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Time … Got Enough????

Time … at times it feels like my nemesis.
I was born 4 days late. I think that might be why I’ve felt like I might miss something. I’ve felt this all my life … as far back as I can remember. Do you relate?
I’ve had to learn to become friends with time … and in business that can be especially hard. I want to do so much … and of course business bleeds into personal … and there I am, feeling like I don’t have enough time …
for myself,
my family,
my friends,
my projects,
my clients,
my dreams. etc.
However, I have found one thing that has really helped me to let go of the enemy and embrace my challenge as I do believe it is there to teach me something …
I have found a way that helps me manage my time, energy and thoughts …
In my Outlook calendar, there is not one day ever that there isn’t an activity on it. And it’s not because I’m working 20 hours a day (although sometimes I do), but it’s because I put everything that I want to create my time for on there.
EVERYTHING!!!!! (except sex)
I put my personal time on there because my personal time I have to recognize is as important as, or more important sometimes, than my business time. So, with my schedule, I have chosen to make sure that my personal life is a priority as well. SO, on Mondays, every Monday, I have family dinner on my calendar. It is important to me. Early in the am, I have meditation, create my day, etc. That is important to me … just as important as a meeting, or a project due date. Some days I have lunch dates with friends, dinner with my hubby, family time by the pool and personal time for me … right along with all of my business time. It’s all on there 🙂
I have found that it doesn’t allow me the opportunity to make excuses. It holds me accountable to me and my true desires when I am not in the rush or the bustle of a day. It is a reminder to my head from my Spirit that this is important enough to me that I have added it to my calendar … so I better create the time to honor that. Most importantly, it has allowed me to get out of my head. I don’t want to keep it in my head; there’s too much going on in there …
So, what are you going to add to your calendar today … that you have been neglecting, not making time for or just keeping in your head for “if” you have the time?
What I know for sure is that we create the time for the things that are important for us … and it is up to us to honor ourselves by following through and being accountable …
I have time right now … to go get my nails done … Adios ~ SDJ

1 thought on “Time … Got Enough????”

  1. I like the new look. Pink isn’t my color, but you make it work. Good design and easy to navigate. You’re absolutely right about scheduling personal time. My daily “powerlimps” are essential to my health, but equally important to that good old peace of mind and tranquility we need, but too often neglect.
    Well done.

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