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What is your natural intuitive gift?

Enjoy this video teaching you what your intuitive gifts are? I’d love to hear about your gifts…

8 thoughts on “What is your natural intuitive gift?”

  1. I’m empath, so as a Peds ER nurse, I just knew what a child was feeling and what I needed to do. I also had a “sense” to get ready, before we knew something was coming.
    I can also pick up things and immediately “feel” them. I’m very sensitive to energies and can feel Mother Earth’s energies.
    Thanks, SDJ, for your positive words!!

  2. By being more aware of what you have taught about intuitive gifts, and allowing myself to journal experiences over many years, I have discovered more than one of these have happened in my life. I have always been very sensitive and by no longer being afraid of accepting these gifts, I will document even more experiences. I have also taken many photos which I’ve been reviewing, which mean even more to me now. Thank you, Sunny. Someone very dear has always loved the smell of roses, and now when she smells them without having any around, this makes sense to me.

  3. Claircognizant then clairsentient. What I am struggling with is when I have a “knowing” but don’t know what and that creates a feeling of anxiety. As an example, a strong “knowing” of something that was to occur but not the details. This created an anxiety. The next day the bombing in Brussels happened. It’s that experience with “knowing” that I want to shut down my intuition.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Sunny! I usually tend to have the gut feeling first and then it seems to rise and I will get a voice along with it. For example, I was going for a walk a mile away from my house and I had a pain in my gut and then the thought, “One of my cats is outside and in danger because the neighbor dogs are out again.” I raced home, flew up my driveway with my 4 wheeler, and sure enough, I got off and turned around, both dogs were running up the driveway after me. I shut the gate and hung out with them and called the neighbor to come get them. I am definitely a feeler first and then the knowing comes 🙂 Clairsentient and Claircognizant

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