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The Value of Embracing Your Intuition

Today we’re going to talk about intuition!

My first question is, Are you intuitive? I also want to know, Are you psychic? What do you believe the difference is? I would like to dive into that and give you some tips to understand the difference.

What do you believe the difference is between being intuitive and being psychic?

How do you get your messages from the spirit world, from your angels, your guides, your loved ones in spirit?

Do you feel them? Do they just kind of pop into your head and you just kind of know? Are they visual … do they come through your dreams or through images or signs that you see? Or are they auditory and you just hear the messages?

So, do you see them? Do you hear them? Do you feel them, or do you know them?

I’m going to give you the definition of the word Psychic: A person considered or claiming to have psychic powers; a medium; relating to, or denoting faculties of phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by nature’s laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

Now, Intuitive: Using or based on what one feels to be true, even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

Here is what I’ve come to know: They’re not different. Your intuition and the word intuitive and the word psychic and the way they express are the same.

The difference is that when you’re intuitive and you use the term intuitive, it feels safer to most people. It’s more widely accepted. It’s not misunderstood. A lot of people say, “Oh, that was a mother’s intuition”. It is something that society has made it more natural; whereas, Psychic – that has mystery around it. That is mystical. It is perceived that only some people are psychic … yet all of you have had intuitive and/or psychic experiences.

You all have – it isn’t different. But psychic – when you use the word psychic, it’s more like you own it. You claim it. It’s yours. Intuition is more like it’s softer. It doesn’t stand out so much. Doesn’t feel so scary. It feels safer to own, because number one, it’s more accepted.

So those of you that are Intuitives, I’m here to tell you, you’re also Psychic; those of you that are Psychic, I’m here to tell ya you’re also Intuitive. There really is not a difference. There may be a difference in the way people perceive it, but intuitive people see, and feel, and hear, and know; and psychics see, and hear, and feel, and know.

Also, there isn’t a difference in the way we receive our guidance. What I’ve discovered is the thing that makes the biggest difference is that when people say they’re psychic or they have psychic impressions or psychic experiences, they’re willing to take more ownership over those gifts.

Whereas when we say intuitive, that feels safer, in case I’m wrong.  It’s something that I can kind of hide in the background a little bit more. And here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter to me which word you use – I just want you to first off understand, it’ all the same thing – we’re talking semantics here.

Now the ways that you receive your guidance – seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing (and there’s also clairfragrance or clairgustance, which is smell or taste) – everybody has them all. You have all of these gifts. All of these gifts are given to you. They’re yours. They are within you.

And maybe you’ve only discovered a couple of them, maybe you only know about or can feel or have had the conscious awareness that you get feelings for instance, but you haven’t really noticed the others … that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Because they’re all there.

We’re all equipped with the ability to connect with Spirit. It is our natural language. It is who we are. It is where we come from. We all have the ability to connect on all those levels: Seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, and taste and smell. We all have the ability to connect on all of those.

However, some of us have developed some skills more than other skills. Some of us have paid more attention. Some of us have been more open. Some of us have listened more closely. Some of us have not been able to ignore them. It isn’t about not having one or the other of those abilities …it’s learning how to embrace the gift you have so that you can expand all of the other gifts.

Embracing the primary gift you have is like the key that unlocks the door and allows all of the other intuitive gifts to stand out.

Now, why is intuition important?

Why do you think it is important? Why does it even matter right now in this world? Why do you think I’ve been teaching about intuition for 20 plus years? What is the significance?

From my perspective, I believe that intuition absolutely must be developed more and more and more and more. And why is that? Because everything that is out in front of you in your environment: the news, social media, your friends saying one thing, somebody else saying something else – there’s so much content out there that you cannot believe it all just because it’s out there.

You have to learn how to discern information. You have to learn how to dig in and get more information. You have to learn how to research. You have to learn how to not just take what’s at face value, because face value isn’t there anymore. And intuition helps you to know when something is off or not within your highest good.

It’s not telling somebody else what is right or wrong for them … but what is right and healthy for you. In developing your intuition … learning to listen to that guidance … tapping into those messages … it gives you information. It tells you you’re on the right track. You’re learning to listen to what is coming to you and through you – not what people out there say … not what the news media says … not what somebody on Facebook says … not what this particular researcher says. Not any of that. Because that is not true.

There may be pieces of truth in different aspects of everything that’s around you. But my friends, we have to learn to listen to our guidance and base it on your mind and your spirit and your heart and your gut and your knowingness.

What is going to be true for you?

Right now, people hate to hear this because they want everybody to follow one narrative. This is the way it should be. Don’t go against this. You should go down this road because this is the right road. There are more people stating that now than I’ve ever seen.

And here’s the funny thing … I am a psychic medium that has done this work out in the world. I was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah at a time when it was one of the most narrow-minded places. I was not accepted for the way that I was … so much so that I tried to shut down my gifts for years and years.

And even compared to that, I find there is more attention now to anything that goes against the mainstream, then there was then. Yes, we have expanded in lots and lots of ways, and much is now in the open … yet at the same time that it’s more mainstream, there are so many things that are being pushed to the side, that the information is being compromised, being hidden, that are being taken off of social media, that are being censored. So why is intuition important? Because each person’s truth is different.

I know many people disagree with that. A lot of people believe that truth is truth – but your truth could be completely different than mine. And that doesn’t mean that you’re wrong and I’m right. It means it’s different. At a time like this, where there’s so much content, it is being thrown at you in all these different ways. How many of you feel like you’re just spinning, trying to figure out what is real? What is true? What can I trust? What can I believe?

If you don’t have that inner connection, that awareness, that guidance … if you’re not connected to that, if you haven’t learned how to discern what is aligned for you versus what is not, what feels true versus what does not, how to discern the feeling, how to discern the information … If you have not learned to do that, then what will happen is you will just go with what everybody else says … and what everybody else says may be right for the everybody else. But it might not be right for you.

It might not be right for you. And there are a lot of people that are scared to make decisions because they don’t know which decision is best. So, they sit in their head and they spin. And then oftentimes they go with the decision that their brother said, or that their mother said, or that their friends said – because they don’t know how to discern the truth within them. And it is possible to live in a world where you can honor someone else’s truth and honor your truth and still connect. That is possible.

So why is it important to connect with your intuition? Because it is the truth teller for you.

It will help you to find your voice, to stand your ground, to speak your truth, to express yourself, to know what is best for you. That doesn’t mean that you know what is best for everyone else. We have got to get to a place where we can honor our own guidance and our own intuition … and recognize and honor that other people are following theirs. Sometimes people are not following theirs, because they don’t know what it is.

So, in instead of shaming and blaming and judging and criticizing and dividing, what if we just hold the light until the people that aren’t aware of how to connect with intuition or what intuition is can get there? What if we just shine our light and be love and be light. I know that when you start to tap in and connect to that energy within you, then you will find the answers that are true for you, even if they’re different than the answers that I found true for me.

This is why intuition is so important because what is true for me and my body and my mind and my spirit and my heart could be very different than what is true for your body and your mind and your spirit and your heart. And I honor that every single day. I may not agree with it. I may not put any attention in places that you might put attention, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the right to put yours there. So, when we start to listen to our intuition, we get beyond the ego.

We get beyond this 3D world; we raise our frequency to a place where we can see a bigger perspective and see one that is more holistic. One that has more awareness. One that has more discernment. That is why learning to listen to your own intuition and learning to connect to that guidance for yourself is so critical.

Intuition does not always make sense. Oftentimes intuition is the thing that we go, “Hmm, really? I wouldn’t have even thought of that.” My intuition has done that many, many times. But I’m open. I’m not sticking my head in the sand, just going with what everybody else says. I need to go with where I’m guided, whatever that happens to be: right, left, center … doesn’t matter.

So, learning how to develop / discern your intuition, I would say, is one of the most important things to be able to focus your attention on in this year of change. Because in this year of change, we are expanding. We are growing and we are also having circumstances and situations where we are feeling like we are being put into categories and we’re having to be labeled. I’m a good person because I’m doing this. I’m a not good person because I’m doing that. I’m a good person because I agree with this. I’m not a good person because I agree with that.

And here’s the thing.

You have a right to find your way, the way that feels in alignment for you.

So, the first thing I would say with intuition is number one, recognize what is your greatest intuitive gift? What is it?

Are you a seer, a hearer, a feeler, a knower or do you connect with scent?

Then start opening up for that. Ask your angels, your guides, your loved ones.

Ask every day: Allow me to experience you in a way that I know that it’s you. And if you’re a feeler, allow me to feel, or allow me to hear you … allow me to know you … let me to see you in a way that I know it’s you. Pay attention … and that starts to open that door. You invite the energy in, and then you have the experience – and you’ll have them over and over and over again. So that you get to a point where you don’t feel like it’s weird.

I have experienced this every single day. And they don’t feel weird. They’re just normal. It’s normal to have Spirit talking to you. It’s normal to see signs. It’s normal to be looking at something and know I have a knowing of what it is or what it represents. That is healthy. That is spirit-based. That is common. It’s not unusual. It’s not weird. It’s not weird to find dimes or pennies.

Almost every single time I go for a walk, I find a coin – almost every single time. It isn’t weird to find feathers when you’re walking. Now, if you’re just under a tree with a whole bunch of birds, yeah, that’s going to be pretty normal. But I’m talking about when it’s a sign that stands out. It isn’t odd to see rainbows if your uncle connects you through rainbows.

None of that is weird. It’s normal. It is the way Spirit is speaking to you. And oftentimes through you. Speaking to you and through you and your job is to learn to listen. That is your job. Learn to listen.

So, when you start to pay attention to your messages – for me, I’m a clairsentient, I’m a feeler – then I have to be very aware that Spirit speaks to me through my body. So, if something feels off, feels tight, feels unsettled, I need to tune in and see, what is that about? Is it something I’m thinking? Is it my environment? Do I have the news on and that’s putting things into my head and that’s making my body respond? Is my body feeling something? I need to pay attention to that as an intuitive experience. And you have to learn how to discern that, which is why oftentimes you want to be very mindful of the energy that you allow yourself to be connected to.

There’s a lot of energy in this world – where do you want to spend it?

Choose wisely how you want to spend your energy. And what I would suggest is we choose wisely how we want to spend our hour-to-hour, day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month energy.

Do you want to spend the time being in fear?
Do you want to spend the time being angry?
Do you want to spend the time feeling frustrated?
Do you want to spend the time exposing yourself to things that don’t really matter in your life?
Do you want to spend the time putting yourself in situations and with people that do matter in your life?
Do you want to get into reading articles or watching videos about things that just piss you off?
Or do you want to get into reading articles or watching things that feel like they empower you, that feel like they lift you up?

And again, here’s the great thing right now in our world – you have the choice and the right to watch whichever one you want. If you want to watch stuff that’s going to bring you down, you have a right to do that – go for it. And if you want to watch the stuff that’s going to lift you up, you have a right to do that. But what happens is when they start taking a little bit of this or a little bit of that – based on whatever the mainstream narrative is – then all of a sudden you don’t have the right to live the life the way you want to, whether you think that’s good or you think that’s bad.

I don’t think there’s ever been a time in the world where so many things are being censored. Lots of books are being burned again. And I don’t think there’s been times in our world where burning books was really a positive thing, ultimately. So, we want to learn to listen to that guidance within and not let our power be taken outside of us. Because as long as you’re connected inward, you know where your true power lies … you know where the wisdom truly is … you know that you can rely on that connection – and you will be able to always do that.

As long as you are a body in this human world, then guess what? You have a Spirit in it. You have a Spirit in that body. And if you have a Spirit in that body, you have the ability to connect. You have the ability to listen to your intuition. You have ability to open yourself up and tap in and tune in. And what you may need to do is you may need to slow down.

You may need to learn to listen. You may need to pay attention to the signs. You may need to start to observe the symbols. You may need to be in prayer. You may need to be open to more connection … but it’s likely that if you are willing to begin to create more of a connection with your Spirit, with your intuition, with your angels, with your guides, with your loved ones, with the ascended masters, paying attention to the signs and the symbols and the animals that come across your path … the number signs across your path, the messages that you get from the ascended masters maybe, or the words that pop into your mind, or the feelings that you have … you are going to have more power and control in your life. And ultimately it is your life. It’s your life.

I’d love for you to share: What signs do you know are messages for you, but sometimes you ignore them?

Are you getting signs in your body? Is your body speaking to you? And you’re ignoring the signs? Are you seeing signs, but then just kind of pushing it away? Are you getting that gut feeling, but you’re not sure what to do, so you kind of ignore it? Do you get the dreams, but you don’t know what to do with them? Where are your messages coming from right now? What’s happening right now? Start asking yourself, how can I develop this more?

I’m going to be talking a lot about intuition – because I have been doing so for an entire year – reminding you to use your intuition. I think it’s becoming more apparent to me now more than ever that it’s more critical than what I was aware of … because I have observed through a lot of my clients and students that they aren’t trusting their intuition … they’re not following that guidance – because they don’t trust themselves or they don’t trust the messages that are coming through.

It’s time to start to develop that skill so that you can trust it.

So today, I’m going to give you some homework.

I just want you to get quiet … and I want you to ask your angels, guides, or loved ones in Spirit: “Allow me to experience you in a way that I know that it’s you.” Simple as that.
Allow me to experience you in a way that I know that it’s you. And then I just want you to pay attention to the signs, the feelings, the visions, the sensations, the awareness, the insights, the things that stand out. You might consider them weird, but they’re not weird.

And I want you to write it down – because you’re not going to catch everything – but it’s good to be able to see it on paper. You will begin to see a pattern. You will know that was the sign you asked for. When you asked, this was the sign you received. Watch for those signs. It happens constantly, but you’ve got to pay attention.

I want you to go out and pay attention to the signs that you get and see which ones you catch. Practice that intuitive muscle my friend, and let’s build that trust from within! It’s the foundation that helps us move through this ever-changing world with confidence.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments about developing your connection to your intuitive guidance and the ways that your guidance is showing up for you.

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4 thoughts on “The Value of Embracing Your Intuition”

  1. I liked this blog. It is true about people thinking it is scarry or odd that people can know things. I Iive in ND and people here are slow to change. It is getting better but very slow.

    I find it hard to trust sometimes because I just know things. I don’t want to tell anyone wrong and I question myself. There it is…fear.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Learning to TRUST yourself and your intuition will help you navigate the world a bit easier. Listen to your heart… it will guide you. Thank you for sharing my friend!

  2. Early this morning I was watching a bunny watch me from my kitchen window. They’ve not been around since last Fall. Today marks 2 days in a row. After reading the Blog and asking for a sign…a # came to me as I clicked the shuffler and then was guided to pick one more to the left…and Voila! St Francis holding a bunny. I am a bunny lover and was lucky enough to have my dear Periwinkle for 11 years. So today’s message was very sweet. So excited to receive my new deck of these cards – thank you SDJ!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      How cool it that!! Thank you for sharing and I have no doubt you are going to LOVE this new deck!!

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