The Virgo Full Moon is tonight!!! - Sunny Dawn Johnston

The Virgo Full Moon is tonight!!!

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I LOVE the full moon, do you? I’ve found that many people actually fear it.. like OH NO…. another full moon! It’s such a powerful time and yet it seems like there is always so much chaos during the transformational energy of the full moon. It’s true, that it helps you transform, even when you don’t want to.. right? Well, I am not a full moon expert, but a student of mine knows a thing or two about the full moon so I asked her to share with you some information. Not only about the energy of the full moon but ways we can work with it to help support ourselves and the shifts occurring in our lives.
I hope you find this helpful. If so, please comment below and maybe I’ll have a full moon forecast every month:) Blessings of moonlight to you – SDJ
From a young age I knew there was something very different about how I related to the world around me. I spoke to things that others couldn’t see, and treated everything as if it was alive, from the rocks and trees to the grass and sky. There was a magic within it all, a living spirit in everything through my eyes. Along with the earth and her beauty, the moon also pulled me in, her magnificent glow had me mesmerized for as long as I can remember, first laying my gaze upon her. Many evenings as a child I recall staring at her through my bedroom window, receiving what felt like messages and stories. I share this story because the moon most likely has some form of influence on you as well if you allow yourself to sync with her energy.
Understanding your connection to the moon can help you form a deeper connection to your emotions (subtle body) and understand latent patterns and beliefs within that your subconscious mind is operating from. The moon’s gravitational pull is opportunity to revisit and re-evaluate our deepest desires and everything that is supporting us or distracting and interfering with us on a monthly basis.
The energy of the full moon can be experienced for 3 full days prior to the actual full moon date and up to 3 full days after. Today we have a full moon in Virgo, and February’s full moon is also known as the Cold or Snow moon. It was called this because often February was the coldest month with the most snow, making it challenging for hunters in various areas.
This particular moon is in the sign of Virgo, therefore it is a wonderful opportunity to become an observer of areas in your life that you wish to shift. Imagine this full moon as a brilliant light shining upon you to reveal areas that are ready for change.
Have you been calling for a change or wishing for transformation? Allowing yourself to acknowledge your imperfections shifts them from being “imperfect” to a work in progress. When we bring our attention to our daily routines, habits, ways of living, and ways that we hide, there is an enormous opportunity for transformation. Virgo has a tendency to become critical if not balanced, one of the excessive aspects to be aware of within yourself during this time.
Tips For The February 2016 Virgo Full Moon:
• Be gentle yet honest with yourself, what can you do to practice self love while allowing aspects of yourself to shed if they are no longer serving you?
• Try taking a salt bath to help your body release tension, “old stories”, and stagnant energy.
• Journal anything that you are ready to let go of, and if you are not sure, ask your spirit! You always have an answer, sometimes it takes some patience and time to receive it. You may burn the papers afterwards to transform the old energy.
Ways You Can Connect To This Full Moon:
1. Sit down and write out one thing that you would like to see transformed or released from your life. It can be a habit, an issue, and are where you feel blocked, etc.
2. Find out when the moon rise is in your city by going here: then at a time when the full moon is visible from your area go outside.
3. Sit in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted or disturbed.
4. Begin breathing deeply, and allowing yourself to relax and allow thoughts to start passing through. Feel, see, or sense the energy of the moon. Ask her to gently help you release your concern with ease and grace. Sit with her, breathing deeply, imagining that you are sharing your breath with the moon. Be open to any messages or guidance you may receive. Do not get discouraged if nothing comes through, trust that there is change and things are shifting below the surface of our awareness.
5. Thank the moon, and know that you have initiated a change
6. Pay attention to how you feel and what comes up for you over the next couple of days
Full moons are always powerful times for releasing and letting go. Try creating your own ceremony or honoring of this time to embrace the energy that this time has to help you create space in your life for what you truly desire. As always remember, you are not alone in experiencing this phase, be mindful of this when encountering others over these next few days. Send them love as they are also shining a light on themselves and may be extra sensitive during this time. The next full moon is in Libra and on March 23rd, it is known as the Worm Moon. – Melissa Corter
melissa corter Melissa is a spiritual teacher, author, and soul artist. She has a gift of capturing the essence of her client’s, while providing unconditional love and a safe space to help them release their fears of “being seen” or their fear of putting themselves more fully out into the world. Over time Melissa recognized that each client reflected back to her opportunities for healing, expansion, and discovering the power of their own light. This became the foundation of her company, “Soul Artistry®”, a company founded to help women release fear, step into their power, and claim their place in this universe!

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  1. Shanda Trofe that is so wonderful to hear!!! I can relate to how you felt, I had similar feeling because I was told it was “witchcraft” instead of a beautiful opportunity to gain a deeper connection with my own essence, body & emotions.

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