Thank you so much for joining the THRIVE! A New Way of Living Series on 2020 World Angel Day Celebration featuring Ann Albers, Courtney Fae Long, Karen Paolino-Correia, Rachel Scoltock, and Sunny Dawn Johnston. We truly hope you enjoyed our day together. It was such a blessing for us to be able to share the time with you!

REPLAY Recordings are divided into 2 separate videos – All are Available thru Sunday, November 8

Part 1 - 3:47:15


Part 2 - 2:26:45

If you enjoyed this month’s THRIVE! Series, join us for the November event as well.

September’s show focus is – Mind – Your Thoughts Create
Guest Speakers include:

Susie Carder
Rita B.
Natalie Ledwell
Lynne McTaggart
Sunny Dawn Johnston

Saturday, November 21, 2020
Direct link to November registration = https://events.sunnydawnjohnston.com/events/thrive-november/

More Info on this Month's Speakers

Sunny Dawn Johnston – Living from the Heart with Archangel Chamuel

Transformational Thought Leader and Changemaker
Website:  https://sunnydawnjohnston.com/

Bio Information:
Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed transformational thought leader, changemaker and psychic medium. She is the author of twenty books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as intuition, mediumship, and the angelic realm.

Through her courses, private sessions, online and live events, Sunny has grown and cultivated a diverse global community. Whether in-person or online, her strong mentorship encourages thousands of students to connect with their heart and the core of their being and guides them to experience life in a newer, more positive high vibrational light.

Current Offerings:
Spirit Speaks LIVE!
: https://sunnydawnjohnston.com/spiritspeaks/
Sunny’s monthly LIVE readings – Join live ONLINE every month to ask your questions and find out what Spirit wants you to know

BE the Change online streaming radio station: 24/7 free access every day of the week with inspired talk and music https://sunnydawnjohnston.com/radio/ or download the iPhone or Android app for mobile

Workshop Gift
Archangel Michael Meditation

Ann Albers – Breathe • Believe • Receive – Opening to Your Angels’ Love & Assistance Life

Angel Communicator

Website:  https://www.visionsofheaven.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visionsofheaven/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ann_albers_visionsofheaven/

Current Offerings:

Dancing with Angels” Playshop

Learn to channel your angels and anything else!

available here on MP3:


Workshop Gift:

Free weekly newsletter “Messages from Ann & the Angels” available via my website www.visionsofheaven.com 

Courtney Fae Long – Connect with Archangel Haniel to Open Your Intuition, Feminine Energy, and Sexuality

Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality, International Speaker, Author, and Master’s Level Social Worker

Website: https://courtneyfaelong.com/

Current Offerings:

I am featuring my certification class, the Archangel Activation Facilitator Certification, where people can be certified to teach my 12 most popular Angel Classes and facilitate my Angelic Healing Guided Meditations. They can teach online, in-person, or as a destination retreat. www.CourtneyLongAngels.com/AAFP

Workshop Gift:

Gift #1: Angel Energy Elixir: 5 Minute Meditation to Beat Stress and Boost Your Energy, http://www.CourtneyLongAngels.com/angelenergyelixir

Gift #2: E-Book: Light Your Sexual Fire to Create the Love and Connection You Secretly Crave, http://www.LightYourSexualFire.com/ebook

Gift #3: 5 Signs You’re Meant to Work with the Angels Webinar

Karen Paolino-Correia – Face to Face with Grace – Meet Your Angel of Support and Miracles

Renowned Angel Intuitive, Soul Medium and International Speaker, Author & Trainer

Website: http://www.createheaven.com/

Current Offerings:

Gifts of Mother Mary and Messages of Divine Guidance
Mary wants to support us with healing, guidance and miracles at this time on earth both personally and globally. I the first part of this session Karen will guide you through a meditation to connect with the loving energy, support and guidance of Mary.

During the second part event, Karen will connect with each person to give them a personal message of Divine Guidance.

Workshop Gift:

I offer these two gifts on my website when you sign up for my email: A Guide to Connect with your Guardian Angels and Meet Your Guardian Angel guided meditation.

Available here: http://www.createheaven.com/

Rachel Scoltock – How to Receive More Signs & Guidance from the Angels

Angel Medium, Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Author

Website: https://rachelscoltock.com/

Current Offerings:

My Life with Angels-How to Access the Healing and Wisdom of the Angels – available on Amazon

Loving Your Sensitive Self – A Guide to Managing and Protecting your Energy also on Amazon and rachelscoltock.com

Angel Communication Online Program: Tap into your magic, intuition, and Divine spark  with the Angel Communication Certification program

Workshop Gift:

A place in my Archangel Raphael Healing Webinar  (4-5:30 pm November 19 PT) Value $33 USD (November 20th 10-11.30 am AEDT)

Link here: https://rachelscoltock.com/webinar-healing-with-archangel-raphaels/
Please contact me with Angel Day GIFT in the subject line to rachel@rachelscoltock.com and I will send you the log in details to the live and replay.

Kris Voelker - Soul Musician

You can find all of Kris Voelker’s music at krisvoelker.com

Angel Prayer Facilitators

Giuliana Melo, juliemelo@icloud.com

Giuliana Melo believes in the Divine healing energy of the Universe with her entire being. She loves being of service and connecting others to their Divine team of helpers. She is a certified Angel Intuitive, Angel Empowerment Practitioner, Speaker, Author and Prayer Facilitator. Having walked her own journey of cancer and grief, she now supports others through their healing journey with help from God, the angelic realm, and Goddesses through card readings and prayers.

Anne Irigoyen, annei@ametza.net

Angel in training… Business owner, Community activist, and mother of two beautiful daughters, Anne is discovering and growing into her abilities as an empath working with Sunny Dawn Johnson.  Working with the youth in her community is her passion!  From being an advisor on Junior Fair Board to president of Mostly Theater Company’s Summer Arts Camp, she believes positive relationships with our youth will elevate our community for the best and highest for all!

Zoom Breakout Rooms featured these 5 Fabulous Vendors

Dr. Karen Shewmaker, Dockaren77@aol.com

Holistic Doctor, Shewmaker Chiropractic

Karen is a Holistic Doctor, practicing Mind Body Medicine.  She uses applied kinesiology, nutrition, functional medicine, cutting-edge labs and genetic testing, gentle adjustments, craniosacral therapy and more to SOLVE THE MYSTERIES OF YOUR HEALTH!

Karen loves to share the very favorite part of her practice, Neuroemotional Technique!

Have you heard Sunny say, “There’s an emotion stuck in your body that you need to clear”?

Do you have goals and affirmations and still feel stuck or sabotage yourself?

Many times, we are not aware of the emotion that’s stuck because it’s in our subconscious/below our awareness.

How can you clear it if you don’t know what it is? Would you like to know what it is and clear it?

I provide the “HOW TO”. We will identify and release emotions from your subconscious mind and body.

Using Neuroemotional Technique, we identify the body area and exact emotion that’s stuck, find out what it’s about, and when it originally started. Then we clear it!!

Simple, gentle, effective!

In my zoom room, I explain this in more detail, do a brief consultation with a participant or two, give you a link to take a free mind body wellness check, and gift some participants free consults with me for future use!!

Melissa Corter, melissa@melissacorter.com

Best-selling Author, Intuitive Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

See the World Angel Day specials here:  https://melissacorter.com/wad

Melissa Kim Corter is a best-selling author, intuitive coach, and clinical hypnotherapist. She helps women overcome money and visibility blocks with evidence-based and spiritual approaches. She guides entrepreneurs to manifest increased levels of financial and emotional success with her heightened intuition. Melissa mentors entrepreneurs to hone their message and gifts, while activating potential. She feels we’re here to live a legacy, not just leave one behind. Melissa builds business with magic, ritual, and strategy; weaving joy into the talents our souls came to express. She’s the founder of Wild Woman Inc. a sacred online gathering space and marketplace for the woman “who knows her magic” and seeks to celebrate it with other conscious, collaborative, women.

Melissa shares sacred objects for clearing and connecting to spirit. She sells beautiful hand crafted sage bundles, candles, jewelry, stones, handcrafted journals, crystal pendulums necklaces (which can be worn around the neck and used for divination), essential oil blends, and gorgeous carved wooden grids for abundance and intuitive guidance.

Various forms of divination, seeing into the spaces that appear empty, when truly they hold wisdom and are ripe with potential.

Melissa speaks about clearing and connecting, and how each object can be used as well as a demonstration of each of the items. She also made fall blends of bath salts with quartz crystals, flowers, oils, and herbs to use during this season. Autumn is the invitation of yin energy, feminine, receptive, and deep, going beyond the barriers of body and mind to receive the gifts of this season.

Melissa has a complimentary Autumn Equinox Meditation for everyone who attends the event, it is a powerful Yoga Nidra to utilize during this season to help you relax, surrender, and let go. Fall shows us how to become flexible and open, releasing the need to control, and trusting each season has profound insight and nourishment for us to receive.

Giuliana Melo, juliemelo@icloud.com

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Speaker

Giuliana believes in the Divine healing energy of the Universe with her entire being.  She loves being of service and connecting others to their Divine team of helpers.  She is a fun and faithful spiritual teacher who is shining her light and loving life! She is a certified angel intuitive, angel empowerment practitioner, speaker, author, and prayer facilitator.

Having walked her own journey of cancer and grief, she now supports others through their healing journey with help from God, the angelic realm and Goddesses through card readings and  prayers.

Giuliana believes we are not alone on this journey we call life, that we are spirit embodied and that we are connected to Source through the love that we are. She believes in the power of love to heal our life and in the power of self-love.

Giuliana believes that prayers are Holy language and that all prayers are answered in the highest and greatest good.

Giuliana loves in Calgary, AB Canada, with her husband Paulo, son Paulo Jr and fur baby Maxie. She believes you can heal your life so that you can SHINE ON BEHALF OF THE DIVINE.


instagram: angelsjules

author central: amazon.com/author/giulianamelo

Heal with Giuliana Melo: https://www.giulianamelo.com/

Kris Groth, krisgroth1@gmail.com

Archangel Life Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer & Bestselling Author

Kris Groth is an Archangel Life Coach, intuitive energy healer, founder of the Archangel Immersion online course series & bestselling author. Kris & her angels have been working together for many years to help people find their inner truth, heal & balance the body, mind, heart, and soul, and to live an inspired life. Kris serves clients around the world through healing & coaching sessions, online courses & powerful guided sound healing meditations using crystal singing bowls. Kris has an abundance of inspiring products available: Archangel oracle cards, angel notecards, angel boxes, Archangel bracelets, books, and meditation downloads. http://www.krisgroth.com/

Angel-inspired products, including gifts, jewelry, oracle cards, books, courses, and meditations are available through her website, krisgroth.com/shop

Use code: FREESHIPPINGANGEL for free shipping in US during Angel Day only!

FREE Archangel Quiz & Meditation: take this quiz and receive a free sound healing meditation for your Archangel.   krisgroth.com/angel-quiz

Angel Notecards
Prints of original watercolor paintings by Kris Groth; individual cards 5×7, or sets of 5 cards 3×5

Angel Treasure Boxes
Beautiful little treasure boxes in the shape of an angel, with hidden treasure of a small quartz crystal and an inspiring affirmation from the angels.

Archangel Bracelets
Gorgeous bracelets of healing crystals holding the energy of the Archangels to support and connect you to that Archangel. See website for available Archangels.

Archangel Soul-Care Cards
Featuring soul-care practices from 11 different Archangels. Each Archangel has 4 cards in their color.

Archangel Affirmation Cards
Positive affirmations from 14 different Archangels, each Archangel has 4 cards in their color, sharing affirmations that are in alignment with that Archangel’s strength.

Kindness Crusader Cards
Quotes of kindness from the authors of Kindness Crusader Book.

Archangel Immersion (Self-Study) Course: krisgroth.teachable.com/

5-wk online course to develop relationships with 5 Archangels, includes 10 sound healing meditations
Use Code: ANGEL55 for 55% off this weekend only

7 bestselling books authored and co-authored by Kris, available in shop

Various guided sound healing meditation downloads, available in shop

Tara Marie Jack, tarajack11@gmail.com

Intuitive Artist, Thriver, Teacher and Mentor

Intuitive Art & Jewelry
Tara Marie Jack is a renowned Intuitive Artist, Thriver, Teacher and Mentor

Tara Marie Jack specializes in creating jewelry design that empowers women. Each design is intuitively created. As an Intuitive, her gift allows her to connect with spirit while she creates each piece and transcribe the messages that follows so that the receiver feels those messages as they vibrate through their being while being worn.

As a Thriver, Tara used art to help her move past the pains of the traumas that she has had to move through and has been able to use art as a modality to heal. Now, Tara is dedicated to teach others how to get to the other side of their traumas and learn to live their lives in a Thriver mentality.

Her designs include the highly popular Archangel Line for Internationally Acclaimed Author, Speaker, Sunny Dawn Johnston which recently reached Best-Seller on Daily Om. Her designs hit National Television on LifeTime Movie Network’s, Seance with Sunny Dawn Johnston.  Her designs were a proud sponsor of the LaFemme Film Festival in Beverly Hills honoring women of film.  Tara is also a featured artist and exclusive designer for Celebrate Your Life Events held by Mishka Productions.

Tara Marie Jack is dedicated to creating uniquely high vibrational jewelry that has a meaning for women to embrace their inner goddess & awaken their awareness to the feeling of their inner glamorous truth. She is also dedicated to creating designs for women to energize their inner spirit.  Tara creates each design with intention from the inner messages she receives that support purpose in a woman’s life.  All the while, her designs are truly statement pieces combining her love of high-quality unique gemstones with the brilliance of Swarovski Crystals in every piece.

You can connect with Tara at https://taramariejack.com/

Here are some of the THRIVE! World Angel Day Takeaways

Janet Cook: To learn to love myself unconditionally.  Call in AA Michael every day.

Karin A.: I came here consumed in grief; I am leaving full of love.

Dawna Kreis: The calling to walk with Chamuel in my Journey more.

Rachel Elizabeth: We are never alone and are pure light. It’s ok to spread that light and be the lighthouse.

Marla: I only caught half of the day but it refilled me so much…I put out so much energy over the last 3 years; especially loved Ann and Courtney’s energy exercises

Cathy Helein: I always take away how we are never alone and that we just need to ask them.

Ken & Margaret: Learning about unconditional love…gazing–wonderful speakers

Dani Fierro: I loved connecting with AA Haniel.  I never connected to her before.

Talia Renzo: I took away more love, gratitude, and grace than I came in with.

Mindy Lipton: Great big thank you Rachel.  It was fabulous.  I now have ringing in my ears 🙂

Melinda Benz: It was a great reminder to assume the minute you ask for help from your Angels, they are on it! All you have to do is trust and get into a higher vibration to receive the blessings!

Kristine Brobst: Everyone was wonderful.  I especially like Ann’s daily affirmation and Karen’s meditation.

Constance Sato: Thank you Sunny and Karen for the priceless miracle of today, sooo many gifts

Karin O’Donnel: Peace, healing, self-love and my third eye opening up

Cynthia Eyer: I’m coming away with so much more energy on the Archangels and their particular energies and a sense of relief from so much love and grace from all. Thank you so very much for this time and your Light.

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