when I do something.. so then its like I put up a wall to trust again.. but it keeps happening. .if someone needs me I fall for it.. what the well theres a lot more but just felt like writing this cuz this is what I was thinking about today.. Thanks Sunny!!! hugs .. and light.. dena.

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