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The salad bar of life

This is the way I look at life… everyone gets to choose what they want, and what they want has nothing to do with you… You will never be good enough, nice enough, rich enough.. to change someone else. It won’t happen. People change when they are ready to change… if ever. So, when someone chooses something different than what you think they should have, it is not personal. It is simply what they want, in that moment. Whether they are choosing what you feel is best for them or not, they are, at that time..choosing what they believe will “taste” good.
I love the metaphor of the message below. It is one of the ways I too, look at life so I wanted to share it. I believe it explains something complicated in a very simplified way.
“We want you to enjoy the contrasting experience, just like you enjoy the contrasting buffet. And we want you to reach the place that whenever you’re in front of a buffet that has so much that you do like to eat, as well as some that you don’t like to eat, you don’t feel frustrated that there are things there you don’t want to eat. You don’t feel compelled to put them on your plate and eat them; you just pick the things that you like. And the Universe of thought is the same way. You can choose from it the things that you like.”
There is no need to get angry with what other people choose to “eat”. No need to get frustrated with them. They get to choose at their own buffet as well. It is each persons individual right to create their own meal, so to speak. In addition, when they choose something that you perceive to be wrong, and you get angry, you actually attract more of that anger and judgmental energy to you.
I’m not saying it is easy, sometimes it is really hard to do, but I am saying, it is necessary. It gets easier when you can honor them and their choices. Healthy or not.
It doesn’t mean you have to eat it, put it on your plate, look at it or talk about it.
You don’t have to have anything to do with what they are choosing to “eat”.
You don’t even have to sit with them.
You don’t have to convince them to not “eat” it either.
You just have to choose to focus on what you choose eat. That part is yours… and it is a choice:)
Choose wisely for yourself my friends 🙂
I’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ
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5 thoughts on “The salad bar of life”

  1. Love this! I’m printing out your posting and putting it on my desk at work and can use this metaphor for both work purposes and actual eating (to help me lose weight!) … this will help remind me that I do not have to get pulled into all the drama at work, and that because a certain person may want to cause issues, I know not to take things personally and remember that “it’s his/her choice” to act this way.

  2. We make choices often, from when we wake up until we fall asleep. How true, everyone has different “tastes.” In food, clothing, what we want to do, where we want to do it, where we live, how we live, and how we get there. Sharing the experience at the Buffet of life often has us meeting someone that shares our same “tastes.” Starts a conversation and from there, can lead to sharing more life experiences. This actually happen at a food bar, where I took an opportunity to try something new that a companion pointed out to me. We sat down, I ate something different which was exciting, using wooden chopsticks, learning how to correctly use them, and it opened up a new culture to me, which I then researched, to learn more about their food choices and living style. Having read this, now my mouth is watering, so am excited to try something new today! Thank you, Sunny!

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