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Sunny Dawn Johnston Productions presents THRIVE! A New Way of Living Series –
A monthly live streaming interactive series featuring renowned experts and luminaries focused on your optimal well-being.

Hey my friend,

As we find ourselves in the throes of uncertainty, one thing has become more clear and persistent than ever before: our soul’s request for us to retreat within and free ourselves from the limitations that have hindered our thriving existence.

While it is our responsibility, as individual beings, to do our own inner work to engender change and growth, it is equally important to recognize when and where external guidance is needed to achieve the very transformation we seek.

In extreme times, interpersonal connection is essential to our well-being. Yes, as humans, we are extraordinarily adaptable and resilient. Some of us are more independent than others. But, as a species, it is in our DNA to socially interact and bond with each other.

Many top medical schools and universities have researched and discovered that social interaction and engagement yield remarkable health benefits, including stronger immunity, better sleep, positive outlook, sharper memory and problem-solving skills, and even longer life expectancy!

So how do we stay on track when our connection to our extended community, our therapeutic resources, our outside world is compromised? We find new and effective ways to receive the guidance we need.

And that is exactly what I have done… for you, me, and anyone who wants to THRIVE in and beyond this challenging time.

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Our 2020 Series Lineup – Full Day Event 10am to 5pm Pacific time

August 16
Show theme:
Emotions – The Keys to Wellbeing
Speakers: Kulvi Kaur, Jesse James, Kate Shipp, Joshua Wenner, Sunny Dawn Johnston

September 13
Show theme:
Abundance/Creativity – Manifest Your Desires
Speakers: Gina Hatzis, Melissa Corter, Virenia (AKA Nia Peeples), Emmanuel Dagher, Sunny Dawn Johnston

October 25
Show theme:
Biz/Career – The Steps to Success
Speakers: Sunny Dawn Johnston

November 21
Show theme:
Mind – Your Thoughts Create
Speakers: Sunny Dawn Johnston

December 13
Show theme:
Tell a New Story – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Stars
Speakers: Sunny Dawn Johnston

January 23, 2021
Show theme:
New Beginnings – Starting Over
Speakers: Sunny Dawn Johnston

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

~ Mother Teresa

THRIVE! A New Way of Living
THRIVE! A New Way of Living is my brand new interactive monthly series that connects you, from the comfort of your own home, directly to me, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and a dynamic panel of renowned experts in the fields of physical health, psychology, spirituality, personal growth and transformation, mental and emotional wellness, and holistic and alternative healthcare. Together, we will deliver the most cutting-edge insights, tips, tools, and practices for rejuvenating and optimizing the four pillars of your well-being:
The Mind
Transform mental burnout and dissonance into cognitive harmony and stamina.

THRIVE will guide you to acknowledge and honor the mind's role as life's filter, which governs the thoughts, perceptions, responses and actions that form your reality. You will get to better understand the mechanics and needs of the conscious and subconscious mind and how to purposefully make choices that serve your mental wellbeing.
The Body
Dissolve physical imbalances that manifest as pain, disease, and illness and reignite your body’s natural healing power.

The body is a vehicle that allows us to experience life; therefore care and maintenance are essential to our vitality. THRIVE will provide practical and time-tested systems and proven processes that go beyond what we eat, how often we move, and the amount of rest we get, so that you feel and express the true meaning of living well.
The Spirit
Remove energy blocks, release limitations and align with the flow of your fullest purpose, potential and truth.

The spiritual body is connected to all things—inner and outer, seen and unseen. We will dive deep into the power of Spirit and uncover simple yet effective ways to maintain a strengthened connection to all that is, no matter what life throws our way. This alone will promote balance in our mental, physical and emotional bodies.
The Emotions
Restore balance and stability to the emotional body and strengthen emotional resiliency.

For centuries, it's been said that the emotional body is the processor of all energy. Together we will explore how emotions affect our health and learn how to express our feelings naturally and freely without judgment so that we navigate life with more peace, trust, and optimism.


During every livecast, you will have the chance to interact with THRIVE guests to receive personalized insights for your own challenges. That’s right, my friend! You are not alone!

This remarkable level of personal expert guidance ensures you are thoroughly supported in tending to your whole being so that you reach new levels of wholeness and wellness… and THRIVE!

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 “Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.”

~ Erik Erikson

If you are ready to experience:

  • Less stress, anxiety and physical discomfort
  • Sharper mental clarity, focus and memory
  • More physical energy, mobility and strength
  • Enhanced spiritual awareness and connection
  • Emotional freedom and inner balance
  • Healed relationships with yourself and others
  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • Meaningful connection with a supportive community
  • Abundance and creativity in all areas of life
  • And so much more

Then THRIVE with me and these extraordinary experts dedicated to your whole-being health, wellness, and vitality.

AND with my special Pay What You Want option designed to accommodate all budgets, you get to choose your investment. That’s right, my friend! You in?

The power to THRIVE is right at your fingertips!

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“We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share.”

~ Maya Angelou

What you get:

The full day livecast via Zoom
Access to decades of expertise, proven knowledge, and cutting-edge insights to help you THRIVE
Opportunity to interact live with the experts and get your personal questions/challenges addressed
Hands-on guided experiences with the teachers
Access to a recording of your Zoom livecast
Connection to an uplifting and encouraging community committed to thriving!

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$33, $55, $77, $99, $122

or donate a ticket to someone in need. 

Please click the desired date below to purchase your ticket.

What People are Saying …

Thank for a wonderful program Sunny! An amazing day. Love you!

Amy Sutherland

I LOVED your defining Surrender vs Giving fabulous!! You are deeply appreciated and loved!

Kimberly Gray

I loved the energy of today and being connected with everyone. Peace, light and love to you all.

Jill Gross

A truly beautiful community.


I love you all! It was great spending the day together! Love and light!!!

Michelle McMillian

I loved having the opportunity to participate.


Like-minded community matters.

Joan Sloyer

Thank you so much for the energy provided throughout the day. I really was in great company. Can’t wait to be in the same energy field with all of you again.

Ketty Magnus

I attended the workshop this weekend. It was very beneficial, and I especially appreciate the video replay copy because I intend to watch the Archangel moment many more times. It was powerful.

Rinda Clinard

It was such a great event. I wrote down many topics to think about because they resonate so much. Hopefully, you will do this again, since it's impossible for me to go to the States. Love from The Netherlands!!


Thanks for this sacred space where we are all ONE.

Olivier Dierickx

It has been a beautiful and powerful journey. Merci beaucoup! Thank you for your love, sharing and generosity. With much much love.


Everyone shared valuable information... I thank you sooo much for your wisdom.


Thank you to all participants! This has been so amazing and wonderful. I feel so empowered and rejuvenated.

Erin Johnson

Thank you all for the wonderful day and teaching and sharing and meditations! Very good questions, I have learned a lot for myself from them too.

Iryna Deryugina
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