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The Writing Nook – Finding Connection as a Writer

I truly believe that writing can heal our hearts … Even if you never share your writing, the release of the energy and emotion within your body can be truly life saving. So, for those of you that are interested in sharing your story in a bigger way, this blog, The Writing Nook, is for you. And, for those of you that just want to heal and release your story, this blog is for you too … For those of you that don’t know if writing is for you or not, I’m sure you’ll find something in here to resonate with as well. Enjoy … and please … I’d love to hear what your thoughts are in the comments below. Can you relate? Let us know what you think – Blessings SDJ♥

Finding Connection as a Writer

Writing is often an act of solidarity, but that can be a lonely road, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Many writers find they do their best writing in quiet without distraction, but what about time spent outside of writing? Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with others on a similar journey? To know that you’re not alone in your craft?
There are many ways writers can feel connected, and below I’ve added three ideas you can utilize to find a connection with other writers at any level of your writing journey.

  1. Join online writing groups. With the explosion of social media, it’s easier now more than ever to connect with writers from all across the globe. Platforms like Goodreads and Facebook offer hundreds, if not thousands, of groups for writers from all genres. You can easily find these groups by adding your preferred type of writing into the search bar and clicking on the “groups” tab at the top of the page. Read the descriptions of each and narrow down the groups you’d like to join. Once you’re in, I encourage you to interact. I know it can be intimidating, especially for us introverts, but remember, the goal here is connection, and these are the very people who could potentially become beta readers for a future project or part of your book launch team.


  1. Connect at a Meetup event. A simple search on will usually result in many local writing groups in your area. Perhaps you enjoy poetry; you’ll likely find several poetry groups near you, and if not, then there are usually monthly poetry readings you could attend. Let’s say you consider yourself more of a spiritual writer. While there may not be a group specifically for spiritual writers in your area (although there very well could be), you’ll usually find many spirit-led groups on Meetup. Once you’re there and you begin making connections, I’d be willing to bet you’ll find other writers within the group.


  1. Attend a writer’s retreat. Often when we’re in our everyday environment, it’s difficult to find the time for dedicated writing and learning new skills to hone our craft. Why not get away and immerse yourself in a weekend of writing, learning and connecting with other writers and influencers who can take your goals to the next level? That’s one reason why I LOVE retreats and make it a point to attend at least one each year. Not only are they a nice way to do something for yourself and take a step towards the fruition of your dreams, but the connections made at retreats often lead to lifelong friendships and future collaborations. In my experience, nothing moves my growth forward faster than a full weekend of focus outside of my everyday environment.

With any of the above options, I’d encourage you to take some time to find a few that resonate with you and begin there. Be mindful not to spread yourself too thin or you won’t have time for the task at hand, which is writing! However, joining a few online writing groups and perhaps having a local group to attend on a monthly basis might bring you just the connection you’re looking for.
If you like the idea of traveling to a writer’s retreat to spend a full weekend immersed in writing, relaxation and fun, then I invite you to check out our upcoming Write in Paradise Retreat 2018 that I’m co-facilitating with Sunny in Islamorada, Florida this May. The retreat is open to writers of all levels, and we only have a few spots left! Is one for YOU? Find out here.

Shanda Trofe is a publisher and author coach specializing in book-writing and marketing strategies for authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs. Through her flagship program, Publish Like a PRO, she aims to educate authors not only on the business of writing and publishing but also how to grow an empire based on the core concepts of their published work. To date, Shanda has assisted in the publication of over 100 Amazon #1 bestsellers.  Additionally, she is the bestselling author of many books including Write from the Heart and Authorpreneur: How to Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR-ity in Your Business.

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