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This was better than church!

Spirit Talk is a monthly class I hold at my healing center, as well as online. During the class, people ask questions about their lives, their loved ones that have passed, their careers, relationships and anything in between. I tune into my spiritual guidance and connected with their angels, guides and loved ones to offer some guidance to support them in whatever their question is. It is kinda like a BIG group Spiritual Counseling session.. with angels, guides and deceased loved ones hanging out too. It is one of my favorite classes to offer. Tuesday nights Spirit Talk was fabulous. I offer it both online and in person and last night we were overflowing with people in the healing center, yet it was, as usual… perfect. It was a fun and beautiful night.
One comment that was shared afterwards, by a first time attendee, stuck with me. He said…
“This was better than church.”

First of all, I am not a better or less than kind of person. So, I would not say anything is better than something else… it’s simply different. But, that comment did get me thinkingI was never a church person… it just never felt right for me personally… However, I’ve always felt that whatever feeds my soul, wherever I get my spiritual food from, a place, a person, a book etc is my “church” at that particular moment in life. Sometimes, that is a waitress that says just the right thing, sometimes it is a homeless person that reminds me of my blessings, sometimes it is a friend that holds the space for me to simply be, sometimes its a workshop I attend that inspires me to go deeper, sometimes it’s a video I see on you tube that shines a light on an area within me that I have some work to do in, sometimes it is simply a smile or good laugh at the perfect moment and oftentimes, it is just a feeling that comes over me after an experience.

Over the past 15 years, I will tithe (give) to that place or person… as guided. Not everyday or every week, but as my spirit guides me. Tithing (giving) looks different each and every time. Sometimes, it is in the form of money, sometimes an opportunity offered, sometimes a gift, sometimes an act of kindness.. again, as guided.
Feeling guided this morning to tithe (give). Although I don’t follow the formal standard of the word tithe, 10% to a religious organization, I do believe that giving to that which inspires and motivates me is a way of honoring my “church”. Mine just happens to not have a physical location and changes forms constantly. I am so grateful for the beautiful exchange of energy life offers me and it always feels good to pay that forward with something or someone that truly is just being exactly what I need at any given time. I LOVE how the Universe works.
So, thank you my friend from Tuesday night Spirit Talk… You inspired me. I am in appreciation:) –  SDJ
PS: How about you? How do you feel about tithing? I’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ
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8 thoughts on “This was better than church!”

  1. I was away, and in a restaurant with my former husband…there was a pastor and his wife traveling through Route 66, as we were also. I kept hearing this little voice in my ear” ask him to pray for you”…would not stop..So I boldly asked him and his wife if they would pray for “us” this little cafe on Route 66. My mother had passed and so we all held hands in a circle and he prayed,my former husband was in tears..I felt so glad that I took that step to get out of my “comfort zone” be “brave”and listened..acted upon it. I have to say he , the pastor and his wife, were the ones who shared their gift with us.Love works in amazing ways. Giving of magical . Last eve was the perfect opportunity to pay it forward..a single mother and her son had a flat tire. I offered my help..beautiful people too. Feeling the LOVE. Thank you Sunny!

  2. re : Tithing. I feel Blessed in my life that I give as guided when I am out and about. It could be a homeless person with a sign as I am stopped at the freeway entrance. I know exactly when as my heart speaks to me and I oblige. I welcome these opportunities to serve the Universe/God.

  3. I, too, am not a “churchy” person, since I was about 10 yrs old. The teachers at church would not answer my questions. In my opinion, churches have become businesses and the tithe is part of it. Like you I tithe to where ever I get my inspiration at any given point. I think the more we think and feel for ourselves, the more inner connected we become. To me that’s far more important than joining an organization. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

  4. Beautiful Sunny. Couldn’t have said it better. We are here to LOVE and that you do completely! You are a beautiful blessing! Thank you for being you and all that you share for us all! I feel the same as you do…. Much love to you!

  5. Interesting in that , that word came into my world recently. A young man, a tech , came to our home to install a piece of equipment. We ended up having a conversation about Spiritualusm and Love. Near the end of the conversation, he surprised me with ,” I would like to tithe into your church”. It took me aback . I didnt know, confused , about how to respond. After a few moments and continued exchange. He gave me an offering. I have a difficult time receiving. But, accepted. After we exchanged cards, I discovered he is a Pastor. I am still trying to learn, to receive. But, if an offering is given to me. I will use the offering to try and fund my education , and helping others.

  6. I couldn’t have said it better myself, and thank you for being one of the resources that aligns with where I get my soul food!

  7. I agree with your thoughts of giving, sharing, and paying it forward, Sunny. No one should feel “forced” to tithe, as happens in many instances to people, who shared their thoughts with me. The “gift” can be in so many different forms, as in the examples you listed. I have been blessed with gifts from many, throughout my life, and that inspired me to share what I could when I could as well. Thank you for sharing your “gifts” and experiences, so we may all share and pay it forward to others.

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