Today's Affirmation of Purpose - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Today's Affirmation of Purpose

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A message of Purpose from my Living Your Purpose cards for you today!


I’d love to hear how this resonates with you today. Please share in the comments below if guided – SDJ

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5 thoughts on “Today's Affirmation of Purpose”

  1. Hi Sunny,
    Yes this card resonates at a deep level as I feel after raising four kids with youngest in college, and our recent downsizing to a beautiful new home, I am focusing even more of my time on my professional work as Spiritual teacher Workshop facilitator and giving private spiritual direction .
    I continue to see clients at Alternative Health Center and Common Ground, and present workshops at area centers, AND have sent in a proposal to present at the International Enneagram Association next summer; after 14 years since my certification, it was time to do this! I am excited to share my work and world-view and inspire others.
    Also I’m working with a pro who is revamping my website to build more relationships for private sessions, and looking forward to giving retreats with a new center 2 hours outside of Chicago. The First one is a collaboration with two other talented women in November/Dec.
    The follow up retreat on relationships follows in February. So while sometimes it can seem like I am not busy enough, really with a new home to continue to nest, and a first grand baby to visit, it all feels just right. I’ve put the writing on hold for a while but will come back to that in January. Yep, all work feels to be rolling out just as it needs to be….
    I like the feeling of content..not overwhelmed or underwhlemed….(our culture is so into overwhelm!) I am cultivating….”being content is being enough.”
    Big Happy Halloween hug!

  2. Great card to read, and yes, each of us have unique skills and talents, and when we take time to use them they do make a great difference in the world. That can impact one or many others, who then may use their unique skills and talents, too. Finding unique ways to use those skills and talents is often a fun way to use your day! Helping others helps us, too, and makes our world a whole community of sharing. Thank you, Sunny, as I will use this message today.

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