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The cycle of life continues after a year of loss for many

Can you believe that we have made it through another year.. that we are already over two weeks in… I hope you are a little bit wiser, a little bit older, have only a few bumps and bruises and hopefully a bunch of great memories.
2016 is out and 2017 is in! What do you expect to experience?

So, as I sat down to write this message to you, I planned to share a bit about what some of my intentions are for 2017.. But… that  didn’t happen. That will come another time.
Instead, I felt the incredible sadness and heaviness of the past year.. weighing on peoples hearts and minds. So, I am going to write about that instead. I want to address the loss that so many feel, on a variety of levels…. and acknowledge one of the things I know for sure.. This too shall pass!  With Love – SDJ♥
I know that for many people, 2016 was rough.. in a lot of ways.
Loss… that’s the word that comes to mind. Many people experienced loss. At the beginning of 2016, two of my friends and long time clients passed away or graduated as Tim would say.  So, 2016 started off with death in my world. It is also ending with death. As I began to write this blog, on the second to the last day of the year, I have over 10 close friends and clients that are standing vigil at the bedside while praying for a miracle, waiting for their loved ones imminent transition or picking out caskets and making funeral plans. In addition, a dear friend is on a plane to bury his mother who just passed hours ago, one of my team members aunts will pass away tomorrow ( I know this because I am editing at a later date, this one is not a psychic hit), and my uncle just buried his dad. The losses are big!
Collectively, we’ve had some major losses as well. It truly is remarkable how many musicians transitioned this year as well.. The spirit world has quite a variety of  band-mates after 2016, most recently of course George Michael’s. Can you imagine the heavenly sound? Prince,  David Bowie, Glenn Frye, and Merle Haggard just to name a few others. And the loss of mother/daughter Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds only one day apart.. speaks to the connection and soul mate energy they certainly shared. Yes, we had a lot of loss…. and that doesn’t cover the equally or even more painful and catastrophic losses of the unnamed but not unloved.. the large losses throughout the world via wars, earthquakes, violence, suicide, accidents.. and the list goes on and on and on.
If you were someone that experienced the death of a loved one or a major loss in your life, I send you Love and Light!

I know the depths the pain…

that grief and loss can take you to. I honor your pain, your sadness, your grief and your loss. My heart is with you. I hold the vision of healing, for your highest good and the highest good of all… in perfect divine timing!

And, I also know that this too shall pass.

As hard as that can be to believe, I find it to be true, in all areas of life. Both the great experiences and the really challenging experiences pass. It’s the one thing we can be sure of.
I also know that….
When one chapter is complete, the next waits to be written.
That endings create new beginnings.
That joy awaits those that grieve.
That 2016 has closed and 2017 is open… for whatever it is you chose to focus on and create.
That death here, in the physical world.. is birth in the Spirit world.
That birth here in the physical world… is death in the Spirit world…

Which truly means….

We never die..
Love never ends…
Life, in the sense of energy.. is eternal…
We are Infinite sources of energy.. simply changing form.
We are constantly closing one door, opening another, closing that one and opening another….

It never ends!

So, now that 2017 is here we have an opportunity, not to forget our losses, but to embrace the gifts that our loved ones are still offering us. They are still here, to teach us. To learn a new way of living, a new way of loving. I’m not saying that it’s easy, in fact.. it isn’t easy for most people. But, it is necessary… for a variety of reasons. Most importantly.. to truly live full out – which is what our loved ones want for us…. and from us. They want us to TRULY LIVE!
So today my friend.. with all of the loss.. and all of the gains.. how will you choose to create the life ahead of you? It truly is your choice. Just remember, your loved ones are with you.. ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS!!!!!! They don’t die, they just change form. One of the best things we can do, for all concerned, is LIVE!!!!!!
I’ll share my intentions and creations for 2017 down the road a bit, but today, I’d love to hear from you. What are you going to create? What do you want in your life? What are you doing to find peace, and hope and joy? Please comment below and share with me:)

I love you..and I honor your journey. Wherever you find yourself, please know.. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

All my love – SDJ♥

14 thoughts on “The cycle of life continues after a year of loss for many”

  1. Colleen Maria Kneen

    My husband/soul mate died around the time you did this blog on the 19 of January. To say I was and am heartbroken is an understatement. I miss him so so much. I have recently found you on Facebook and I thank you for your insights. Love and Light xx

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss! I am sending you lots of love and support as you move through this difficult time!!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful, uplifting and encouraging words ..
    You are an earth-angel to many ..
    You teach through example, showing us that ANYTHING is possible.
    My life is BETTER because of reading your wonderful books and hearing your continued
    supportive words ..

  3. christina m onorato

    it was definately a year of loss for me..from oct to may(oct 23, sister in law massive heart attack, oct 25 brother in law prostate cancer..May 2 best friend of life..unexpected..may 23 step father..sepsis shock) i lost four family members…well one friend who was more of a brother then a friend…his was the hardest then and now to cope with…the other 3 had medical problems and we kinda were expecting there passings…our friend was a diabetic, and we had always promised him if he didnt answer the phone when we called we would be sending the police to check on him..however, for some reason we had left his house on sunday morning on memorial day he told us that he was going back to bed as he did not feel good, and that he had never felt that bad why did we leave and not stay to keep an eye on him?? why didnt we take him to the hospital that morning?? when we called later that evening he never answered..why didnt we call the police then?? we called on monday still no answer..a co worker of his was asked to go and check and as we found out on tuesday he never did…and then on wednesday this person decided to send the police over to check…why didnt we go back over?? i think our subconcious knew it was to late at this point…the police got there and found him dead on the floor..we were called and the overwhelming guilt is forever in my heart and soul..i broke a promise to a dear friend and was not there when he needed us the most…how are we to forgive ourselves of this act of betrayal??…i also lost my job..a career i thought i would be in for the rest of my days until retirement and this firing was wrongful but in my state there is nothing that can be done…prior to all this we gave our house to our youngest son and his wife to safe face and moved in with our oldest so his daughter could be home …the craziness of the year past is one i struggle with everyday…i try to regain my hope, faith, trust in God to pull me through as I know only he can..but the feeling of worthlessness is so overbearing …keep me in your prayers as i pursue happiness and a turn around for the best… thanks

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I am surrounding you in lots of love and light. I would remind you that you can;t change the date of someones death… I hear the guilt and feel the pain, but that is one thing i know for sure.

  4. I recently learned of the loss of a dear high school friend, who was loved by so many people in addition to her husband, children, and grandchildren. It touched the hearts of so many when this news started to be shared. Knowing what you have taught us, Sunny, I sat down and went into meditation and sent her love and thanked her for her wonderful life experience which touched the hearts of so many still here. She was an inspiration of how to live a good life, even when she was a younger child, and that led her to do many great works. Love and compassion and friendship and works of charity all bring a person to be their best. She is going to still be in touch with her family and help guide them through hard times, I am sure.

  5. Ended in very jolting way as my beloved soulmate /husband of 26 years had a heart attack on December 28th & I – the one with medical situation anxiety from walking into my dads room as he went into code blue /heart attack /death 7 years ago -called 911 & lived thru trauma! Sorta. Smile. The post event anxiety has been brutal. As I feel I am having heart attack. The full moon & new year energy waves are intense too! I always feel it all intensely in my heart!! But we are facing head winds of health & yet another financial hit as we always do…with humor & grit! He is taking insulin shots daily. Which is like shooting in gold that’s how expensive it is ha! We borrowed against his 401k. Again. So he can recover despite lost of income. And I’ll up my hours at my little job at $10/hour that I thought I’d do few months and now have been at 8 months. May sound like I’m complaining. I’m not. Life’s little & big turns. Grateful my momma is still here although fading every day I’m now not sure she knows who I am. I’m ready for her to graduate and be liberated. We are eating healthier than ever before. Together. I’ve eaten more Spinach in two weeks than my entire life. But here’s the catch…I’m loving it! This our first full empty next year is going to be the year we finally ditch the dense thicker coat we put on from all our financial stress. I feel it. We are committed with a vengeance. 2017 ain’t got nothing on us. Full present in the now we look not to pain of or joy yesterday or the plausible doom or hopes ahead. We are rooted only in now. Grateful. And ready to tackle it all with greater grateful gusto.

  6. i want taking care of my 91year dad with parkinsons to be not a chore but a plesure for as long as i have him,he lost his wife of 65years wed and the mother of eleven children january 31st 2016 and he is such a joy to look after i try to keep his spirits up with positivity as well as my own every day with him is brilliant

    1. Thank you so much for this message…2016..was so challenging for me…I am still in a grieving process…and other challenges with family…doing my best to be strong. Trust the process and let go. This message warmed my heart and soul. Thank you again for being you. always.. Love and Blessings to you and yours.

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