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What are you fears around death?

I believe that we are often trained to be fearful by our society at large and are not trained to trust; therefore, fear feels more natural and can be stronger than love. Because death is the ultimate unknown while we are in our physical forms, it brings with it a variety of fearful emotions. No matter what the basis for our fears or the ways in which we react to them, these fears will only result in a lowering of our vibration and a shutting down of our natural connection to Spirit. The first step in reversing this natural tendency is to consciously begin to become aware—and accepting of—your particular types of fears. Whether you fear the physical sensations of the dying process, the actual existence or nonexistence of an afterlife, the absence of those who have passed before you, or any of the other possible questions that surround death, the reassurance I can offer you through my experiences again starts with the foundation of what I believe to be true: the love never ends.
What fears do you have around death, if any? Please share below and I’ll respond with guidance – Sunny Dawn Johnston

3 thoughts on “What are you fears around death?”

  1. My step-son Danny committed suicide almost two years ago where he lived in New Jersey, And although we, His family (here in arizona and in montana), Have some ideas as to why he may have done this, But, We are still left with many questions as to the WHY he did that…I guess his fear of death wasn’t all to great in my mind…I talked to him on the phone quite a few times over the months leading up to it and he never led on to me at all about any un-happiness in his life. As a matter of fact he was, or seemed, very happy with his situation, His two little boys, And his lady and home lif.

      1. Cool….Thanks….By the way, Listened to you on Coast to Coast AM last night….Awesome stuff….I may try to come to some of your events, A couple are right up the street from me, I’m over here by I-17 and Cactus…..Thanks again!!!

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