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The Clairs – Your connection to the spirit world

The Clairs – Your connection to the spirit world

When you are learning to tap into your intuition and the spirit world around you, it is important to understand how the messages will show up. Spirit will send you a message, and your mind and body will begin to experience mental impressions: visions, sounds, feelings, thoughts, and even smells. These are collectively referred to as “the clairs”:
and clairfragrance.
You’re probably going to notice that your psychic information is delivered in one or two ways most often. To help you determine what your dominant clairs are, let’s begin by explaining what they are and how they might show up in psychics or mediums, and of course your own life.
Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” This is the ability to see in your mind’s eye, called the third eye; a psychic picture or vision of a spirit, object, symbol, or whatever the medium is connecting with during a reading. Clairvoyance is one of the least common, but most desired, of the clairs.
Here are a few ways you might experience clairvoyance:
• Seeing shadows and movements out of the corner of your eye or in your peripheral vision
• Seeing flickering lights of different colors
• Having visions which may come to you as a movie or picture inside or outside of your mind
• Having visions of deceased loved ones or angels
• Seeing images and mental pictures which may come to you in a dream
• Experiencing déjà vu
• Seeing colors and auras
• Having visual signs from heaven, which can be literal or symbolic
Clairaudience means “clear hearing.” This is the use of one’s psychic ear—sounds that are heard but are not always physically detectable. In a reading, the psychic or medium might psychically detect or hear voices, music, or other sounds that no one else can.
Here are a few ways you might experience clairaudience:
• Sounds, voices, and words
• The still, small voice within
• A physical or nonphysical voice that you hear inside your heart or head (it might call your name)
• A song on the radio that gives you a message, or a loud voice that comes from nowhere and warns you of danger
• Ringing, buzzing, or popping in your ears
• Music and singing from unidentified sources
• House-settling noises
• Whispers behind you when there is no one there
Clairsentience means “clear feeling.” The feeling can be physical or energetic. A medium can sense when spirits are present and observe their feelings physically and emotionally.
Here are a few ways you might experience clairsentience:
• Chills and goose bumps
• Changes in room temperature; light-headedness
• Feeling a brush against your face
• Tightened stomach muscles
• A feeling of peace or calm
• A gut feeling that you need to do something
• Sudden change in air pressure
• Picking up another’s feelings (physical or emotional)
Claircognizance means “clear knowing.” This is when a psychic or medium receives a download of information about a situation or an insight from Spirit instantaneously—usually out of the blue. It is like a telepathic transfer of information. We don’t see, hear, feel, or smell this information . . . we just know. This form of clair is probably the most difficult to trust because we wonder how we can “know” something without knowing how we know it.
You might experience claircognizance through a sudden:
• Idea
• Concept
• Insight
• Aptitude
• Thought
• Fact
Clairfragrance means “clear scent.” This is the ability to pick up smells from the psychic nose that are otherwise undetectable by the physical nose. It’s common for there to be a fragrance associated with those who are no longer alive and for which no source can be identified.
Sometimes spirits will offer a scent, such as:
• Tobacco smoke
• Perfume
• Flowers
• Baked bread
• Other relevant smells that might be used as a message for validation
What is your strongest attribute? How does spirit speak to you? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear. Mine is clairsentient:) – SDJ♥

13 thoughts on “The Clairs – Your connection to the spirit world”

  1. Reading this was quite surreal. Its kind of crazy because I’ve been experiencing every single one of these and I won’t try to even convince you how frequently most of them occur. The one most seldom for me is the clairfragrance; though on occasion ill still get a gentle whif of my grnadmothers perfume or smell something I will later encounter in the day. And so clairvoyance is my most prominent. I see so many fleeting colors, orbs, dots or whatever you’d call them. Almost constantly really. One would be amazed. At first I literally thought I had a nuerological problem or something of the sort. But no, and its grown. It evolves as does my understanding of it. I also won’t try and convince you of the substantiality of the things I see. And honestly they’re so frequent I myself haven’t even arrived in discovering its full meaning. But this is my testimony. Hoping someone can perhaps enlighten me in some way.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      You are doing a great job exploring and expanding your perceptive in your experiences 🙂 Stay open and have fun learning to trust the most innate part of you… your intuition! Thank you for sharing my friend!

  2. My strongest is clairsentience and I am also claircognant though not a very strong one. I wanted to know if one of the Clairs can start developing later in life even though you haven’t done anything to try and develop it? I keep seeing this almost smokey must like substance that looks like it is coming out of mine and other people’s skin as well as these white ropey looking lights sometimes. That and I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye and it started as just an every now and again thing to where now it’s several times a day every day

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      This is awesome.. You are catching the signs. That is often how you know that your abilities are getting stronger. Stay present my friend:)

  3. I get a little bit of all of them but feel clairsentient is my strongest. I have never seen an apparition but I do see white sparkly lights and swirling colors of light. I see a white “mist” swirl by and sometimes the shape of a person that is a black shadow. Sometimes I’ll look at someone and from around their ears all up over their head I’ll see a color. The temperature around me will drop to freezing cold and I’ll feel a frigid breeze on my face and on my hand. Lights turn on and off and I’ll smell my great grandma’s scent and just feel and know she’s with me. I know when I’m not alone. I can’t explain how I know but I can feel spirit. It’s distinct. I even know if it’s running towards me as I can energetically feel it coming at me. Also, I’ve heard these beautiful bells ringing and I hear footsteps. Songs just “pop” into my head and sometimes a little radio turns on and I just hear talking. Or I just know a “thought” or a name. I’ve also had really weird things happen, like I cleaned my bathroom and then came back in a while later and it looked like a man shaved in my bathroom, like there were little hairs all over the sink. That kinda freaked me out. I’ve seen bowls turn around in circles and things get moved around in my room. At first it scared me, but I’m now at peace with it and consider myself blessed.

  4. Hi Sunny,
    Glad I stayed up to catch you on coast to coast wonderful show. I was 7 when the “the Clairs” came to visit, I saw shadow people/children, deceased loved ones. At 16, experienced nde which really kicked things up a notch for me flickering lights like little fire flies different colors.
    So here I am At 59, I still have visions which push out a dream just to show me an event many come through as a movie clip and some like a picture photo. Jumping time, bi-locating, I have had my tv report an event prior to happening. The worst was being inside another’s body seeing what they see. Clairaudience: Sounds, voices inside and outside, music and words, ringing, buzzing, or popping in my ears
    Clairsentience, I call it psi-dar. When I sleep the other side of me turns on automatically sensing for any sudden changes in temperature, feelings (physical or emotional) entering my space. Claircognizance comes and goes with respect to insights. Clairfragrance I know when my mother and father are visiting or other not related to me. My experiences have taught me another way to live.

  5. Linda Lee Nelson

    Many dreams, many deja vu moments, all documented in journals, seeing hearts in nature, a favorite song of my father’s which I heard on the radio that was meant to be given to him as a gift, but he passed away, so when I opened the box and turned it on, “Amazing Grace” was playing which I knew to be a message to me that all was well for him in heaven, and many house settling noises, plus a constant ringing and buzzing in my ears, and at certain times, smells around articles that were owned by those who have passed. I feel that all of these were things I had no name for, experiencing them as a child, and not able to discuss with anyone as they always thought it was my imagination running wild. Glad I have kept diaries and journals. When I met you, and listened to you, I felt it all had great meaning in my life, and not to ignore it anymore. Thank you, Sunny.

  6. My dad smoked a pipe, and when he wants me to know he is there in spirit, I get whiffs of pipe tobacco smoke, but only if I am alone. I also get pleasant flower smells, like lilacs or some kind of bush flower. I grew up in ‘lilac city’ (Rochester, NY), known for its acres of lilac bushes of all colors.

  7. I’m so glad I read this. I have leaned and heard about the “clairs” from you and reading and others.
    I’ve also experienced what is called tinitis. a lot since I’m so elderly now. However, since my son passed away, some really unfamiliar things have happened only when I am at home. 1. almost every time I go
    into my hall bathroom to bathe or otherwise…….all of my over the mirror lights will briefly flick off and on again. I thought this might be an electrical short of some kind perhaps when the A/C goes on or off…but I’ve checked that out and that’s not it. Also none of the lights on the same line of electrical wiring do that. When it first happened I just thought that there was a problem….but now I don’t. Before that, it happened a couple of times with my reading light at the head of my bed…and that doesn’t happen anymore there. The hall bathroom thing is daily. 2. I think I ‘m really losing my senses. Whenever I go to bed, or sometimes even before that when I’m getting ready for bed, I’ll hear what seems like a whole orchestra and chorus singing
    or an orchestra with an opera soloist singing classic music,……..or even beautiful tunes I may not have heard or thought of for years! Over the years the only other oddity was that when I’d be playing at my organ…..
    all of a sudden a really old song that my grandmother used to play on her piano would come to mind and I’d start singing the words and trying to pick out the notes on the organ. My father’s mother raised me from the time my mom and dad divorced when I was 3 until almost 8. She taught me very beginning piano.
    Since my beloved son Darren’s death…..I’ve also found a lot of coins. Not here at the house…..but once on the floor at a Walmart clothes rack (a couple of quarters and dimes , nickel and some pennies) when I stepped on them…and thought “good grief….wouldn’t someone have heard these fall out of a purse or something? And I’ve found coins on my car seat (with window up, and car locked) and also some coins outside the drivers door when I’ve parked somewhere and returned……and every now and then just one lonely penny at different places. Mostly though….they are newer coins…with one of the dates on them on the years my son was terminally ill… or passed. On one night….when I was falling asleep………I heard his voice. shout loudly one word “MOM!!!) These things have happened…..but I’ve never really physically’
    “felt” his presence. But heard every evening the music (like I’ve left a radio on or something…..and I don’t turn on a radio…..and know what? I wrote a song to the angels years ago during the period I came to your classes…..and I swear one time when I was reading in bed I listened to a beautiful choir singing the song!
    So….could it be that I am clairaudient and since my mom came to me in two different ways a couple weeks after she passed. I was married at the time……and had a bedside phone that rang about the same time time that she had died, and I answered it and it was her. She asked me if she could visit for a miniute…and I said “sure mom” and I got up and headed for the area where the front door was, thinking, wait a minute….mom can’t come….she died!…..then I turned my head towards the door and she was standing in the entryway…….I ran toward her and didn’t physically “feel” her when I put my arms around her and said
    “Oh mom… you know how much I love you”….and she said “I know you do..” I said “can you please stay awhile, I miss you so much” and she said “no, I cannot… but I want to tell you that there was nothing
    you could have done”…. and I said “Oh mom will you promise m e then, that when my time comes…..that you will come for me?” ……….and she said “yes……I will”……..and I put my hands to my face over my eyes and was crying so hard, I turned around. and when I turned back to her…….she was gone. My husband was getting up when I went back to the bedroom and asked what I was doing……I told him that the phone woke me and……….then he said…..the phone never rang….because he know that if it did.. he always heard it. I described my experience…and he said I was just dreaming. I had been so upset after her deathj
    because I wasn’t with her when she died. I had taken her home from the hospital just two days before Thanksgiving in 1986 and wanted her to come home with me and she wouldn’t. She insisted that she didn’t rest well in the hospital (I totally understood that) and wanted to stay at her own place. I was working at the time…and asked if she would maybe consider coming with me on the weekend. She said maybe then.
    I picked her up on Thanksgiving to go to Darren and his wife’s for Dinner, and took her to her home
    that evening ……and told her I would come over the next day to bring more food, to set out her prescriptions again and be with her for awhile..she had had what was described as a very minor heart attack .By the way, She had one of those “balloon” procedures to open the artery and I was planning all the things I was going to take her to do later on. Anyway…..anytime I have mentioned that experience…….not many believe me. I was truly so very real. So…..If I were to really try even harder to raise vibration…..would it be possible that I could have a really honest to goodness contact with my beautiful son? I do live alone…and having such a terrible time getting over this. We were so close……I feel I will never be myself at all again.
    I’m almost a shut in…even though I did have some counseling from Hospice of the Valley….who
    did their watching things concerning him in the last of his 5 year illness. Yes, I am so grateful that
    I had the joy and privilege of being his mother for the years he was with us………But… I almost feel that my heart left with him, my baby…..and feel that I really am not strong enough to ever feel any better than I stii do. Thank you…..for the help I get reading the blogs and things I hope someday to be able to attend some meetings again with you, Sunny. Namaste and God Bless. Reply at will.

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