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I felt no pain…

This morning, as I sat down to write, I felt guided to share about my experience with the Afterlife in regard to the process of death and what happens when someone is dying. Having been a psychic medium and working with thousands of people after the loss of a loved one, I have a different and sometimes unique perspective. In my own personal life, I too have had many experiences with death from tragic loss, accidents, diseases, suicides, to simply dying in their sleep. Over the years, I have witnessed the death process from one end of the spectrum to the other.
One thing seems to remain very consistent, from my communication with the Spirit world. They tell their loved ones, through me…
“I felt no pain.”
I hear this over and over and over. Now, I know that the medical community will explain things differently based on their knowledge. I’ve heard it from families time and time again. The doctors share how traumatic the death was for the person. What they might have been feeling physically during their last hours or moments. I can’t speak to their perspective.
What I can say though is that the Spirit world tells me something completely different.
They tell me, almost without exception, that they felt no pain. NONE!

I’ll do my best to put into human language what the Afterlife shares with me through feelings, impressions, visions and vibration. They tell me, very directly sometimes, “I felt no pain.” It was a complete release of resistance. Many share that it is like blinking your eyes, but the room changes around you.
So, from their perspective this is what they say:
They say that as the time of death comes into physical awareness, whether that be due to a disease, murder, or accident, there is a sense of almost floating. It is like they are floating above the body. They are separate, yet connected. A witness, but still connected to the physical body. Yet, they feel no physical pain. It is as if they have a KNOWING that this life, as they know it, is ending. They become an observer as the body experiences whatever form of death is happening. For some, they do this for several hours, even days or weeks. For others, it is a very short time. Those are the cases of instant death usually. So, they seemingly leave their bodies and just witness their death process. This applies to all forms of death- very traumatic deaths, suicides and illnesses where family is all around.
It is interesting, because there is not an attachment to the death, like we have as physical beings. It seems to be more awareness… like, Oh, it’s that time. They are much more an observer and unattached to the “way” the physical body is dying. They also speak to the angels, guides and loved ones that are there as they take those final breaths … Welcoming them from their plane of existence. I’ve never had someone non-physical say they were alone… EVER!
I know that can be hard to take in or understand. Maybe thinking of it this way will help you…
When you leave the physical world (die)… we humans call it death… and the Spirit world calls it birth.
When you are born into the physical world… we humans call it birth… and the Spirit world calls it death.
It is all about perspective. As human beings our perspective of death is often that we are being left. We feel the loss; they are gone. Yet, they are still here, with us in Spirit. Yet, time and time again, they remind us… I am here, right beside you, please KNOW this truth.
The love never ends my friends, it simply changes form.
I hope this helps some of you dealing with loss recently as I know there has been so much… I’d love to hear your comments, if you feel guided to share below – SDJ
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18 thoughts on “I felt no pain…”

  1. Thank you Sunny. This could not have come at a better time for me. My mom is nearing her death, only a matter of days or maybe hours. I am sad but reading this had given me comfort. I guess I was meant to read it.

  2. Thank you Sunny, My husband committed suicide almost 8 mos. ago and I’m having a really hard time with it. I know what you’re saying is true, in my head, but
    I don’t feel it yet in my heart.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Thank you for sharing Terri. I do know the pain of suicide myself. I am holding the vision of your healing.. I did write about my experience with it in a book called No mistakes. That might be helpful to you. A different perspective. Also, i wrote a coupl of blogs about suicide that might help as well:)

  3. I have felt drawn to this subject for years and have been exposed to the thoughts expressed by many authors and so I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the way you are able to explain something of such importance, that touches everyone at some point, in a simple way that opens the mind and touches the heart. Thank you dear lady.

  4. I like knowing that my loved ones were not in pain, and that they truly are “in a better place” with others that have crossed over. I wonder…. I know they can respond when we say their name or call them (just like angels and archangels), but what senses do they have? Can they hear, taste, feel, smell, see? I read somewhere they have all the senses except touch. Just wondering what is true….Thanks!!

      1. Thank you. I was sad for Nash as his owners didn’t give him the life he deserved. I didn’t want him to suffer in pain at the end.

  5. When I do mediumship readings I have also been told that over and over and over- they tell me they were connected to the body but not OF the body and felt no pain- blinking of the eye has also come up- here and then on the other side – I found a lot of comfort when I started to get that message for myself when a loved one took several weeks to pass- I knew she was part of the process but not on the pain piece- I love all the sharing you have been doing on this subject- so much energy these days

  6. Sorry…meant to say, “when thinking of those who have passed over.” I hope I am forgiven for this error made…and any others.

  7. Thank you, Sunny. A good reminder so not to feel so much remorse for our loved ones, as they are moving into another world, and with loved ones on the other side there to greet them, and no pain, which is so good to know. This information shared helps today, when thinking of those who has passed over. Love never ends….so very true, Sunny.

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