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The Love Never Ends

The Love Never Ends

Messages from the other side are our gifts from the spirit world. When we connect, receive, and acknowledge the message, that is our gift back to them. These special messages remind us that our loved ones continue to watch over us. Through interacting with us, they can reveal guidance and information that may only make sense through their eyes, since they can see through the eyes of love. Remaining open to them gives us the opportunity to do that as well, if we are willing to learn.
Once in spirit, our deceased loved ones see with clarity. There is no judgment or pain because their higher vibration and perspective take the pain away. Things just are. There is no right or wrong. Life can and does continue, but it is our choice about how we continue on . . . in pain, grief, anger, and sadness or in healing, learning, growing, expanding, and loving.
Maintaining a connection with our loved ones after their death can actually inspire us. It can cause us to wake up with joy in our hearts, to embrace life more fully, not push against it with fear. We have an opportunity to live with the awareness that life continues beyond our physical existence. There is not a separation until you create it with fear of the unknown.
My relationships with those who have passed have taught me so much personally: Welcome the life you have yet to live, and appreciate every moment of every day. See and feel how important it is to be present in each and every one of those memories. Love yourself and each other, without condition. Forgive yourself and one another by realizing that there truly is nothing to forgive.
We have all cast the perfect characters for our life experiences. Those who have filled an important role in our lives are playing the part that we ourselves called forth, so as to learn even more about love. Remember that even the uncomfortable experiences in life teach. They may have taught you what you didn’t want, which still provides evidence and clarity for what you do want . . . and gets you closer to it. That is a tremendous gift.
And our learning doesn’t end there. The spirit world is a mental world, so after this life our thoughts will create our afterlife experiences. Once there, you will continue to learn and grow, creating new experiences beyond what you ever imagined in the physical world.
We are reminded by Spirit every day that we are love and are loved. We are loving beings in a physical world that are connected to an afterlife that does indeed exist. (I have never been able to get an address to where the afterlife resides, per se, but it is everywhere. It’s in the stars and walking alongside us. It’s literally everywhere.) We have all around us this amazing team of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and the Divine. They are just waiting for us to ask for help, to allow them in, to truly hear them. They are standing beside you right now. Can you feel them? They are the whisper in your ear, the chills down your spine. They are the presence beside you and the vision in your mind. They are ready to begin this new and expanded journey. Are you?
It is possible to let go of fear and realize that it is only an illusion of great power that prevents us from fully living. Everyone dies, but not everyone really lives. Communicating with the spirit world will allow your soul to open up. You will feel connected, guided, and even exhilarated.
You will begin to understand that everything here on Earth is imperfectly perfect. You will know that your loved ones in spirit see what is invisible to your eyes. You will recognize that everything is in perfect divine order. Everything, including death, is in perfect order.
Spirit is always communicating with us in all its forms, not just through our deceased loved ones. You have access to communication with angels and archangels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and many other light beings. All you have to do is stay connected with them by inviting them into your life. Open yourself up to their guidance and communication through meditation. Stay present in your physical world. Look for the signs from Spirit. They are everywhere. If you keep communicating with your guides, they will absolutely continue communicating with you. The truth is, they will actually try to communicate with you even if you don’t do anything . . . but the problem with that is, you probably wouldn’t notice.
If you will connect with them long enough, you might even realize that there is no real moral code in the spirit world. By letting go of the judgment of right and wrong, this awareness could create more freedom than you have ever experienced. You don’t have to wait to die to feel freedom! You don’t have to wait to die to feel absolute, unconditional love. Love is who you are and what you are made of. You don’t have to wait until you die to feel and know these things . . . but you can. The choice is up to you. It is OK to wait, but why wait? Why not embrace it all now? Either way, your loved ones will be there, waiting for you and loving you all the way!
So, are you ready to live your life for this moment? Are you ready to pay tribute to your deceased loved ones by living full out? And by full out, I mean loving, every step of the way. Not hiding behind fear any longer, but instead standing up and stepping into the unknown. You are Spirit embodied. You have the knowledge. You have the connection. You have the love. You have your loved ones waiting for you. What more do you need? A little push? You got it. Ready or not, let’s do it. Let’s jump in and create the life you truly desire: a life of love and joy and connection. Let’s live from a place of love. Let’s be willing to ask for and receive help from the spirit world. It starts today! Are you in? Yes!
I’ll see you there . . . where the love never ends!
How have you connected with your loved ones that have passed? Please share – Sunny Dawn Johnston
Excerpt from The Love Never Ends by SDJ

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