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The Dad he didn't have to be….

It’s time to celebrate Father’s Day! A special day to honor our fathers and all of those that play the father role in our lives. For some, this is a hard day. Their dad’s are in spirit, out of touch, unaware or unavailable. I wanted to first send those of you that find yourself in any of the above mentioned situations lots of love.

Phillipines 2_0126
Me, Dad, Lil Brother, Grandpa 1979

I personally do not have a relationship with my dad. I love him, for the father he has been in my life, and all he has taught me. I love his spirit and all he came to teach me, and I am oh so grateful. And.. I love myself enough to not be in an active relationship with him.
Today, I was moved to share with you a song that touches my soul. Every time I hear it, I cry. Happy tears. It is so touching to me that my husband stepped into my son Crew’s life, and was the father that he didn’t have to be.
Digital Camera

This man has been an amazing father to both of our children and I love and respect him so much for the willingness he had to step in, and take over. It is a beautiful thing to witness and it wasn’t easy many times.
Az graduation 2015 288
Brett, Arizona, Sunny and Crew 2015

So, although many are honoring their fathers, which I too will do by honoring his spirit and the lessons/gifts he gave me and seeing all of the positives.. I want to turn my attention to all of the dads that didn’t have to be. That chose to show up for a child that otherwise did not have an active father in their lives.
Do you have one of those or know one? Please share their name in the comments and we will send a special blessing out to them as well.
I also don’t want to forget the moms that play the father role, as I understand that as well…. you have my greatest respect and love.
Take a listen to this song, especially if you haven’t heard it before. Really, listen with your heart. I’d love to hear how it touches you. Please comment below:) Boy oh boy does it touch my soul.
Happy Father’s Day everyone:) – Sunny Dawn Johnston

3 thoughts on “The Dad he didn't have to be….”

  1. Sunny, this has always been a very beautiful and special song. Thank you for sharing this story. I totally get it.

  2. Beautiful, Sunny Dawn Johnston. <3 I am a single mom to an 11 year old boy and have been for almost 8 years. My son's dad is actively involved in his life. I still desire a loving role model in relationship with me for my son to learn from. : )

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