Today's Affirmation of Purpose - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Today's Affirmation of Purpose

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A message of Purpose from my Living Your Purpose cards for you today!


I’d love to hear how this resonates with you today. Please share in the comments below if guided – SDJ

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2 thoughts on “Today's Affirmation of Purpose”

  1. This site seems to be a dungeon for low self esteem women. I heard her interview on the John B Wells show and it was utter, non-verifiable nonsense.

  2. Yes, Sunny. This card brought awareness to how rewarding my life has been, and then bringing great meaning to my life. Last night met up with a family who were so glad we got together. I recalled when first meeting her and her mother many years ago. Then, when she married her husband, and together had their son who was there with a new girlfriend. She was so glad to be a part of this festive gathering, as we shared another good time together. Their son recalls how I would sit with him, and we played a game we made up together when he was about ten years old. Precious how spending time with a child stays with them forever. Bringing smiles and shared times to a family make the holiday season so much brighter. The rewards given by getting a gift of a heart means more than you’ll ever know to me. Perfect card to brighten my day, Sunny.

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