Who are your teachers?

I so agree with this message….
The people that come into our lives as teachers aren’t always the ones we agree with…
not even the ones we like..
or even the ones we choose..
or hire…
Our GREATEST teachers are often the ones that (we allow) ...

  • to drive us batty..
  • make us crazy…
  • have great conflict with…
  • feel completely unheard by…
  • trigger things in us that we don’t want to look at
  • bring out parts of ourselves that we deny…
  • etc. etc. etc.

Have you ever stopped to consider that “they” are your greatest teachers?
I truly do believe that they are the ones that teach us, oftentimes the harder lessons, but also the ones that have the potential for the most growth. I am not saying that it has to be painful… I am just saying that the level of resistance we have to the “lesson” the more pain we experience. What do you think?
I have had some great teachers in my life… that I am extremely grateful for. Had they not crossed my path when they did, i wouldn’t be here today, writing this. And I am profoundly grateful to be doing so.. So I thank them.
I shared in a recent post about  one of my greatest teachers, my son who I am forever grateful for.
What teacher do you have or have you had in your life that, although they may have taught you what not to do, how not to act, or who not to be… even that deserves recognition, at least that you learned some important lessons from them that have made you a better person, more aware, more heart based or compassionate? Not necessarily recognition for them, but for you… within you!
26-teacher2This is my thought... and i know it might be hard to take for some of you.. but just sit with it and see if it resonates with you… it may not, and that is ok.. it took me a while to align with it too, but spirit validates it as truth for me time and time again.
So, before you are born, you are  hanging out in spirit with your spirit family.. your tribe. You say, “i need to learn forgiveness next lifetime, who can help me with that?” One of your soul family members says “I will. I love you enough to be that person for you once we incarnate.”
So, they drop into a body…. 21 years later you drop into a body, as their child..
They manipulate you..
They tease you…
They steal from you…
They take advantage of you…
They lie to you…
They betray you…
and ultimately 35 years later.. you walk away.. .knowing that it is not ok to be treated this way. Finally creating and enforcing a boundary.
Maybe at first you are angry, sad, hurt, etc… and you could choose to hate this person. Stay angry for the rest of your life.
You could reach deep within, learn the lesson that your spirit set up for you all those years ago…
Forgiveness doesn’t mean you allow the behavior to continue, it simply means you see the value… release the pain and judgment.. and choose to move forward.
What if this was another way of looking at some of those difficult things that happen in life…
and what if…
they simply loved you enough, to be the one!
I am grateful to my Dad, for this is my story.
I believe I have learned to forgiveness, and I am VERY forgiving.. all because he loved me enough!
Now, I am not saying it is conscious choice.. so please be clear..  But our souls journey is not guided by the conscious mind, is it?
My dad has been one of my greatest teachers and one that I feel, once in spirit again,
will see that I too… was one of his.
Until then, I am grateful!
I’d love to hear what you think! Please share your comments below:)
~ Sunny Dawn Johnston

6 thoughts on “Who are your teachers?”

  1. Sunny, this is so raw and so real…and so very deep..into my Soul. I cannot begin to tell my story, we all have them don’t we, However I have learned forgiveness for my father. My heart is expanding also for my mother…and boy howdy I think we both are teaching one another..but Sunny.. I love her so deeply..and I am truly beginning to forgive her…again. yes. again. I am learning so much from you..now it is time I dig deep and forgive myself. Ask, Allow, Release..Expand…Joy./Freedom. You are so awesome .thank you.

  2. Linda Lee Nelson

    Perfect timing in my life, and said prayers for those who have been and still are my life teachers. This reminder truly helped me as I read it. It opened my mind and my heart, when I realized how this pertained to that situation, and several others. Thank you for helping me understand my life’s purpose to learn, and to be thankful for those who are teaching me. Which includes you, my dearest Sunny.

  3. Well I guess this resonates with me as I sit here crying!!!!! Thank you for the reminders….it’s easy to “forget” and slip away- but you are always reminding us at just the right moment! I do believe that one of my Soul life lessons is to learn forgiveness…..and it has been a repeating lesson for a long time in this life….. I think I am getting closer! Thank you- I Love You! ~Terri

  4. I completely agree, SDJ! For many, many years I was unable to understand the connection…the lesson in any of it. My childhood, mother, father, life in general. Thankfully my soul began to awaken the human condition, and along the journey I have re-acquired knowledge of many things you spoke about above. Many of my greatest teachers have been my soul family, those I have incarnated with in this lifetime. For the lessons not understood the first time around, I have been provided multiple opportunities. It would seem I may be a little slow on the uptake at times. When the lightbulb finally went off, in one of your workshops of all places, it finally made sense. My life happened exactly as it was intended, and because their love was the greatest. What a turning point that was for me personally and spiritually. In a split second my life view changed. For the first time my entire life made sense. I am forever grateful to you, Sunny for providing me the opportunity to awaken to my soul’s truth. Love and light ~ Thea

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