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Hey friends … I thought I’d share a few tidbits with you about me … things you may not know … I’d love for you to share some tidbits about you … with me too 🙂 -SDJ

Born 3/23/71 – Cheyenne, Wyoming – 12:50pm
Who inspires me? – I am inspired everyday by someone. I am usually inspired by the everyday person that does something out of the ordinary … to help or be of service to others.
Favorite colors – Red, black, pink
Favorite place in the World – Thailand
Favorite books – The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, The Untethered Soul, The Four Agreements, Secret Language of the Body
Favorite movies – Grease, Lion,  Kumare
Favorite music – anything acoustic
Favorite extravagance – Chanel lipstick
Favorite word – Create
Favorite concert – Prince
Favorite song – Hallelujah
Greatest regret – None – Everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in regret
Greatest blessing – My family
If I could be anyone else, who would I be? – Still Me
People I admire – Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah, Truth seekers & speakers
Biggest change in my life – the day I became a mother
The animal I am the most like – A hummingbird because of the busyness
My favorite symbols – Peace, love and om
My favorite video game – Galaga
My favorite tv show – The Voice
What really irks me – My own impatience, slowness, minimizing someone’s experience
My favorite meal – A great salad with all the fixings.
My favorite condiment – Salsa
My favorite drink – Hot Tea
Least favorite food I’ve tried – Escargot
My favorite board game growing up – Monopoly
My dream vacation – Any beach with warm water
My favorite season – Spring
Favorite number – 11
What fuels me – Being of service to others.
Favorite dessert – Not really a big dessert girl, but I’d take a cookie over anything
What would my epitaph say – I’ll be back

I Betcha didn’t know …

I have an eye thing … Can’t handle people touching my eyes
I am named after both grandfathers
I lived in the Philippines for 4 years when I was a child
My veins roll and collapse and it’s very hard to get blood from me
I was emancipated from my parents at age 15 in order to quit school
My name is my “real” given name

Now, it’s your turn. Pick three of the questions above and answer them in the comments below. I want to get to know you too 🙂

Blessings, SDJ♥

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  1. my favourite colours are Red, purple, lime green. 2) Who do I admire? Oprah, Ghandi, 3)my favourite symbol – Om and I also have veins that roll. Putting in IV or any needle is pure hell.

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