Today's Affirmation of Purpose - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Today's Affirmation of Purpose

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A message of Purpose from my Living Your Purpose cards for you today!


I’d love to hear how this resonates with you today. Please share in the comments below if guided – SDJ

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9 thoughts on “Today's Affirmation of Purpose”

  1. Hi Sunny. Well this blog entry and meme / card does have meaning for me. I DO know what my life purpose is, and your graphic helps to fortify that. I need to get better-focused for this New Year 2016 and the results will come. What a perfect way to spend some early – morning time on your blog… and to find not one, but two entries that will help to shape my year! Thank you!

  2. Debbie, thank you for sharing. I have had a miscarriage and my 28 yr old son is a surviving twin. I worked had to try to replace feeling broken and not enough. I compared myself to my sister in law who gave birth to twins three weeks before we delivered my babies. I got sick of hearing how hard it was for them. I had to learn to move through having every celebration be also about sadness. My lesson was that I am enough and being a mother does not define me…i am healer with joy and fun. .I am a nurturer and teacher of joy. These loses are really gifts of patients, self care love and acceptance.

    1. Study your Life Path Number in Numerology and be open and receptive to others… as you learn more about yourself, you will eventually discover what you are meant to do. You may need to join in new activities so that you meet the person who is meant to guide you. Best wishes!
      (Note: my paycheck job is fine, but it is not what my true calling is. I found out what I was meant to do on the hiking trails in Phoenix!)

  3. 23 years ago today I was a 19 yr old girl in a bad relationship going through giving birth at 22 weeks pregnant and had a stillborn. I know that today is meant to be a big day for me. I was looking for answers about why I lost him. What did I do wrong? I looked for answers in addictions. I then was pushed to look into spirituality and Angels! I know this experience was a gift from GOD and I now have found such peace in working with Jesus and the Angels and I know I am destined for healing other women and children! Thank you for reminding me greatness is in all of us!

      1. Everything happens for a reason. I am so honored to know all of you! thank you sunny you have helped me a lot with your vulnerability and platform to share.

  4. Great reminder for us all, Sunny! I was motivated to do something, and it turned out to be even better than I thought. This will definitely bring some smiles to loved ones, which is greatly needed this time of year. Great things produce great results! Believe you can do it and you will!
    (Yes…the force is within us all. Saw the movie yesterday and it moved me to greatness!)

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